How to grow healthy Microgreen at your home easily?

You can grow either in soil or even without soil also. Both methods I will introduce here. 

Other than soil you can grow your healthy microgreen on normal tissue paper, cotton cloth, sack, coconut shell fiber, or even without any of these, just any kind of strainer is enough. 

All the methods you will get to know here in my blog with proof of healthy microgreen.

Try all types of seeds or any vegetables in this method. You will get a successful result. 

In a small scale business field, farming of Microgreen is a very profitable one. As the cost of business is low, but gaining is great.

Here comes the next method without Soil.

Required items for microgreen growing are –

  • Any kind of pot or any plastic trays that is 4-5 inches deep or empty containers comes with food. 
  • Tissue paper or cotton cloth, even coconut fibers also can be used. 
  • Enough sunlight: Essential amount of Sunlight at least 3-4 hours a day. A great place for your microgreens will be windowsill or balcony where sunlight enters.

  • Enough water watering needed care, soil or any other bases should be moist all the time. but should not be exceeded. A hand sprinkling way is enough to water. Preferably use mineral water, avoid chemical contained water.

Steps by step of Growing your organic microgreen in Tissu paper / Cloth.

Make ready overnight soaked seeds for healthy microgreen

Take the tray in which you are supposed to grow your microgreen. Tissue Paper, cloth, sack, or even newspaper piece lay inside the tray. 

Do Sprinkle ( use your hand to sprinkle) bit water into it. Take attention not to pour excess water.

The tray is ready to spread your soaked healthy seeds on the surface. There is no need to take attention to keep distance between seeds as microgreen we won’t let grow more than 14 days.  Harvesting period max 12 -14 days.

  • Germination period of two days, make sure you keep the pots / tray at room temperature. Once germination starts you can shift the tray / pot to the convenient place where enough sunlight receives. In a day 3-4 hours of sunlight is enough.

  • Twice a day remember to sprinkle water over the sprout. In another 3-4 days, tiny leaves start to come out from the seeds.

  • Just a week you will be thrilled to found your tray/pot full of healthy microgreen ready to welcome you. In 2-3 inches taller it is ready for harvesting. For more longer, you have to wait for more days. But I suggest you not to let grow much, as its high nutrition will be present in this 12-14 days stage.


  • Harvesting Microgreen is quite an easy task. Holding the plants, vertically cut with sharp knife or scissors from just above the roots. Feel the enjoyment on the harvesting of your own organic Microgreen.😍
  • In normal water just wash them, your Organic Microgreen ready to make your cuisine healthy.

  •  You can use it fresh from the plant or can use later by keeping by wrapping in a paper and store in cool dark place. 
  • Hope you all enjoyed reading the knowledge of Microgreen. Once you start growing, you will be curious to try this method on more seeds or veggies. Simply cook the leaves per your tastes and methods.
How can Microgreens consume?

  • Use in salads, smoothies, or sandwiches. In Indian way of cooking, you can add onion, chillis, and sauté slightly in less oil, and can consume. In other way add in dal and cook, or add some potatoes pieces and sauté with these healthy leaves.


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