Photo by Parwin Siddhiqui
It is a true Indian style  bread well known in the beach front Malabar locale of Kerala and it is prepared with just three ingredients– rice flour, cooking oil and water. 

Planning Time: 5 minutes 

Cooking Time: 35 minutes 

Serves: 3 


1 cup Rice Flour 

1 cup + 2 tablespoons Water 

1/2 teaspoon Oil 

Salt to taste 


Take salt, oil and water (1 cup + 2 tablespoons) in a kadai or container and carry it to bubble over high fire. 

Lessen fire to low, steadily include rice flour and blend, mix ceaselessly while adding rice flour to not to form lumps. 

At the point when mixed appropriately, turn off the fire. Spread the blend in another vessel and keep cover with a lid  and let it settle for 5 minutes. After 5 minute remove the lidi and move blend to a wide mouth bowl. Permit it to cool to room temperature for 4-5 minutes.

At the point when it is slightly warm, oil your hands well mix the mixture until soft. (don’t add extra water). Once the mixture is hardened, at that point wet your hands with warm water and and start make it into 10 equivalent bits and give them round shape like balls. 

Take rice flour for cleaning in a little plate. Take one round formed batter segment and press it delicately between your palms and give it a plate like shape. Coat it with dry rice flour and spot on moving board. Flatten the balls thin with the help of roller, whenever required, dust the flour over moving board in the middle of to prevent sticking. 
Warmth non-stick tawa or frying pan over medium fire. At the point when it is medium hot, put the flattened bread on it and cook over medium fire for 30-40 seconds 

Flip it over another side and cook for 20-30 seconds until light darker spots show up on base surface. Again flip it and cook until it puffs up like phulka. 

Expel it from tawa and move to a plate. Continue the procedure from step-8 to step-10 for staying moved circles. Keralian pathiri is presently ready to be presented with curry  or chutney.


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