COVID-19-Coronavirus- Latest Knowledge from the Science Expert

Here I  am going to share some important information about Coronavirus, which we all must know. An expert scientist, Shresht Seva  Dr. Suresh who is working in Super specialty Hospital in Bangalore, and the partner in ongoing research of coronavirus vaccination. He is also head  of Kerala for national human rights commission under the united nation. From his explanation let us know the fact for coronavirus.

Do You know many pandemic diseases are derived from animals and birds? Tuberculosis, the disease first affected the world. You know this disease came through a horse? Following many diseases came from various types of mosquitos, after that from the fruit eater bats spread Nippa virus, especially in Kerala. You know AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)  HIV virus came from African Chimpancy. And now in this decade Novel Corona Virus spread, studies proved that it came from the pig’s  stomach in Wuhan, China
All of you might be in doubt about the factor of spreading diseases from the animals. Then you should know the truth and reality. There are 4 animals who cannot produce vitamin C (ascorbic acid)  by themselves. Pig, Chimpancy, Bat, and the fourth one is Human Being. Due to the non-production of vitamin C (ascorbic Acid) Viruses can easily attack these animals. Pig gets affected in the stomach, chimpanzee gets effect in the blood, lungs in human and throat in Bat.

In future we have to face one more virus, researches alert us. The assumption that future viruses will deteriorate half population of the world.  This virus will produce in chicken. To get the desired growth of chicken before the natural period highly poisonous hormones are used in these chickens. And also many chemicals. I advise you to stop eating artificially grown chicken in poultry farms(broiler chicken). You can eat naturally grown or organically grown chickens. First, you have to make sure it is not grown artificially, then you can go ahead.

In day to day life, now its time to change our lifestyle completely. To keep our immune system stronger, Stick to natural vegetables and meat products.

Immunityboosting is the only solution to escape from this pandemic disease.  

Suggesting you 5 immunity remedies to escape from coronavirus.

1.   Try to  get vitamin D from the Sun, 35-degree sunlight for 45 minutes. and consume Vitamin D food, such as dairy products, fish, eggs, etc…If you have no chance to get natural Vitamin D, then go for Vitamin D supplements after consulting your family physician.

  1. Another one is Vitamin C.  Your body needs .6 to 2 mg of Vitamin C. In orange, mosambi, lemon, tomato have plenty of vitamin c present. You can go for a Vitamin C supplement as well. Drink lukewarm water with some drops of lemon juice in the early morning in an empty stomach. This way you can produce Vitamin C quickly.
  2. Try to consume Zinc contained foods. You will get zinc from melon seeds, watermelon seeds, and papaya seeds.
  3. Include Vitamin A in your daily food. Vitamin A contains in bran oil, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, etc.
  4. Drink lots of purified water. Blood circulation is very important for your body to keep you greater immune. You might be noticed maximum heart patients are died due to coronavirus. Do you know the reason? Because in their body blood circulation will be very less. Blood clotting chances are more than other patients. In this way, coronavirus can attack their body easily. And thus recovery will be in danger zone.

Kidney patients water drinking habit, you have to consult with your Doctor. Water can flush out the toxins from our body. To run this process easier, you should drink plenty of water. Another main important factor is your mental health. Mental health plays a big role in this pandemic disease. You have to be strong. Becoming panic, is a very dangerous situation to decrease the chance of coronavirus recovery.  Coronavirus creating many Psychic problems also. You should keep your mind happy and get good counseling in this matter. 
Please take these suggestions as advice only. I am no one to tell you this is the medicine for coronavirus. For the time being of coronavirus medicine or vaccination’s invention, we can follow these natural ways to not let ourselves reach the grip of coronavirus.

Stay Home Stay Safe
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