Covid-19 Vaccination updates, Hopes for the world.

Oxford University Scientists developed Vaccine for the Covid-19 Ch AdOx1 nCoV-19 did trial on animal and could prove that it can prevent damaging lungs. Human tests are to be done sooner. We can hope for the happy news from them as earliest. 

Italy claimed the first COVID-19 Vaccine.

Coronavirus spreading the globe is like fire. Deaths and positive cases increasing day by day. We are forced to find a point to eradicate this pandemic. Medical experts and scientists of the world are involved in the invention of vaccines for this contagious virus. 

Inventing the vaccine is the one and only solution to put a pause of spreading infectious diseases. Approximately 80 groups worldwide are engaged in the vaccine invention. The worst part of the invention of vaccines is, at least one year will need to make its proper use on humans. Yet 111 vaccines for the SARS-CoV-2  are on trials.


On may 7 2020 Italy claimed that they have successfully developed COVID-19 Vaccine, the trial did on mice and they giving assurance that will work on human cells too.
Israel Defence Minister Naftali Bennett declared that they did develop of vaccine for Novel coronavirus. He said it will effectively neutralize coronavirus present in the body of carriers.

Oxford University commenced a trial of the vaccine on April 23. The vaccine named ChAdOx1 cCoV-19. it is an experiment like taking the genetic content of the virus present on the virus surface and put it in the virus.

Plasma therapy already started as a great console at the moment. It is already passed the experiments. Plasma convalescent treatment is taking the plasma from the patient who recovered from the COVID-19 and injecting to the severely affected patients who are at high risk. 


Many hospitals in India already started. states such as Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh reported that six numbers of patients could come back to life with the help of convalescent plasma therapy.

Yet we cannot consider convalescent plasma therapy as an ultimate treatment of COVID-19, as these all going on an experimental stage, risks, and complications still there before finalizing the treatment.

Hydroxychloroquine drug used for malaria requested in India by Donald Trump to supply for the US was also brought light to treat for the novel coronavirus. It was a first-line treatment on COVID-19 attackers. But it contains antiviral and immune-calming properties. This also cannot be a final treatment for COVID-19
SMS Hospital of Jaipur, Rajasthan claimed they could effectively treat the COVID-19 patients with Anti-HIV drugs. But china proved that this drug not could not improve the severe COVID-19 patients.
There are 8 nos. of COVID-19 vaccines are on the queue of the trial reported by World Health Organization.


World’s largest Serum Institute of India (Pune), who produce 60 percent of the vaccines for the world, developing vaccines for the novel coronavirus. 30 vaccines are already under-diagnosis and few of them are ready to under clinical trial stage.
Across the world of scientists are day-night involved in the experiment of the vaccine against novel coronavirus which is perfectly safe for human beings. For the time being all of us can positively expect effective vaccination and medication for the disease outbreak sooner.


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