Convalescent Plasma Therapy 

How and Why Convalescent Plasma Therapy is officially India  got approval to treat COVID-19, Corona Virus.

e are all aware that Covid-19 (CoronaVirus) Patients are increasing day by in the universe. People are becoming panic with the CoronaVirus. Due to not inventing effective medicine death tolls are increasing daily. Whose immunity power is strong, only those are recovering, the rest of the aged people and, the people who suffer other diseases along with COVID-19 have fewer chances to escape from this pandemic disease. Convalescent Plasma Therapy 

All of us are waiting for medicines for COVID-19, and also vaccination. Finally, convalescent plasma therapy giving us hope for the treatment of COVID-19. China and USA tried this method to treat COVID-19 Patients effectively.

In Convalescent Plasma Therapy  preparing antibody from the (blood)plasma of the 
COVID-19 a patient who recovered from the disease. After two weeks of recovery, only plasma will be taken.  This Plasma will be the best antibody, can inject to the new COVID-19 Patients. The antibody generated in the plasma of cured COVID-19 patients can fight the CoronaVirus.

This Treatment is not a new technology, but to treat COVID-19 this method is going to start in India for the first time. In India, Kerala got first permission to try this Convalescent Plasma Therapy 

In India Kerala got the first COVID-19 case. COVID-19 patients recovering rate also fast in Kerala. Plasma will be taken from the cured patients, who got cure the virus of two weeks. 

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has given permission to the Kerala state government for the first time. Accordingly in Kerala in Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute first convalescent plasma therapy will be starting sooner. This is a great achievement as no one could ever invent an anti-viral drug of a vaccine against the Novel CoronaVirus yet.

This Convalescent Plasma Therapy will be an experimental stage for Covid-19. Testing Kits to be launched sooner for Kerala to start Convalescent Plasma Therapy 


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