Courteousness: Parween

Unnakkaya is a delicious, sweet and custom dish in Northern Kerala (in Malabar, Kannur, Thalassery and so on) during the Ramzan days. It is set up by filling crushed bananas loaded down with cashew nuts, raisins, and rice crops.


Plantain [ripe however don’t over] – 2 nos 

Coconut – 1 cup 

Ghee – 1 tbsp 

Cardamom – 2 squashed 

Cashew nut powdered – 2 tbsp 

Raisins [chopped] – 2 table spoons 

Aval (Flattened rice/Rice drops) – 4 tbsp 

Sugar – to taste 

Oil to sear 

Unnakkaya Preparation

Heat up the banana, strip off the skin and pound well and keep aside. 

Warmth ghee in a skillet fry cashew nut and raisins alongside coconut and cardamom together. 

Add sugar to the blend and stir well. 

Add aval/rice chips/leveled rice. 

Blend well. 

Expel from the stove and permit it to cool. 

Blend cardamom powder. 

Apply a bit of ghee on both the palms. Prepare of the pounded bananas into equitably measured little balls. 

Press a little with the assistance of a pound and stuff the blend cautiously inside and seal both the closures and give a state of unnakkaya (Shape it into chamber). 

Heat the oil in deep bottomed dish and profound fry the bananas into brilliant yellow in shading. 

Serve them hot.


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