Researh Of Novel-CoronaVirus


  • COVID-19 Vaccine production will speed up by the scientists, Physicians and Manufactures under the coordination of WHO


    • The virus is not a living organism. It is a protein molecule covered by a protective layer of lipid (fat), which, when it absorbed by the cells convert into aggressor and multiplier cells. 

    • The virus is not a living organism, cannot be killed. Virus survival depends on the temperature, humidity, and types of surfaces where they lie.

    • Protecting the thin outer layer of fat on the virus can be deteriorated by soap very effectively. Because the foam in the soap cut the fat. We should rub hands well with soap to make foam. Once the fat layer dissolved automatically protein molecule breaks down itself.

    • Above 25-degree Celcius temperature will melt the fat. Handwashing, cloth washing, and everything g water preferably 25degree Celcius. Because hot water makes more foam that is very effective to destroy the virus.

    • Alcohol itself or 65% concentrated mixture is the best solution to dissolve the Fat (lipid layer of the virus) vinegar not effective to wash off the virus. Spirits and vodka cannot destroy the protein molecule cos they contain 45% alcohol. Can go for Listerine too.

    • 5 parts of the water mix with 1 part bleach will destroy the layer and directly destroy the molecule. You can use this mixture to wash your home and surfaces.

    • Bactericide will not work on coronavirus. 
    • The latest studies came out that Coronavirus can be spread by air also. The virus can be active till 4 hours on-air and also can reach to 8 meters distance. Wearing Mask is a must when you go outdoor for any urgencies. Also found out that it can enter by eyes too, preferably wear goggles to escape from the virus. Keep you safe by wearing Mask and eyeglass. 
    • Be careful not to shake or use a feather duster to remove dust from used or unused clothing, sheets, or other surfaces. The virus can survive on (Fabric) 3 to 4 hours. 24 hours on cardboard, 42 hours on metal and 72 hours on plastic. When we shake it or dust with any duster, the virus molecules start to float in the air for up to 3 hours and easily can enter the human body through your nose.

    • The virus molecules grow faster in external cold, or artificial colds like air conditioners of houses and cars. Also stable in moisture especially in darkness. So dehumidifying, drying, warm and bright environments destroy its growth. Thus we can deteriorate the virus molecules. 
    • Ultraviolet light is effective to break down the virus protein. Be careful to disinfect your mask and other things in UV Light. The virus will not affect healthy skin. 
      • The more you keep your place ventilated the more you can destroy the virus. Because closed and dark place increases the chances of the virus to grow.
      In the context, studies say you have to wash your hands each time you touch, locks, knobs, switches, remote controls, cell phones, watches, computers, desks TV, etc. Before and after food and after the toilet. Attention to keep humidify hands dry, use thick moisturizer. Keep your Nails short, the virus can find a hiding place under your nails.
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