How to gain Immunity to fight with Corona-Virus(COVID-19)

Immunity Gaining Food Knowledge.

To fight with Corona Virus, first of all,  We should increase our Immunity Power. But, how? Here is my article you will get the answer to this question.

Coronavirus has begun in last December in (Wuhan)China, with three months of period affected already more than 80 countries at present.  Almost 5,383,916 people got affected and 343,097 life took away from the world. To get prevention from Corona named by the WHO (World Health Organization) as COVID-19, we have already got lots of Precautionary advice. But only with these precautions, we may not escape from this serious disease. If our body has good immunity power, we can get rid of these viruses.

To increase the Immunity Power I suggest you some food habits here.

COVID-19-How-to-gain-Immunity-to-fight-with Corona-Virus(COVID-19)?Immunity-gaining-food-knowledge

Balanced Diet:- First of all we should follow a complete Balanced Diet. It is very necessary for good health.

Carbohydrates, Fat, and Protein increase immunity in a big amounts. We will get these from Milk, Vegetables, Pulses, Fruits, Egg, fish, meat and beans. This time preferably not to follow the Ketogenic Diet. 
COVID-19-How-to-gain-Immunity-to-fight-with Corona-Virus(COVID-19)?Immunity-gaining-food-knowledge

Vitamin D has a very important role to increase your Immunity Power. You will get Vitamin D from Sun Light. Sunlight which gets from Morning 10am. and evening at 3pm. provide us plenty of Vitamin D.  Vitamin D which gets from sunlight and food such as  Liver, fish, Egg, Salmon, Milk, and Mushroom can eliminate the bacteria and virus from our body. These foods contain a big amount of Vitamin D. Try to consume this food.

Vitamin C:- Vitamin C is very important for all the growth and improvements of cells in the body.
Vitamin C in big amounts containing in food such as Broccoli, Cantaloop, Cauliflower, Kiwi, Orange Juice, Papaya, Black Pepper, Sweet Potato, Strawberry and Tomato.

Vitamin B6:- Vitamin B6 is water-soluble. This includes many foods. Vitamin B6 helps to increase Immunity Power in the Human body. Food like Banana, Cashew Nuts, various pulses, Fish, Lentil, Meat, Oats, Dates, and raisins

Vitamin A:-  Vitamin A need for all ages of human beings. Food that is containing plenty of Vitamin A is Sweet Potato, Carrot, Broccoli, Pumpkin, Guava, Water Melon, Red Spinach, Egg, Milk and Pulses.

Sleep:- Sleep has a big role in keeping you Immune. Sleep is a good tonic for our health. Sleeping will give you mental and physical health. Note down the sleep duration table depends on ages. 
COVID-19-How-to-gain-Immunity-to-fight-with Corona-Virus(COVID-19)?Immunity-gaining-food-knowledge

Sleep Duration Table for Immunity Power

Age. Sleep Duration
New Born Babies 14 hours to 17 hours
6 months to 8-month babies 12 Hours to 15 Hours
Pre-School Kids 9 Hours to 11 Hours
Teenage 8 Hours to 10 Hours
Adults 7 Hours to 9 Hours
Aged People 7 Hours to 8 Hours

COVID-19-How-to-gain-Immunity-to-fight-with Corona-Virus(COVID-19)?Immunity-gaining-food-knowledge
Water:- Water is very important to supply oxygen to the body parts. Water helps our bodies to maintain systematically. To eliminate poisons from the body we need water. Drinking lots of water keeps your toxins to flush out from your body. One day at-least we should drink 8 liters of water.

Exercise:- Exercise We should put in our habit. Walking will give you physically very strong and healthy. Daily walk 3o minutes minimum or in a week 150 mins or follow any simple exercises regularly.

Avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. And drinking other sweet soft-drinks, these all have nothing good to do for your body  It will become a reason to lose your immunity power. Try to avoid it completely. These all give you more chances to invites viruses and bacteria. 
COVID-19-How-to-gain-Immunity-to-fight-with Corona-Virus(COVID-19)?Immunity-gaining-food-knowledge

In conclusion Good Food Habit and Simple Exercises can keep you immune. Thus you can prevent corona and all sort of other bacteria and viruses.


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