Thari Unda is Malabar style semolina laddoos. Made up of coconut, semolina (sooji, Rawa) with bit ghee. You can store this for a few weeks. To give the shape of laddu you have to hold tightly in the warmth, is a bit difficult. But once you take to practise it will be easy. Better not to prepare in huge quantity .


200 gm sugar 
½ cup of water 
1 tsp rosewater 
200 gm semolina 
½ cup ground coconut 
2 tbsp cashew nuts roast in ghee 
2 tbsp raisins 
½ tsp cardamom powder 
Boil the sugar and water and carry it to the bubble.
Continue bubbling it till it looks syrupy. In string, consistency adds rosewater and switch off the stove.
Next in a hot pan saute semolina till a pleasant aroma comes, attention not to change the color.
In simmered flame add the sugar syrup and coconut into it. Following with cardamom powder and roasted Cashew nuts. Mix well, turn off the stove. 
Very quickly in warmth stage begin folding into equally estimated balls.
Permit to cool so it solidifies and afterward present with tea!


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