7 Dangers you should know about the Hand Sanitizers!


7 Dangers you should know about the Hand Sanitizers!

7 Dangers you should know about the Hand Sanitizers!

7 Dangers you should know about the Hand Sanitizers!

Hand Sanitizer took part in our life in this pandemic season! We should follow the personal hygiene systems very well. 

In keeping us hygienic and keeping away from viruses, hand sanitizer plays a big role. Do you know there are dangers also hidden in hand sanitizers? Still, a few of us are unaware of the risk factors of Hand Sanitizers. In this article, I planned to share my knowledge with you, which I gathered from the experts.
You Know, when your body exposed to viruses then only your body will learn how to protect from viruses. I explain here  7 major dangers of using Hand Sanitizers on a regular basis. 

1. Immunity power decrease in the people who use hand sanitizers frequently, especially children.
2. There are two types of hand sanitizers. One category is alcohol-based and another without alcohol. Alcohol-based is more popular nowadays. In Lockdown days we might hear much news that people died by consuming hand sanitizers. Do you try to know the reason, because in sanitizer methane alcohol or isopropyl alcohol are used? When these chemicals enter our body it results in many hazards.

3. And another category of Hand Sanitizer, which we use is without alcohol. This type of Hand Sanitizer chemical called triclosan is used mainly. You know this chemical is commonly used in pesticides. These chemicals when comes to contact with skin. It will affect the muscles and will cause thyroid reactions. So you should be aware of the ingredients included in the hand sanitizers always

4. We know some people have the tendency to use hand sanitizers before eating food.  While eating food these chemicals reach inside and will affect our immune system very badly.  We know there are lots of fragrance hand sanitizers also available. For fragrance, mainly they use synthetic fragrance. You know this will cause genetic changes in children. 
5. Hand sanitizers are highly inflammable because you do not operate a gas stove soon after applying hand sanitizers.

6. you should not clean your masks with hand sanitizers. it will cause nausea and allergic to you.

7. When you Keep hand sanitizers in the car, make sure the bottle tightly closed. The reason is, the gas in the hand sanitizer with the heat of a closed car converts to poisonous gas. And will create many health issues in you.

This doesn’t mean you should completely stop using hand sanitizer.  I suggest you, Water and soap are the best and safest option to keep your hands hygienic and to wash off the virus easily.  You can depend on Hand Sanitizers, only when there is an unavailability of soap and water. For example, when you enter or coming out of a building, when you use public transports you can use it. to clean your office tables, mobile, and other accessories also you can use hand sanitizers. 

                           ❤Stay Home, Stay Healthy.

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