😇Immunity Boosting Drink-1😇

We all know well Prevention is Better than Cure. Then think about how can we prevent many diseases to a great extent. Undoubtedly answer is keeping yourself immune, then think about how can we keep our body immune. 

To a great extent, we can gain immunity from our food and drinks. Always stick on homemade food.  

Adequate rest, regular exercise Healthy food can keep your immunity very much, along with that you should take care of consuming healthy immunity drink too, as the season is a high risk of contagious diseases.  Medicine for  COVID-19 still under process on research. For the time being maximum try to consume immunity drinks and home remedies to escape from these viruses.

I introduce an easy Healthy Drink here to strengthen your immune system naturally. 

How to prepare Immunity Boosting Drink

Ingredients needed for kashaya Powder
(try to use Organic Items)

Coriander seeds                    Half Cup
Cumin Seeds (Jeera)         _       ¼ Cup
Pepper                               _       2 Teaspoon
Fennel (Saunf)                   _       1 Teaspoon
Cardamom                         _       6 Pod
Cloves                                _       10 nos.
Turmeric                            _       Half Teaspoon
Ginger Powder                  _       Half Teaspoon

Ingredients needed for Kashaya Drink

Water                          _       2.5 cup
Kashaya Powder         _       3 Teaspoons
Jaggery                        _       2 Tablespoons
Milk                             _       ¼ cup

Method to prepare Kashaya Powder

Roast all the dry raw ingredients well, Once it reached room temperature,  add Half Teaspoon Turmeric powder, Half Teaspoon Ginger Powder (If Ginger powder not available, Crushed raw ginger also can use while preparing kashaya) and blend into finely.  Kashaya Powder Ready to use.

Method to prepare Kashaya

Pour 2.5 cup of water in to pan once heated add 3 teaspoons of Kashaya powder, jaggery 2 tablespoon.        

Mix well. Let it boil for 5 minutes to absorb all the flavour. Add ¼ Cup Milk into it, stir well. Bring it to boil. Immunity Boosting Drink ready to serve.


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