Coconut Rice & Quinola Salad


1 bundle Continental Thai Coconut and Lemon Grass Rice 

¼ cup quinoa, washed completely 

1½ cups (375mL) heated water 

2 tablespoons lime juice 

2 tablespoons sweet stew sauce 

1 teaspoon hacked or pureed ginger 


1. Spot Rice, washed quinoa and bubbling water in a pan and bring to the bubble. Spread and stew tenderly for 10 minutes. Mix, swap top and represent 2 minutes. 

2. Mix through lime juice, sweet bean stew sauce and ginger. Permit to cool marginally before refrigerating until cold. 

3. Layer rice, avocado, capsicum, kale, nuts, pepitas and coriander leaves into a serving bowl. Tasty presented with grilled fish. 

1 avocado, cut 

1 red or yellow capsicum, diced 

2 cups finely destroyed kale or cabbage 

½ cup toasted cashews nuts 

¼ cup pepitas 

½ cup coriander leaves 


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