What is Natural Ventilator or Prone Ventilation? Do you know the benefit of a Natural Ventilator?

What is Natural Ventilator or Prone Ventilation?
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Natural Ventilation is one of the best ventilators. You might not hear about it from any medical experts.  Here I will explain how can you get natural ventilation from your home without spending any penny from your pocket. Basically, it is called “PRONE VENTILATION”. Prone Ventilation means a Prone Position. Mechanical ventilation also given in prone positions.

Without Mechanical Ventilation you can take Prone position Ventilation at your home. This will increase the oxygen absorption of your lungs. One Important matter I assure you, Prone Ventilation is 70% effective than Mechanical Ventilation.
You note down this important point that free of cost Natural Ventilator is 70% effective than compared to Mechanical Ventilator which you have to pay 10,000 to 50,000 per day. 
Come on let us know What is this Prone Ventilation? Prone Ventilation is principally the name of a lying position, which recommends for the patient who has difficulty in breathing.
Let the patient lay on the bed on his tummy, keep a pillow underneath his head, two pillows underneath his tummy, and two pillows underneath his legs. Lying down in this position for 30-45 minutes, the patient’s capacity for oxygen absorption starts to increase and he can breathe easily.
If every 6 hours let them lay in Prone Position for 30-45 minutes, you can give them a 70% better result than the Mechanical Ventilators. 

Second matter if you are not affected by Coronavirus what should you do, to protect yourself. We already heard from WHO, AIMS, and other health experts that your weak immunity power is the reason for diseases, and boosting your immunity power is the best prevention method. Yes, it is absolutely right. You have to increase your immunity power. 

Citrus Fruits
Citrus Fruits

How can you increase your Immunity power? Daily you have to consume  0.2mg Vitamin C from fruits or in a natural way. You know from where you will get this 0.2mg vitamin C? It is very easy, you will get this quantity if you consume 3 nos. of Mangoes or one Guava fruit or 2 nos. of Oranges. From these fruits, any of the fruit you daily eat at preferably early morning on an empty stomach.

If you go for vegetable 4 nos. of tomatoes along with one cucumber also will provide your 0.2mg Vitamin C. It will keep your immunity system stronger. Along with this if you could practice breathing exercises it will give you good benefits. 

Third matter, if unfortunately you got affected by a coronavirus, you will start getting worried. First of all, relax stay at home, do not rush for medicines or to hospitals. If you have any symptoms of Fever, cold, and breathing issues you can practice Prone Ventilation.

And If you follow the methods which I am going to explain here, within 3 days your positive test will turn to negative. 

What you should do, read carefully. 

Depends on your body weight you have to follow the method. suppose your weight is 60KG. Divide your body weight with 10. 

Day 1

Divide your body weight with 10. Eg. 60/10=6

SixGlasses of Coconut Water.
Six Glasses of any Citrus Fruit Juice. (Orange, Mosambi, Lemon, pineapple, grapefruit, etc) For the whole day.

Do not eat anything.

Day 2

Divide your body weight with  20. Eg. 60/20=3

Three Glasses of Coconut Water
Three Glasses of any Citrus Fruit Juice. (Orange, Mosambi, Lemon, pineapple, grapefruit, etc)

One drink in the morning and one drink at lunch
At night 
Multiply your body weight 5. Eg 60×5=300gm.
Consume 300 gm tomatoes along with cucumber. This is your dinner.

Day 3

Divide your body weight by 30. Eg. 60/30=2

For Morning. 
Two Glasses of Coconut Water

Two Glasses of any Citrus Fruit Juice. (Orange, Mosambi, Lemon, pineapple, grapefruit, etc)

For lunch
Multiply your body weight 5. Eg 60×5=300gm.

Consume 300 gm tomatoes along with cucumber.

Hopefully, you will recover by evening. By following the above-mentioned diet, your body’s immunity power increased better and your body will start to expel the virus easily and you will be tested negative.

For Dinner
If you wish to eat solid food, you can take some boiled vegetables.

Finally, once again let me remind you what I explained. 

First of all, practice the Prone Ventilation System in need. Second follow the immunity assisting food method. And the third one is how to recover from COVID-19 easily by following the juice diet.

Stay Home, Stay Healthy.
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