Visceral Fat – Causes of Diseases
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Visceral FatCauses of Diseases – Friends Hearty Welcome to my blog. I am here with you with new health knowledge for you. As you read the title, yes I am going to describe Visceral Fat – Causes of Diseases.

Visceral Fat – Causes of Diseases.

Today I am going to discuss with you the reasons for our Lifestyle Health Diseases. My article is inspired by Dr. Manoj Jhonson , Medical Director
Lifestyle Physician | Medical Psychologist

Friends, we all daily have various complaints and discussions about our health issues, like “I am having knee pain”, back pain, Diabetes, or Digestion problems. We all know nowadays Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Fatty liver, and all those above-mentioned diseases are common in our day-to-day life. There are very few people, who are not having these diseases. Especially majority of people above 35-40 aged are all facing these Lifestyle Diseases.

Do you ever think of the key reasons for these health issues? Do you ever try to think about the villain of our Health disturbing? Here comes the name of that Villain. VISCERAL FAT. About Visceral Fat lot many people have not much knowledge. Let us discuss Visceral Fat, which causes Lifestyle Diseases.

What is Visceral Fat?

The fat which covered your abdominal organs deep inside of your body is called Visceral Fat. The fat just below your skin is not Visceral Fat. That doesn’t create many health issues. Visceral Fat which lives inside our body, which is not visible externally and we cannot feel it.

In external appearance, you might be having a flat tummy and a thin body structure, but the real excess weight which develops around the center of your body over time which called Visceral Fat is the main reason for all your lifestyle diseases.

Visceral fat develops in the internal layer of our body especially the inner skin of your tummy, inside your liver, accumulated in blood vessels. These are the fat real causes of your diseases.

Now let us think about how is this visceral fat developing? First of all, know the reality that Visceral Fat is the main cause of Diabetes.

From where this Visceral Fat forms. None other else, it is our food we have consumed. When we consume high-calorie foods, excess carbohydrates contained in our food convert into fat. Which means we should not over-eat. Carbohydrates in our food should be limited. Even if you are not eating much fatty food, though liver converts the excess carbohydrates itself to fat.

Think about this why this is happening. One day you had a heavy breakfast, then before digestion takes place, you take heavy lunch, then dinner. These times what happens with the stored excess carbohydrates will automatically convert to fat. Because the stored fat has not got chance to convert into energy, due to your excess intake.

You just notice the people who all are having big tummy, facing difficulty in walking, fast heartbeats, painful joints, Blood pressure and also diabetic. These diseases are mostly can be seen in them. On 90% of the people having tummy, you can experience these issues. But have you notices the people who are not so fat look fit body, they used to say , how much I eat my body wont become fat, I have no tummy, I am always fit and etc. But Point out the fact, that Visceral fat cannot be seen externally, it can become the big reason to make you disease even if your out ward look is fit.

You might be experienced people who look thin and skinny also facing the diseases such as fatty liver, high cholesterol, Blockage of Heart, Blood Pressure, etc, and even have to undergo bypass surgery and all. Thses are all caused by Visceral fat.

So now we got to the point that these visceral fat accumulated from the excess intake of food, carbohydrates from the food will accept your body, and the excess carbohydrates which you are forcefully giving to your body will be converted to fat under your skin, inside the liver, muscles and these fats gradually start creates various problems in your Health.

On diabetic patients, this belly fat creates insulin resistance. This means the production of insulin properly happens in their body, and glucose also properly created. but this glucose cannot enter into the cell due to Visceral Fat. The fat cannot be convert into energy and stay there as fat and play the role of barricade to accept the glucose. These are happens due to Visceral Fat.

Visceral Diet

If you want to decrease the Visceral Fat level in your body you should consume healthy fat, such as Fish, Avocado, Dry Roasted Peanuts, eggs, dairy products like yogurt, curd, butter, ghee, cheese, buttermilk. All these fats are healthy fat for your body, will not do any harm to you. But yes you should not go for salty butter and salty cheese, as you know salt is not good for health. Having Butter Coffee is the best option for people who wants to lose weight.

The fat you should worry about is Bakery foods, which are fried in oil like chips, mixture, etc should be avoided. Occasionally you can eat, but better not to keep munching these as a habit. These are highly oil absorbents, which is enough to increase your Visceral Fat.

You can take a test of banana chips which are deep-fried in oil start release oil from it while you burn the cooked chips, you can see lots of oil drops will be started to come from it. From this, you come to the point, like those chips you eat in huge quantity, what will happen to your body. As I mentioned above, occasionally you can eat all these, but avoid keep as a habit.

In ladies, diabetes will not be visible in the beginning. It follows from the form of fibroid. Seeing this they should be alert that the next disease will be fatty liver then to the thyroid and reaches to diabetes. Then become ovarian cysts. Glucose when started to be rejected by the visceral fat, then diabetes started to come in the form of lumps or glands that started to appear on our body. This visceral fat is the one that destroys the majority of our organs and the reason for the majority of our diseases.

People who never heard about visceral fat should know that diabetes, heart blockage, fibroid, fatty liver, thyroid issues, etc are all caused by visceral fat. In conclusion, you all know the truth that visceral fat is the slow poison that disturbs our body health step by step.

As I above mentioned you should change your food habits to keep your body away from visceral fat. Deep-fried food, excess intake of carbohydrates such as rice, root vegetables like cassava, potato, etc, sweets, artificially sweetened beverages. Non-veg is harmless if you cooked them in a normal way without deep frying. You can cook it by shallow fry method, boiled or can cook in coconut milk. These ways of cooking non-veg will not harm you. Once you know about visceral fat you can escape from diseases by controlling your food habits.


Change your life style and keep an eye on your food habits eat healthy and live healthy

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