Top 15 Health Tips and healthy foods for Rainy Season.
How Can you keep yourself Healthy in Monsoon Season?


Healthy in Monsoon Season

Monsoon Season is one of the important seasons of our life. Monsoon brings new life. We feel relaxed in the monsoon as we got relief from the hottest summer. We all are fond of the monsoon Season. Soothing breeze water splashes wow!
Monsoon gives us pleasure and at the same time brings lots of diseases too. We have to be very careful in Rainy Season from catching an illness.
We should stay safe and also we should able to enjoy the rains in full swing. Here I suggest some tips and healthy foods for you to be followed.  We are living in Pandemic Season and we all are aware that boosting our immunity power and being highly hygienic is how important role in our life.

Do not let stagnant water accumulated in the open air.


Mosquito breeding season is Monsoon season. Clogged drains and accumulated wastewater or rainwater are the perfect places for them to breed. Prevent them from breeding by empty the stored water, remove the clogging of drainages. Ensure the water which you collected for your use is always covered. Keep everything dry.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C Intake

The best way to keep our immune is by consuming Vitamin C-rich foods daily. Try to eat daily citrus fruits like Orange, Pineapple, lemon, etc, along with that try to eat plenty of sprouts, fresh green vegetables.

Keep away from Junk Food
We all love street foods. Better this time keep away from street foods. You know the food preparing in the streets is very harmful to us. As they prepare in an unhygienic way, keep food in the open air, by welcoming harmful microorganisms.  By eating this food we are welcoming many diseases.

Use Disinfectant for your bathwater
Whenever you go out and got wet with rain, soon you reached home take a bath with water mixed with disinfectants like Dettol, Savlon, or Betadine. You can be escaped from the millions of microorganisms. If your body did not wet with rainwater, you can avoid bathing, by washing your hands, feet, and face with soap also enough.

Keep your clothes ironed


You know monsoon is the best season of molds. Your Closets, Wardrobes, and almirahs are cool places and chances to get damp in the rainy season and it will produce molds. So a better way to escape from molds Ironing is a better option. Or if good sunlight you get, try to warm your clothes in sunlight.

Keep your hands always Hygiene


During the Monsoon, we know well the population of microbes increases. Wash your hands with much care before you eat something when you are away from home after coming back home. This should be our part of life in this pandemic season. Monsoon season is a very dangerous season to invite coronavirus. 
Take care of your Fruits and Vegetables


During the Rainy season, and I suggest all the seasons, due to pesticides and chemicals, you wash your vegetables and fruits each one by scrubbing well. You can release the chemicals from it by soaking in potassium permanganate water, vinegar, baking powder, or even in saltwater also. Use any of these mix with the water, let it soak for at least 20 mins, then rinse well then start use. 

Take enough sleep


Sleep is the best tonic for our healthy body. 7-8 hours of sleep is a must for our body’s immune system. You should not stay up with late-night work or watch Tv, mobile and all. Avoid the habit of scrolling your mobile while you lay on your bed, it will disturb your sleep. Once you reach bed keeps mobile away from your reach, take the resolution of not touching electronic devices and close your eyes and try to sleep, if you are not feeling sleepy, you can play any relaxing kinds of music, for sure you will feel sleepy.

Start Exercise Regularly


Doing exercise can do wonders in your life. It will help you lose weight, keep you in perfect shape as well as boosts your immunity strength. Exercises help you to improve blood circulation, triggers serotonin (happiness hormone), and keep you immune to fight against the viruses and bacterias. Practicing Yoga is fit for your body. You can do Jumping Rope, Squats, planks, burpees, and any of your favorite exercises as per your wish.

When you are wet with Rain dont enter an Air-Conditioned Room.
Take care not to enter to your Air-conditioned Office or Houses soon you came from office or outdoor in wet conditions. Wait for a moment and wipe yourself with towels as much as u can, then enter to Air-Conditioned Rooms. Otherwise, the chances of catching a cold and flu will be easy.
Keep your house mosquito-free.
As I before explained to clear stagnant water always. In rainy season mosquito increase unlimitedly  If mosquito still present in your home. Use mosquito repellent products or use mosquito net while sleeping. You can apply mosquito repellent creams or oil for your skin to escape from mosquito bites.
Keep your nails clean.
During Rainy season you must take extra care in keeping your nails clean. Do clip your nails regularly and clean underneath each nail, so that no bacteria can accumulate inside your nails.
Away from allergic triggers
You can be allergic to any of the specific things. Monsoon season make the allergies more severe. Try to know what is allergic to you and Keep yourself away from allergic triggers. AS we all are aware of this Pandemic Season the importance of wearing Mask while going outdoor. Escape from allergies by wearing a mask. Anti-allergic medicine which your doctors prescribed for you, ensure always with you.

Follow Social Distancing

Rainy season increases the chances of making you sick.  So keeping Social distance is very important, especially in this Pandemic Season. If you are already sick or if not, in both situations you should keep a distance from people. Avoid crowded places in monsoon and till coronavirus comes under control.
Avoid using wet shoes.
To go for work or to school wearing shoes is a must for us. If your shoes are wet, please do not use it until and unless you wash them and dried. Dangerous pathogens will grow in your wet shoes, which is enough to make you sick. Better you keep an extra pair of shoes in the rainy season or go for rubber shoes.
Top Healthy Food for Rainy Season.

In Monsoon Season take care of your health by following healthy habits and eat healthy food always.
Consume probiotics like buttermilk, yogurt, and plenty of vegetables. Better avoid eating raw, eat boiled, or steamed. Vegetables are healthy, they contain a lot of fiber, protein, and all sorts of nutrients.
Consume plenty of bitter food. Bitter food such as bitter gourd, neem seeds, dandelion greens, and herbal teas. These all can boost up our immune system and detoxifies our body perfectly. These foods are enough to provide rich vitamins, minerals like calcium, and iron in good quantity. 
Rely on Homemade Fruit Juices. You can prepare juice with any of your favorite fruits. Orange and apple juices are delicious and also contains health beneficial ingredients to prevent you from being ill in monsoon. Apple juice is the best detoxifier and it will clean your liver and the PH level of your stomach will maintain thus you will be free form stomach issues. Orange juice as you all know well increases immunity boosts your metabolism and also good to clean up the toxins present in your body. These two juices are a must in this rainy season.

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