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Pradhaman or Parippu Pradhaman is a delicious sweet dish of God’s Own Country, Kerala. This dish usually prepared during special Kerala traditional festivals like Onam, Vishu, etc. This payasam is fixed with split moong (green gram) called cherupayar in Malayalam. In coconut milk and Jaggery.


 ½ cups Cherupayar Parippu (Moong Dal)

500 gm Jaggery

2 cups of coconut milk

¼ tsp cardamom Powder

¼ Ginger dry powder

¼ tbsp coconut pieces

10 Nos. Cashew Nuts’

1 tbsp Raisins

4 Tbsp Butter or Ghee

Heat the heavy bottom pan and melt ghee. First of all roast the coconut pieces till golden brown. Follow roasting cashew nuts and raisins till crispy.
Roast the split moon for around 2 minutes till the aroma comes.  Add 5 cups water in a pressure cooker and put roasted moong dal cook for two whistles. Melt the jaggery with 2 cups of water in a heavy-bottomed pan or uruli for approx 15 minutes and add mung dal to the jaggery syrup and cook for a few minutes over medium heat.
Squeeze out milk from coconut twice. Keep the first 

squeezed coconut milk, keep aside.

Secondly squeezed coconut milk add into the cooked moong 

dal till 15 minutes to become thickened.

At the last stage add the thick coconut milk ( First squeezed 


cook for a few minutes in lower flame and switch off

Attention do not be boil after adding first milk.
Add cumin powder, ginger powder, cardamom powder to 

enhance the taste and aroma. As the last step put fried 


cashew nuts and raisins. Serve hot or Chilled as per your 



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