Get rid of fear from Coronavirus?

Are you Panic about COVID-19 Positive? 

How can you get rid of fear about Coronavirus?

How can you get rid of fear from Coronavirus?

In today’s article, I decided to discuss a few soothing words in this pandemic season with my readers. This knowledge I have collected from many medical experts’ own experiences. How can you get rid of fear from Coronavirus?

First of all, let me explain 80% of  COVID-19 patients will not have visible symptoms if they are having mild effects of coronavirus.  Slight cold or cough, loss of food taste only can be seen in them, and these issues automatically recover too and also can be tested negative soon.
The rest 20% of patient’s disease goes severe and only 2% are dying. In this case, you do not need to worry about coronavirus. Your Immune system will cure the virus attack. You can get rid of fear from coronavirus.
You all be aware that in certain seasons we get cold, cough, body pain, and fever. And these all are very common and every year we get these diseases. Same as these common colds, COVID-19 too catches us and cures too, we will not even know when we got the disease and when it cured.
If you felt coronavirus affected you, from some symptoms like, loss of food taste, body pain, mild cough, and cold, you do not need to worry. Just relax, don’t be panic, take some home remedies which we do for normal cold and cough, such as homeopathy, ayurvedic, inhaling steam anything like that.
Also can take paracetamol. No need to inform everyone and rush to the hospital for testing and all. Silently you keep yourself in quarantine, wear masks all the time at home, start doing all by yourself, avoid depending on family members for any of your personal needs. 
If you go for the COVID-19 test and you will start panicking if your tests are positive. Do you know, then what all physical changes happen to your body? Your breathing will start to become slow, then your lungs will be filled with carbon dioxide, then it will cause breathlessness and short breath and thus lungs will go weak. 
Being panic will decrease the level of recovery. Then disease will reach its worst condition. So better, take it as a silly thing, simply follow home medicine, and do keep a distance from everyone. 

Attention! not to become a virus carrier for others. Even if it is Covid-19,  you can see by following simple medication, within one week your symptoms will vanish and you can be completely cured easily. 
Next thing when should you take it seriously and carefully? When you feel a high fever, which is not responding to medicine, cough highly increased, feeling breathing difficulty, then only you need to undergo doctor supervision and take the x-ray, blood tests, scanning, etc. These conditions happen for very few patients. 

Breath difficulty can be categorized into two types. In the first category breathing difficulty happens when mucus fills in the lungs. How can you identify which type of breathing difficulty you are having?
If breathing difficult due to mucus, you can feel a murmuring sound in your lungs, cough will increase, breathing difficulty, high temperature, and mucus starts to emit through coughing. These types of patients should reach the hospital sooner. 

The second category of breath difficulty is emotional short breath. This category of breath happens when we start worrying and panic, and our breathing speed decrease suddenly, and this will lead carbon-dioxide to enter the lungs easily.
Soon it will become difficult to breathe with the lack of oxygen. Then just take a deep breath and relax it can be cured. Having an emotional short-breath you don’t need to worry about and to rush to the hospital. Relax and take a deep breath, it will become normal.

Are you Panic about COVID-19 Positive?

Are you Panic about COVID-19 Positive?

Aged People

Another thing, in media we used to listen every time that infection chances in aged people are higher than adults, especially about 60 plus aged people. And in this fear, we all gave them worries and controlling more. And they themself in the stage of panic and mental pressure. 

We all know well that strengthening our immunity is the main precaution to be taken against coronavirus. Think about what is Immunity? A defense system of our body that can protect us from toxic bacterias and viruses.  

The persons who get colds and cough every month, we can say they are in the category of less immunity power. The chances of a virus attack of the people in this category are very easy. Children and adults due to following the wrong lifestyle their immunity system is very poor. We should take care of them more. 

Do you know the reality is  60 plus aged people have stronger immunity power than adults? You can be noticed them, they do not become sick as quickly as new generation adults. Aged people lived in a natural world and their food was natural, they got stronger immunity from their time. Also their lifestyle very disciplined and hygienic. They go for a walk, they don’t eat junk food, not having any stress, etc.

So obviously we can judge those old persons have the best immunity. Due to the best immunity, coronavirus will not touch them. Even if affected them, yet it will come and go like a normal cold and cough very quickly. 

So do not misjudge aged people are more prone to coronavirus. Even if they are having BP, diabetes, yet they are out of danger. Yes, there are risks for them, if they are already having major heart problems, cancer, kidney issues, like any sort of these serious health issues, and who all having too many medicines daily. For them virus infection is higher and once got attack, recovery will become tougher than normal people. These are the people who are including in a dangerous category.

Once again I give you a console, Don’t be scared, there is nothing to worry about coronavirus. Within one week to ten days, it will cure automatically, everything will be fine. You can get rid of fear from coronavirus. so take care of yourself, follow the health workers’ advice don’t be panic, don’t rush to the hospital in the beginning stage. 

Stay Home, Stay Healthy.
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