Kalathappam Recipe – Kerala Sweet Dish

Kalthappam is one of the tastiest and healthy sweet dish prepared in Northern Kerala. Mostly this sweet is prepared in Malabar side. The process of the recipe is very simple and health also beneficial. For sweetening this sweet we use jaggery, that you can be away from white sugar risk. Jaggery we all know nutritious sugar. No harm in it. It is just naturally sweet. Within minutes you can prepare this dish any time. Kids will love the taste and obviously, you will too. Let us start to watch the recipe of the Kalathappam step by step.

Ingredients Needed for Kalthappam

Rice – 1 Glass
Jaggery – 250 gm – 300 gm
Water – 1 and a half glass
Cumin seeds – a half teaspoon or a pinch also enough
Salt – One pinch
Baking Soda – One pinch
Coconut Bits – 2 Teaspoon
Coconut Oil – 2 Tablespoon
Shallot – 1 Teaspoon (Optional)

Method of preparation

Soak One glass raw rice for overnight or for 4 -5 hours. Grind the soaked rice with cumin seeds, salt, baking soda, and add half glass of water. Grind well, but should be not like a fine paste. Consistency should be like suji batter. 

The next step is preparation of Jaggery syrup. Take 250 to 300 gm of jaggery and add half glass of water. 

Turn stove in a simmer flame, start boiling the mixture. Boil until the jaggery pieces are completely dissolved.

Once jaggery fully melted, this mixture pours into the rice batter directly in its boiling stage. Continuously stir the mixture while you adding the hot syrup. This is actually the halfway stage of the cooking point of your rice batter with the boiled jaggery syrup. 

So keep it in your mind to stir continuously, otherwise, rice batter cooking position will differ. 

Take a stew pot with proper lid or pressure cooker, to cook the kalathappam. Add some coconut oil into the pot and roast the coconut bits well. 

Remove the roasted coconut bits from the pot. Add a little bit more coconut oil. keep the stove for high flame and let the oil heat properly. This is the perfect time for you to pour the mixture directly into the pot.

Sooner put roasted coconut bits. While these processes keep in mind to take 1 and a half minutes of keeping stove flame in highest.
Soon after one hand, half a minute brings the flame to a lower position. Cover the pot with a proper lid.  If using a pressure cooker, just close with the tight cover, but should not put weight valve on it. Steam should freely go out.

Cook for 15 minutes in a lower flame. After 15 minutes remove the pot from the stove and keep on the normal surface and let it cook from inside for another 5 minutes. once it got cool, you can open the lid and transfer the Kalathappam to a plate or flat surface. 

It’s ready to cut and serve. Enjoy your tasty and softy Kalthappam with your family and friends.


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