Easy and tasty Kerala Coconut Chammanthi recipe

Kerala Coconut Chammanthi 

Kerala Chammanthi is one of the traditional dishes of Kerala. This dish is very tasty. The recipe is very simple. This is not a cooked dish. Raw ingredients just needed to grind. As using raw ingredients, it is best for our strong immunity.

Normally in Kerala olden days, this dish is ground manually by using stone, its called Ammikkallu. 

File:Ammi kallu.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

Nowadays, we all forgot the ammikkalu and using an Electric Mixer grinder. Chammanthi is very healthy. Just with one chammanthi we can eat rice. Keralites love this dish. Chammathi is an inevitable dish in Kerala food.

Ingredients needed

Coconut       –          One Cup
Ginger          –        Small size
Garlic            –       3-4 pods
Curry Leaves –        Some
Tamarind        –     Half Teaspoon (Smallest Piece)
Red chillis      –     2-3 Nos.          
Salt                 –      As per need
Take a Mixer Grinder Chutney Jar. Put One cup grated coconut, ginger, garlic, Redchillis, curry leaves, tamarind and salt. Grind it. Take care to be not to grind fine paste. Consistency should be like the picture I uploaded. 


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