What should you do if you are tested positive for COVID-19?

Did you think about supposing you tested positive for the coronavirus, what all steps you have to take? Keep it in your mind you can cure your COVID-19 completely in a quick way. 

Here I am going to give you 5 beneficial information for your speedy recovery

First of all, never be panic or do not fear for the illness. Relax and start doing some home remedies which I am going to explain here. 

Sleep well 7-9 hours. Sleeping is the best tonic for your speedy recovery. While we sleeping cytokine named chemical produced in our body. This chemical helps in controlling inflammation and infections. Thus sleeping plays an important role in our health. Taking rest is a very important step.

Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet

Another attention to be taken in your food. You should have a balanced diet. In measurement wise balanced food means 65% of carbohydrates, 15% protein, 20% fat should be included in your food. This balanced diet is the best immunity to your health.

The third one is you should include citric fruits like lemon, orange, amla (gooseberry), papaya, guava, etc in your food habit. These all fruits containing Vitamin C in good quantity. By eating these fruits you can prevent this disease. Eat Vitamin A food such as milk, egg, carrot, leafy vegetables. From this food you can gain immunity power.


The fourth important thing is to drink plenty of water. Water can flush out viruses easily through urine. Try to drink at least 3 liters of freshwater daily. 

The next thing is if you are willing to do exercise, try to do it at least for half an hour mild exercises. Three times a day for 10 minutes also enough. It can make your blood to reach all your organs. Blood and oxygen circulation will become free flow. If your body fit for exercise then only should do. 

Now lets us think about 5 habits to be avoided this time.

1. Avoid drinking alcohol completely. It will make your body dehydrated, will spoil your liver. 

2. Due to affecting specifically lungs by Covid-19, you should quit smoking. 

3. Stop eating junk food.

4. Avoid drinking sweet soft drinks. When you drink sweet soft drinks, it will cause blood sugar levels to increase, and thus infection chances will rise-up.  

5. Last and finally again advising, be away from depression. Depression will give chances to increase the infection. Because when we are in worry and in depression, our body will start to produce cortisol, due to which you get more chances for infection. So keep yourself calm always. Find out interesting things like reading, gardening, listen to music, drawing or involve in any kind of thing which you like. 

Keeping your mind stress free is the best medicine for your speedy recovery. And try to understand that COVID-19 is completely curable if you follow these 5 important things and avoid 5 wrong things. So try to follow these when your tests got positive.

Now let me suggest to you, when should you meet health workers and hospitals? Whenever you feel difficulty in breathing or stiffness in respiration or any color change in your skin or hands, without wasting single seconds try to contact your nearest health clinic or hospital.

If you feel fever eat paracetamol tablet 650 Mg every 6 hours. For children give 50 mg paracetamol. Taking steam in between 3-4 hours a day is very beneficial. Inhaling steam is a better way to kill coronavirus. Try to Drink only warm water. 

Do not forget to share these important messages with your dear and near ones. We Know many corona positive people are still between us, worrying about what to do and what not to do. 

Stay Home, Stay Healthy.

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