What is Corn Silk? Benefits of Corn Hair (Silk).| How to use Corn Silk? Corn Silk Magical Uses.


Benefits of Corn Hair (Silk)

Benefits of Corn Hair (Silk)



What is Corn Silk?

Corn Silk or Corn hair is a shiny smooth silk type thread that grows as part of the Corncobs. We normally discard this part along with its leafy skins, it has lots of medicinal benefits that we do not know exactly. In traditional Chinese and Native American Medicine, corn silk has been using since centuries back.  Corn Silk still used in many countries.

In this article, you are going to know exclusive information about Corn Silk, its uses, benefits, etc.


Corn Silk

Corn Silk


Amazing Benefits of Corn Hair (Silk)

Corn Silk contains carbohydrates, Vitamins, proteins, minerals, and fiberCorn Silk contains many health-beneficial compounds that may treat various ailments, such as prostate problems, malaria, heart diseases, and urinary tract infections, etc. Recent research proved that it may also effective to reduce Cholesterol, Blood pressure, Blood Sugar, and types of Inflammation. This stringy fiber contains magnesium, which regulates your inflammatory response.

Corn Silk can be consumed fresh or often dried by adding in tea or can be taken as a pill. Dried Corn Skin and Corn Pills are easily available in stores.


It is a good antioxidant.

Antioxidant plants can protect our body’s cells against oxidative stress. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and inflammation mainly caused by oxidative. It contains a high amount of flavonoid antioxidants.

Corn silk may be an effective treatment for high blood pressure.

This plant helps the elimination of excess fluid from our body, normally to reduce blood pressure natural alternative is prescribed, it can play the role of natural diuretics.

From the medical studies, 40 people with high blood pressure were given this supplement and they could reduce the good amount of blood pressure quickly. Researches also proved that it can reduce LDL ( bad cholesterol) and can increase HDL which is considered as good cholesterol

Although researches are indicating the health benefits of consuming Corn Silk, more studies are still needed.

Consumption Dosage to be followed:

Dosage recommendations are depending on age, health status, and structure of the individual.

AS Corn Silk is nontoxic we can consume on a daily basis as 4.5 grams per pound of body weight (10 grams per Kg)

Corn Silk Supplements recommend 400-450 mg can be consumed 2-3 times per day, preferably to start with a low dose to make sure your body is not allergic against this, then gradually you can increase the dosage.

You can consume fresh, dried, or in the form of pills. Few Fresh Corn Silk put in a pan, add two glasses of water, let it boil, and bring to the quantity of one glass. By doing this, the essence of the Corn Skin will reach the water, then consume this water hot or cold as per your wish.

Preparation of Corn Tea:


Dry or fresh corn silk
Lemon juice


* Boil the water for some time.

* Add corn silk atop in the boiling water.

* Let it boil for a few minutes and steep for a few minutes.

* This will turn into a brown liquid. Strain and serve the tea. You can have it both cold and warm.

* If you want it sweet or sour
You can add few drops of lime or honey


Side effects and Safety:

Corn Silk is generally non-toxic and safe for most people.

Excess consumption can decrease potassium level in the blood this will cause skin rashes, itching, and allergies.

Special care to be taken in pregnancy and breast-feeding- Corn Silk safe for them yet, should take care of the amount of consumption. If consume excess miscarriage can happen. Diabetic patients too should consume in recommended level, otherwise will cause lower blood sugar, which is not good all at once.

Some people found skin allergies like rashes, itching, red skin while applying creams that contain Corn Skin. Those people should avoid the usage of these creams and lotions. 



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