COVID-19 Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about CoronaVirus

    What is Corona Virus?

    Coronavirus is a large family of virus causing human being common flu and cold to severe diseases like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (EMRS) and Severe Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

    What is Novel coronavirus? 

    Novel Coronavirus is a newly found virus, which could not be found previously.

    What are the symptoms of corona infection?

    Common signs of coronavirus are respiratory symptoms, like cold, cough, flu, shortness of breath, breathing difficulty. Severe cases followed with pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome. Then it will affect the kidney and finally, death will happen. 

    Do Vaccines found for the Novel Coronavirus?

    The disease is new to the world, inventing a vaccine for this new spread disease is not so easy. Tests and experiments need at least one year. Hope we will be able to receive vaccination sooner. More updates to be expecting from World Health Organisation.

    How can I take protection from this Virus?

    As this disease is a human transmission. Keep Social distance. Do not mingle with anyone who is coughing and sneezing. Wash your hand frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds, whenever you go out. In the case of water, nonavailability uses hand sanitizer which contains alcohol. Before washing hands should not touch your Mouth, Nose or Eyes. 

    As spreading increased all over the world suggested lockdown, which is the only solution to run away from this dangerous virus.

    COVID-19(Novel-CoronaVirus)Most-frequently-Asked-Questions and Answers-Precautions for Corona Virus

    Does this virus stay one newspaper and currency?

    The answer is Yes. The newspaper which comes from the way, there can be virus contact. Better depend on e-newspaper in this critical situation.  From using currency we cannot escape, just one piece of advice is whenever you touch currency, wash off the virus with soap and water. Maximum go on cashless transactions.

    Does this Virus stay on clothes?

    Yes, the virus can be alive on clothes too. Whenever you came from outdoor. Remove your dresses and wash them well. Do not keep the clothes unwashed, if bought new clothes, without washing you should not wear them.

    How long coronavirus alive on metal, glass and plastic surfaces?

    Researches found that coronavirus can survive on metal, glass, and plastic surfaces for a minimum of nine days, if it is not disinfected on time, partial viruses can be alive there for up to 28 days at low temperature.

    Precautions for Corona Virus

    Why washing hands said to be effective prevention from coronavirus?

    Coronavirus is covered with a thin oily layer called a lipid. When soap comes in contact, that layer will destroy, and thus virus will die. Water alone cannot destroy that outer layer. 

    Washing your hands for 20 seconds carefully is the best solution to fight with coronavirus 

    Does coronavirus infect by eating n0n-veg food?

    The answer is NO, there is a myth going on eating non-veg during coronavirus spread. You can eat non-veg, as it contains protein and fat, which needed for health to increase your immunity. Eat well-cooked non-veg. It will not harm you. Myths about coronavirus will get information in World Health Organisation.

    What is the incubation period of coronavirus?

    The incubation period of coronavirus considered ranges from 1-14 days. Commonly it was experienced around five days. Recently researches found incubation period can be increased to  28 days also. Updates are more to come one by one after many types of research.

    Is Coronavirus or COVID-19 Air-Borne disease?

    It was not air-borne disease, and wearing Mask was not suggested as a precaution. 

    But recent studies found out that COVID-19 is air-borne. The virus can be active until 4 hours on-air and can reach 8 meters of distance. 

    Wearing only mask not enough, cos through eyes also can be affected. Intelligence is wearing eyeglass and masks can be followed as a precautionary step.

    What is the main symptom of COVID-19? And how can I cure it quickly?

    Mild fever and cough are common symptoms. But yes throat irritation and throat pain are the most important symptoms. 4 days coronavirus will stay in the throat. 

    If you are feeling throat irritations start taking plenty of water, hot water, luke water with turmeric.

     Gargle with warm saltwater. It will deteriorate the virus in the throat itself. After 4 days it will go to the lungs, then it can worsen the situation. Before viruses reaching to lungs eliminate it from your throat by hydrating your throat.

    When should one get tested for COVID-19

    Due to the increasing positive case of COVID-19, people are panic about the pandemic. They are unnecessarily worrying and when catches a common cold running for COVID-19 test. 

    To clear the doubts, the Indian Council Of Medical Research consultation with All India Institute of Medical Sciences has given a strategy, that mentions people not to be panic. Advised to go self-isolated and if any symptom felt they have to home-quarantine themselves for 14 days and then will take the test if they have COVID-19 symptoms.  

    Throat swab+nasl swab test is recommended by the government labs and hospitals to find out the coronavirus presence in the body.

    I recommend you take care of yourself, keep social distance, maintain hand and face hygiene by washing frequently with soap and water

    What medicines at present trying on COVID-19 patients?

    At present no medicine is found to treat COVID-19 yet. The best medicines are giving depends on the symptom or any other medication you are taking. Paracetamol and ibuprofen can help to decrease body temperature and body aches. Paracetamol is considered as first aid treatment for COVID-19. Antibiotics will not work against viruses. You can go for anti-inflammatory if you COVID_19.

    Can COVID-19  can be treated home?

    Yes, If you are having mild symptoms of coronavirus, as per the direction of the health department you can be self-isolated at home. 

    Any medicine for COVID-19 is planned to launch soon?

    Of course, studies found that the use of the convalescent plasma from the cured COVID-19 patient antibodies can cure COVID-19. Researches are going on. This study is not new, but the practicality of the implementation needed many kinds of research.

    When can we expect convalescent plasma treatment in India?

    Sooner it is going to be experienced in India. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has given permission to the Kerala state government for the first time. Accordingly in Kerala in Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute first convalescent plasma therapy will be starting sooner. This is a great achievement as no one could ever invent an anti-viral drug of a vaccine against the Novel CoronaVirus yet. 

    This Convalescent Plasma Therapy will be an 

    experimental stage for Covid-19. Testing Kits to be launched 

    sooner for Kerala to start Convalescent Plasma Therapy 

    Is there a test to know the presence of Covid-19  earlier before getting infected?

    Yes. A test called Serological Test has possibilities to find if a person has previously had a viral infection by testing the antibodies in the blood.

     These tests are implementing only on those who are coming in contact with COVID-19 positive patients. Testing is not possible for the whole population of the country.

    When you self isolated at home, 

    • Get lots of rest and sleep
    • Drink enough water, You should be hydrated all the time.
    • Eat Healthy and Immunity boosting food
    • Your pee should be light yellow or clear.
    • Do not smoke. 
    • Keep yourself warm.
    About 80% of people are recovering from coronavirus at home. Monitor your symptoms, If the situation worsens you can be admitted to the hospital for further treatment.

    Stay home stay healthy Break the Chain.

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