The myths about wearing Mask and the truth.


The myth about wearing Mask and the truth.

To prevent infecting Coronavirus, Mask only is the best solution. But there are many myths spreading all over the world through social media that, continuously wearing masks decreases oxygen intake and will lead to death.

There are three myths spread about wearing a mask are came to hear through social media. Those are:

Myth 1

In Wuhan city, China a 26-year-old man died due to wearing mask on his jogging. He used to do jogging 3 hours daily, the day he did jogging for 6 hours continuously wearing mask. Dr. said death caused due to a lack of oxygen intake and caused heart failure.

Myth 2

Another incident an old aged man died in America who, went for a long drive wearing mask. Believed that due to wearing mask continuously caused carbon dioxide which blocked in mask breath again and entered to lungs and happened death.

Myth 3 

Now the third incident spread the news that who infected COVID-19 wearing mask can have a double infection of the virus. As the droplets which are stuck on the mask can have chances to breathe inside again and can cause the COVID-19 patient more chances to death.

These all are utter nonsense spread by people to stop wearing masks.

If you all got messages like these advising I request you all please don’t do trust. Stop here and read my article. I am going to explain the actual truth about wearing masks. 

The Myths are started to spread from Latin America. In English, Spanish and Portuguese language myths are spreading in social media like fire.  Now this news spread to Europe and came to know in the Middle East too got this news spread.

Real Truth

First of all you all should know that mask is the only proven prevention material that can stop the coronavirus to enter inside you. And the masks will never stop your oxygen intake at any cost. They are made to intake oxygen, not to do block.

Now Let me explain the truth. The condition of a lack of oxygen in the lungs is called hypoxia. When we reach this condition, automatically body will however suddenly react to get more oxygen. Such as if we feel oxygen blocked due to any  mask or any other obstacles, automatically we will remove these away from our breathing passages, even in our unconscious stage. 

So try to understand wearing masks will not block any oxygen and will not lead anyone to death.

Wearing any type of mask won’t stop the intake of oxygen. N95 considered as the best protective mask having a filter and another one is a three-layered surgical mask, which health workers are using.  Yet these three layers masks won’t block oxygen. Studies have proven that only 5% of oxygen intake will decrease, and no other issues. Another one normal cotton mask ordinary people use.  

When we jogging we will have a tendency to intake more oxygen, then we will have a tendency to breathe fast, and in full-strength we will start breathing for more oxygen automatically, even if you wore masks, it won’t block your intake of oxygen in fast mode.

The cotton mask that we wear has plenty of gaps around the mask, everywhere passages to enter oxygen freely. 

Researches proved that there are only three causes that block oxygen intake. The persons who do excess smoking, for them lungs will have chances to block the oxygen intake due to blockage of lungs filters. 

Other causes, when other gases are mixed with the atmosphere, such as if we get into the deep well or inside any pipe like places. There will be a lack of oxygen, and carbon monoxide presence is more will be there.

Another place when we going uphill, mountain, etc there also we will not get enough oxygen. 

And the myth about in-taking carbon dioxide. The provision that provides for oxygen intake the same provision available to expel the carbon dioxide too. And don’t misunderstand the virus stuck on the mask will go inside again, this also is wrong information.

Yes, you should know very well how to wear masks properly to protect you from the contagious virus. You might be noticed people wearing a mask underneath the nose, only covering the mouth. This is just the wrong way. The nose is the main part, through where the virus can enter. You should cover your nose properly along with the mouth.

When you are having coronavirus or not having, you have to cover nose and mouth properly with the mask, then only you will get protection from the virus, and not to spread on your loved ones or whoever near you. 

I agree wearing masks will be creating lots of small issues for you like, itchy feeling, pain with the elastic on-ear surfaces, feeling more sweating, eyes itching, eyes pain, face muscle pains, or any sort of skin allergies. But I tell you these all you can consider as small issues or temporary issues. This issue you can tolerate for a while, but do you think about the danger of infecting this pandemic. Betterment is by tolerating small issues of masks, you wear mask and fight with coronavirus. 

Take precautions and be safe. I decided to write this article to prevent you all from spreading and believing the myths of wearing masks and to protect you from infecting this pandemic disease.

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