Surprising Benefits of Taro Root or Colocasia (Arbi, Chempu )


There are numerous surprising benefits in Colocasia (Taro Root) In Malayalam “Chempu”, and in Hindi “Arbi”, in Telugu “Chamakoora”. 

Keralite’s one of the favourite vegetable is Tapioca. Colocasia also in the category of Tapioca. Normally we are not taking interest in preparing dishes with colocasia, as we are unaware of the surprising benefits. Here I am going to give you briefly about the benefits of Colocasia. 

Do you know Colocasia is one of the highly nutritious food? The digestion of these vegetables is more than compared to another root vegetable. It is full of fibre, these fibres helps in quick digestion. Colocasia can be easily grown in our garden. There is edible colocasia and also some colocasia are not edible. 

We do not know the benefits of Colocasia yet. Let me explain the benefits in detail. You know colocasia can work miracle in stop ageing. It will keep you younger. I am sure by listening this definitely you will start to consume this miraculous vegetable, cos we all do not want to become old. Colocasia contains many elements which can control ageing, it contains lots of carbohydrate and good calories. You can use this vegetable as medicine for diarrhoea. 

It is rich in Vitamin A. Consuming Colocasia helps in controlling dandruff and hair fall. It contain Vitamin C, you now well about the importance of Vitamin C for our health. It is good for our immunity. Colocasia play good role in controlling our mental conditions. It will reduce your depression and any sort of worries in great extent. It helps in maintenance of cholesterol, controls heart attack. It contains good amount of Sodium, Magnesium and Potassium this controls our Blood Pressure also.

We are not giving much importance for this miraculous vegetable. The magic of controlling cholesterol and fat is great about colocasia. It stops dangerous and pandemic diseases. Means to increase your immunity power, consuming colocasia is very important. It is beneficial food for Diabetic Patients. the fibre content helps  to control the glucose level in the blood. This will lessen the chance of becoming diabetic. Who all want to increase the body weight, consume colocasia in daily basis. The high amount of starch helps in easy digestion. 

Helpful for healthy hair even you can control becoming bald. In preventing Cancer diseases Colocasia plays important role. Great Vitamin A, C and other elements can kill the cancer cells. Consuming Colocasia helping you to control your mind naturally. It relxes your mind in great extent. It helps in decreasing the fat and thus your heart become healthy.  Helps to reduce Hypertension. I pointed out one thing that it controls early ageing. The content of beta carotin, magnesium, calcium these all help in control in ageing. It will keep you younger. 

The leaves of the colocasia is also nutrious. You can prepare many dishes with colocasia and the leaves of colocasia. 

Think about the natural and traditional food are always healthy and we ignore the benefits, we follow artificial and un natural food for our convenience. As we are not ready to accept the benefits of these natural food. this is the reality and we all lazy to cook natural food as its bit time taking and difficult in cooking. We have tendency to cook instant food, and inviting dangerous diseases. These are we all doing in our busy life. But think wisely, and change your healthy habits and come back to natural so that you can keep yourself healthy, fit and disease free. 

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