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Considering the latest update of our world affected by Coronavirus, COVID-19, I thought to put awareness for my audience. you can go through my article and keep maintain the steps I am suggesting for all of your safety. 

Latest update of Indian Govt. against COVID-19. Prime Minister of India declared LockDown India from 24-March-2020 to 14-April-2020 to break the chain of coronavirus.  We all experienced one-day LockDown on 23- March-2020. We all could prove we can do it. I request all my audience to take care of your health by keeping yourself indoors. 
India continuing Lock down to keep people safe.  We have to be more patience to Keep,  to eradicate the pandemic disease forever from our earth.  Latest happy update Came today ( 7th May 2020.) to hear that Italy claimed first vaccination Invention on Novel Corona Virus Successfully.  Hope for the best to happen soon. 

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Main precautional steps against Coronavirus (COVID-19)
We are all aware of the latest updates of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)put the whole world in fearful days. The latest 80,284 cases reported in China and 3,189 deaths. Toll increasing all over the world daily, Gradually grasping the whole world. People who got infected symptom was mild illness and flu recover, but it will be more dangerous for others. Take precautions and protect the world by doing the following steps.
Wash Your Hands
Image by WHO

Wash your hand thoroughly and frequently with soap and water. In the condition of water, unavailability uses an alcohol-based sanitizer. When you are outdoor and touches anywhere, keep in mind there are chances of virus presence, do not touch your face (MEN- Mouth Nose, Eyes) until you wash your hands perfectly.
(At the end of the article I will teach you homemade sanitizer)
2.   Keep distance from people.
Image by WHO
Keep at least 1 meter (3 Feets) away from people who are coughing and sneezing. Unless there is chances of sprinkling the droplets from their noses or mouths, while they cough or sneeze. If they have COVID19 disease, It will become the cause to infect you too.
3.   Follow hygienic Respiration
Put a habit of using disposable tissue paper or use your elbow to cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing. Advise others to practice this.
4.   Aware of becoming Sick
Keep yourself safe from catching a normal cold and cough. If you feel even normal cough and flu, visit the nearest physician and undergo as they advise you to follow further steps. Now-days health departments are highly alerted with healthy precautions to make you perfect and not to affect others.  So you should not hide your uneasiness, instead, you should reveal to your health practitioner at the earliest.
5.   Keep your throat lubricated
You should intake liquid frequently to keep your throat lubricated all the time. Keep in mind that Dry throat is a good platform for COVID19.

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