What is Organic Food?

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 The word “Organic” indicates the process of how particular foods are produced.

Organic food is the product of farming system grown or farmed without the use of artificial chemicals like pesticides fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics or GMO ( Genetically modified Organisms)
To get a licence of Organic Label, Product should not be added artificial food additives, artificial sweeteners, preservative, colouring and flavouring agents
Crops grown in Organic farming field use natural fertilizers, especially manure for the healthy growth of the plant. Organically grown animals too not been given antibiotics and hormones.
Organic farming gives good Eco-friendly result like improved soil quality and groundwater conservation. It also reduces Pollution also reduces and keep the environment fresh.
Nowadays almost all sort of Organic products are available in the market. Mainly fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and also meat. Soda, cookies and breakfast cereals also in this list.
Unlimited Organic Beauty products are also started to produce.

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