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Delicate coconut pudding a mellow enhanced pudding made with delicate coconut and delicate coconut water. Tender coconut pudding turns out rich and flavorful ideal for summer.

Do attempt this simple delicate coconut pudding dish and appreciate it!


1 cup delicate coconut mash firmly pressed 

1/2 cup delicate coconut water 

1/2 cup thick milk 

1 cup milk 

2 tbsp unadulterated sweetener 


10 gms china grass 

1 cup of water 


To a blender container include delicate coconut mash, add delicate coconut water to it. 

Mix it, take care not to mash very smooth. Set aside to another bowl add milk to it. 

Add thick milk to it and blend well. Then add sugar(only on the off chance that needed). Check for sweetness, add as per your requirement.

Put delicate coconut blend and blend well. Add cardamom powder, give a brisk blend.   

Cut agar(Agar is a laxative, vegetarian substitute for gelatin, a thickener).into little strips and take agar in a saucepan, add water to it. Heat it up. 

Continue mixing and cook in low flame.Cook until it is totally disintegrated and the water is tidy with no strips. Switch up. 

At last, include china grass blend and blend well. Empty this to a bowl in which you supposed to set pudding. Refrigerate for 30 mins, it set well in room temperature itself yet for chillness keep in a cooler before serving.


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