Best Immunity tonic you can easily prepare at home

We all know at present we are living in a world where our life has been grasped by Novel Corona Virus.  Daily Covid-19 taking huge numbers of life from all over the world. We are all aware that, no medicines are introduced to the world, yet to cure COVID-19.  

Fortunately, we can be relaxed that, some patients are coming back to life after fighting with coronavirus, whose body has good immunity power. The significant point to be noted out that  “Immunity” which can help us to a great extent to loosen the grip of Coronavirus. 

World Health Organisation and studies have came to a final assumption that, coronavirus is not going to leave the world quickly as we think. Keeping lockdown for long terms, badly affecting the world’s financial condition. Day by day people going to the poverty line. Keeping this in mind, even in this condition, Govt is forced to restart life with precautionary steps. As we have to live with coronavirus. Try to know the truth that, only keeping us protective is the one and only solution. So think about what should we all do.

It is now time to change our life habits. Keep yourself hygienic. Take all the precautionary steps, as Govt, advises us to follow. 

We should stick to home food. Consume as many fruits especially rich in vitamin C. Follow healthy habits and a healthy diet. Also, add some homemade immunity along with your daily food consumption. Some of the best immunity drinks already I have described in my previous articles. 

Here I brought new tonic to boost your immunity.  Best Immunity tonic you can easily prepare at home. Even if you are affected by Covid-19, this tonic you can continue, it will make viruses impact lesser on your body and have chances to cure completely. Fever, cough and body pain is said to be the beginning symptoms of coronavirus. With this tonic, you can stop these symptoms of coronavirus from the beginning stage. Gradually completely can be recovered without any side effects.

Follow the recipe carefully and prepare and consume. You can prepare and store also.

Let us start to learn the process.

Ingredients you are needed are just three things. 

Pepper, Honey and Turmeric ( Try to collect organic and raw ingredients)

Turmeric is an antibiotic ingredient, it will absorb toxins from our body. Likewise Honey and Pepper also have countless benefits we all know well. 


Keep in mind that try to collect raw turmeric and raw peppercorn, , go for organic. And natural honey. 


Now, these raw turmeric and pepper wash and let it dry under sunlight. when it reached the best-dried position. Grind separately it to powder form.

Take a glass bottle or any glass container, please do not use a plastic container.  Take two teaspoon turmeric powder and two teaspoon pepper powder, mix with enough honey. 

This mixture you do not need to keep refrigerated. Just keep in normal temperature. The longer you keep this mixture, the more quality will increase.

Follow the method shown in the below video.

You and your kids can consume this daily. Once a day or twice take one teaspoon of this tonic regularly. Morning in an empty stomach will be better or take at night also. 

                        ❤Stay Home Stay Safe



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