Wonderful Benefits of Bitter Gourd for Health!


Do you hear the word “Momordica Charantia” or Karela? Don’t be confused, they are just some of the names of Bitter Melon, generally known as Bitter Gourd or Squash Gourd in English. The thing that strikes you hears the word bitterness related to. They are light or dark green in color depends on the areas they cultivated.

though this vegetable got a very bitter taste, it is enriched with a lot of essentials vitamins and useful antioxidants. The Bitter Gourd is known as KAKRAYA in Telugu, PAVAKKA in Malayalam, PAVAKKAI in Tamil, HAGALKAI in Kannada, KARLE in Marathi, KOROLA in Bengali, and KARELA in both Hindi and Gujarati. Just like the diversity in names the benefits of Bitter Gourd are diverse and various as well.

This vegetable can be consumed in many ways. You can make various recipes out of it. You can make pickles out of it, or you can even make juice out of it. I know your face gets twisted just thinking about eating or drinking Bitter Gourd. But do you know, how very helpful it can be? I will list the benefits of Bitter Gourd down.

Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd(Suash Qourd) Pavakka
Bitter Gourd(Suash Qourd) Pavakka

Respiratory Problem:- The Bitter Gourd is a great remedy if you are looking to cure respiratory disorders such as cold, cough, asthma, and many more. You can make a paste using Bitter Gourd leaves with the  Tulsi leaves paste and mix it with honey. Put habit to consume this recipe daily morning, and you can be avoided many kinds of respiratory problems.

It is good for the liver:- Liver is one of the most essential organs of our body. These days, liver disorders are on the rise. You can do a bit in keeping your liver healthy by consuming Bitter Gourd. Make a glass of Bitter Gourd Juice. Drink the juice every day to avoid liver problems in even heal liver problems. Continue to consume this juice on a regular basis, you can see the results in two weeks.
Keeps your Immune System Healthy:- The immunity System of our body must be strong. It is because the immunity system is what fights against the foreign bodies in your bloodstream and protects you from facing harm. If your Immunity System is strong, you can stay void of health disorders that foreign body carrier. Boi the Bitter gourd vegetable of leaves in water until the nutrients are extracted. Dring the water frequently and your immune system will gain the ability to fight against many infections. 

A good fighter against Acne:- Pimples or Acne is one skin problem that bothers most of us a lot. Besides the marks, they leave behind are quite embarrassing. However, by consuming Bitter Gourd, you can effectively get rid of this problem. Bitter Gourd also fights against blemishes as well as intense skin infections. 

The vegetable is also helpful in healing blood disorders such as scabies, blood boils, psoriasis, itching and ringworm, and many other fungal infections. The free radicals present in Bitter Gourd are also helpful in anti-aging. Drink the Bitter Gourd Juice blended with lemon with an empty stomach every day for around six months and you will see the result.

Pavakka pieces, Karela pieces
Pavakka pieces, Karela pieces

Good for Diabetic People:- Are you suffering from Diabetes?  Then try this. Bitter Gourd Juice helps you in overcoming Type 2 diabetes. Bitter Gourd has been included as a vital ingredient in both Indian and Chinese medicine for a long period. Now it is the recent studies that have proved Bitter Gourd for diabetes is not just folk or lore. 

You must know that Type 2 diabetes occurs partially when your cell is unable to absorb the sugar content present in the blood, which is either a result of a lack of insulin or resistance towards the insulin. Whatever the case may be, cells will not be able to absorb the sugar content since there is no effectiveness in the produced insulin. Sugar absorption happens when the AMP-activated protein kinase gets activated in your cells.  Bitter Melon can effectively activate the kinase and as a result sugar absorption in cells increases. This will in turn get diabetes under regulation. 

You can prepare green juice if you are diabetic. The recipe is quite simple. Green Apples, celery, cucumber, green capsicum, and bitter gourd must be made into the juice. Bitter Gourd has got some chemicals that are like insulin and that will help in decreasing the sugar levels in your blood.

Constipation can be cured:- Constipation is directly related to our digestive system and we know how agonizing it. Bitter Gourd aids in easy and smooth digestion since it had got fibrous properties. As a result, the food gets digested well, and the waste gets excreted from the body. This will aid in curing indigestion as well as constipation issues.

Bladder and Kidney are helped as well:- Kidney and the Bladder take care of the purification of blood. Kidney and Bladder stones can be very excruciating if occurred. Bitter Gourd aid in having a healthy Kidney and Bladder. Besides, there is a great cure for kidney stones or bladder stones.

Heart-related problems:- These days heart-related disorders are on the rise and they are one of the important causes of deaths worldwide. Maintaining the good health of the heart is the need of the hour. Bitter Gourd is extremely good for your heart health in ways unknown to you.

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