How got Covid-19 positive after taking Covid-19 Vaccination? Myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines |

Myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines.

How affected Covid-19 positive after taking Covid-19 Vaccination?

In this article, I am going to explain some myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines. There are lots of doubts going on in our minds about covid-19 vaccines and How got covid-19 positive after taking covid-19 vaccination.


Recently we all went through shocking news that Haryana Health Minister got Covid-19 positive even after taking the Covid-19 vaccination. Reason for getting Covid-19 Positive even after vaccination? Hearing this news all of us are in confusion, how come this happened? and what these vaccines are not safe for us? or should do we keep ourselves away from covid-19 vaccination? etc…


In social media, this news oh how got covid-19 positive after taking covid-19 vaccination? has been widely spread and people having perplexed minds.  To come out from these confusions I thought to share the valuable knowledge which I came to know from medical experts to share with my readers.

 Myths and Facts about the covid vaccine.

First of all, let us think about what is the reason for infection covid-19 even after vaccination? Are there chances to infect? And is it compulsory to take Covid-19 Vaccination? etc…These are the doubts you are going to be cleared from my article. 

How got Covid-19 positive after taking Covid-19 Vaccination?

How got Covid-19 positive after taking Covid-19 Vaccination?


Do you know that in India covid-19 vaccine’s Clinical Trial only going on? That means just a clinical trial, not the final step to eradicate the disease. This fact you all should know very clearly. In a more clear definition, I say these vaccines are not proven 100% effective. Almost all countries are experimenting with this clinical trial only.

Now let us know about what is the meaning of a clinical trial in detail. Clinical trials categorized into three parts. 

1. In clinical trial 1, the vaccines which are tested in labs will be sent to be tested on animals.

2. Then in the second clinical trial, these tested vaccines go to experiment on a small population, approximately 100 – 200 or below 1000 people. This is clinical trial 2

3. Now comes clinical trial 3, in this stage, tested vaccines are to be an experiment on more than 1000 people.


In this third stage of the clinical trial also there is a division of two categories. That means only 50 percent of the people are given the original vaccines and the rest of the 50 people are only getting just a normal medicine to make them relax, that they have been given the proper vaccine. These are happening in almost all types of the vaccination process.

After 2-3 months of giving the first clinical trial these two sections of people are undergone to observation whether they are getting the covid-19 or not and if anyone got covid-19 positive, then how much antibody produced in the blood of their body.


Now let us think about the covid-19 affected Haryana Health Minister, how he got affected even after getting covid-19 vaccination? He got his first vaccination doze on 20th November 2020. We all know covid-vaccination dozes are given in two doses.  After the first doze gives 28 days gap and then second dozes are to be taken.

All the countries are following this method only. Here what happened, before taking the second dose Health minister got Covid-19 positive. And secondly, even after taking the second dose also after 14 days, only the body will start to produce immunity power. 


This reality bears it in your mind. This is a fact of almost all the vaccines that after taking the vaccine, it will take two weeks to gain immunity power. Here is Minister’s case also none other than the same happened. He got positive 10 days after taking the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. In context, keep it in your mind that, we cannot say he got affected due to the failure of the Covid-19 vaccine. 


This is the first reason, now secondly almost all the pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Moderna, Covax, Sputnik V,, etc says that some vaccines are 98% effective, some are 96% effective, etc. like we are hearing in the daily news. One important thing to be noticed that this news is spread after experimenting on 100 or 200 people only. Due to this reality, now we are no one to judge 90 or 99 % of the effectiveness of these vaccines yet. 


Myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines.

We need great patience at the moment, we have to wait for the best result after trialing in 1000 or more that no peoples. We have to wait for the result of no side effects happening, how many vaccines are effective? how many doses to be taken? are there any medical issues happening to aged people? how are children reacting to these vaccines? These all facts we still have to know in detail. 


These perfect results to be gain only after experimenting on 1000 people, that’s what I repeat, we need big patience to get the final result. After this trial only we can reach a final point that how much percentage is the covid-19 vaccine is effective. Then we will know how covid-19 positive after taking covid-19 vacciantion.

In the opinion of medical experts, even if 70% effective vaccines also good for us, reason, you know every year we are taking H1, H2 vaccination and it is only 60% effective, yet you know the reality that due to taking vaccination this disease decreased in huge nos. Only very few people are got affecting this disease. Means taking the vaccination can bring a great reduction in any kind of diseases and gradually we can eradicate from the root from the world itself.

You know the rates of H1, H2 patients were big amount before three years of the arrival of these vaccines.Try to know the reality that many patients were used to dying after affecting H1,. H2 and pneumonia and now in this period, these diseases are easily cured and deaths are very less reported.  


So what we should do? just wait for the more results of covid-19 vaccines how much effective as per clinical tests on 1000 people, and we should know one more important thing that, these results will be accurate, cos these tests and experiments are done by great experts and scientists only. We will get accurate and precise results after taking experiments on more people. Before the final tests and results, spreading the wrong and fake news about covid-19 vaccines is not good. 


Let us wait patiently for more days to get more results.  And I recommend to undergo all the vaccines, no vaccines can harm you, vaccines will be produced finally after undergoing all the tests by the experts and scientists only. All the vaccine has a big role in reducing all sorts of diseases, and thus gradually we can be completely free from these sort of diseases. 

Myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines.


The countries who all started giving covid-vaccine already alerted the people that first doze is not enough for their immunity, they have to wait for the best result after 28 days of taking a second dose. This much period they have to be kept safe themselves until their body produces antibody or immunity power. In UAE, they give people allow to mingle with others only after one month of taking Covid-19 Vaccines.


Do we know the reality that the effects of any vaccine will get the result only after 14 days of taking it?  Do you know we take MMR ( Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccination after 12 or 10 months of the baby born? Have you ever think about the reason? The reason is the immunity power of the mother will be present in their baby for 12 months, after that only they have to be taken these vaccines. Measles and Rubella vaccines have 90% protection but Measles vaccines have only 65% effectiveness to prevent the disease,  yet we know this disease nowadays reduced in huge amount, in very rare Measles cases only we are facing. 

Myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines.


So we should know the reality that vaccines are good to prevent the spread of any diseases, it can be reduced and gradually can be eradicated. Even 70 or 60% effective vaccines also we can depend on, but only one thing we should be aware of the side effects. For side effects also Doctors prescribe the medicine. Yet we can trust all the vaccines and we must not miss any vaccines.  That’s why we should trust an 80% accurate vaccine if tried on 70% of the population also can be reduced Covid-19 very effectively. So each of us should not miss the Covid-19 Vaccination.

In conclusion, I suggest your wearing masks, wash your hands and social distance are the only solution at present we have to follow to prevent Covid-19. If you follow these guidelines, you will not get covid-19 positive after covid-19 vaccination. Always try to use an eco-friendly or environmentally friendly mask. Disposable masks are harmful to the earth. I suggest you use a cotton mask for the being, that is eco-friendly and can wash and reuse. Best mask I suggest you buy from Amazon

I hope I could perfectly clear your doubts and myths about How covid-19 got positive after taking covid-19 vacciantion.







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