1) Raw Rice  – 2 kg.
2) Cooked rice – ½ cup
3) Fresh yeast – 1 tablespoon
4) Sugar – 1½ tablespoons
5) Fresh Coconut – 1/2
6) Salt – 2 teaspoons
7) Sesame Oil(Elenna) – 100 ml.

Batter Preparation:-

Grate the coconut. Wash and soak the rice for 3-4 hours. Put the grated coconut, the soaked rice, the cooked rice, and the salt into a two-liter wet processor. 

Make it fine past. Add enough water and mix in the middle of, with your fingers. fluff until it is very smooth. The consistency of the batter should resemble to hotcake batter.
Take 100 ml. of lukewarm water in a bowl. Add the yeast and the sugar. Mix and keep for 30 minutes for the yeast to enact. Then add this into the batter and mix well.

 Move to a greater vessel (10 liters). Let the batter to rest for 5 to 6 hours(preferably overnight) in a safe dark and warm place (In winter you can keep it in Oven overnight)

To Cook:

You need an “Appa Chatti”. A little wok with a cover made both of cast iron or of non–stick aluminum. 

To buy it click the pic below

Put the Appa Chatti on the stove and oil it with sesame oil. Spread all over with a cotton cloth.

Mix the batter energetically. Pour a ladleful (75 ml.) of batter in the Appa Chatti. Quickly tilt it in a round movement with the goal that the batter paints a meager outside layer all around.

Turn stove to sim flame and cover it and cook to become thicker of the vellappam. In 20 seconds, you can see the outside layer around the Vellappm light brownish crispy and middle part white spongy rose up. This condition you can remove the appam from the appachatti with a wooden spatula

You can serve your delightful hot vellappams with potato stew, egg curry, chole masala, dark chickpea curry, Potato curry, Masala curry, fish stew, fish curry or meat curry.


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