Kerala Vegetarian Dish – Mathanga Curry (Pumpkin Curry)

Kerala Vegetarian Dish - Mathanga Curry (Pumpkin Curry)
Kerala Vegetarian Dish – Mathanga Curry (Pumpkin Curry)
Kerala Vegetarian Dish Mathanga curry (Pumkin Curry) is very tastiest Kerala Dish. Almost with all vegetables, you can prepare curry like this. In Kerala Main gravy mixture is the base of coconut paste. Coconut mixture, coconut oil, and curry leaves are the main enhancer of taste and aroma of the majority of the dishes. Especially the taste secret of Kerala Vegetarian Dish Mathanga curry  is coconut paste.
These all ingredients are suitable for your health also. In this Kerala Vegetarian Dish Mathanga curry No fear of cholesterol and fat in these dishes. This curry you can use with Rice, Roti, and with anything.
Kerala dishes are tasty and healthy. Try one of the tastiest dish Mathanga curry. I brought it for you this time.
Lets us start the recipe of  Mathanga curry (Pumkin Curry)
Ingredients which you needed to prepare  Mathanga curry (Pumkin Curry)
Mathanga (Pumpkin)           250 gm
Onion                                     1 medium size
Green Chillis                         3-4 nos
Salt                                          As per need
Turmeric powder                  Half Teaspoon
Coconut grated                      Half cup
Water                                      As per the cooking process
For seasoning
Coconut oil                   2-3 Teaspoon
Curry leaves                 Few
Mustard seeds             half teaspoon
Dried red chilli            1-2 nos.
Preparation method of Mathanga Curry 
Wash the vegetables and cut (to cut the vegetables I always use a wooden chopping board, cos using plastic or like other materials, there are chaces of some of the particles definitely mix with our vegetables while we cut. I recommend you best wooden chopping board) them into medium sizes. 

Keep a pan on flame, add some coconut oil, and let it heat up. Put sliced onions into it, sauté well. Then add the pumpkin pieces and green chillis. Sauté for a while. Add one cup of water, cook it by covering.
Once the point to reach the vegetable tender, add the needed amount of salt. Cover it back and continue the balance cooking process.
When the vegetables cooked well it to its tenderness, add the ground coconut mixture into it. Water as per the consistency you can increase. Let it boil well and then keep the lid and cook for a while. In between the cooking time you can add turmeric powder.  Cook well let the coconut mixture combined with the cooked vegetables. Turn off the flame.
Now its time for seasoning. Keep a pan on flame, add some coconut oil splutter the mustard seeds, followed with dried chilli and curry leaves. This mixture transfer to the cooked curry. Serve Pumkin curry  with rice and chappati.



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