Visceral Fat – Causes of Diseases.

Visceral Fat – Causes of Diseases
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Visceral FatCauses of Diseases – Friends Hearty Welcome to my blog. I am here with you with new health knowledge for you. As you read the title, yes I am going to describe Visceral Fat – Causes of Diseases.

Visceral Fat – Causes of Diseases.

Today I am going to discuss with you the reasons for our Lifestyle Health Diseases. My article is inspired by Dr. Manoj Jhonson , Medical Director
Lifestyle Physician | Medical Psychologist

Friends, we all daily have various complaints and discussions about our health issues, like “I am having knee pain”, back pain, Diabetes, or Digestion problems. We all know nowadays Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Fatty liver, and all those above-mentioned diseases are common in our day-to-day life. There are very few people, who are not having these diseases. Especially majority of people above 35-40 aged are all facing these Lifestyle Diseases.

Do you ever think of the key reasons for these health issues? Do you ever try to think about the villain of our Health disturbing? Here comes the name of that Villain. VISCERAL FAT. About Visceral Fat lot many people have not much knowledge. Let us discuss Visceral Fat, which causes Lifestyle Diseases.

What is Visceral Fat?

The fat which covered your abdominal organs deep inside of your body is called Visceral Fat. The fat just below your skin is not Visceral Fat. That doesn’t create many health issues. Visceral Fat which lives inside our body, which is not visible externally and we cannot feel it.

In external appearance, you might be having a flat tummy and a thin body structure, but the real excess weight which develops around the center of your body over time which called Visceral Fat is the main reason for all your lifestyle diseases.

Visceral fat develops in the internal layer of our body especially the inner skin of your tummy, inside your liver, accumulated in blood vessels. These are the fat real causes of your diseases.

Now let us think about how is this visceral fat developing? First of all, know the reality that Visceral Fat is the main cause of Diabetes.

From where this Visceral Fat forms. None other else, it is our food we have consumed. When we consume high-calorie foods, excess carbohydrates contained in our food convert into fat. Which means we should not over-eat. Carbohydrates in our food should be limited. Even if you are not eating much fatty food, though liver converts the excess carbohydrates itself to fat.

Think about this why this is happening. One day you had a heavy breakfast, then before digestion takes place, you take heavy lunch, then dinner. These times what happens with the stored excess carbohydrates will automatically convert to fat. Because the stored fat has not got chance to convert into energy, due to your excess intake.

You just notice the people who all are having big tummy, facing difficulty in walking, fast heartbeats, painful joints, Blood pressure and also diabetic. These diseases are mostly can be seen in them. On 90% of the people having tummy, you can experience these issues. But have you notices the people who are not so fat look fit body, they used to say , how much I eat my body wont become fat, I have no tummy, I am always fit and etc. But Point out the fact, that Visceral fat cannot be seen externally, it can become the big reason to make you disease even if your out ward look is fit.

You might be experienced people who look thin and skinny also facing the diseases such as fatty liver, high cholesterol, Blockage of Heart, Blood Pressure, etc, and even have to undergo bypass surgery and all. Thses are all caused by Visceral fat.

So now we got to the point that these visceral fat accumulated from the excess intake of food, carbohydrates from the food will accept your body, and the excess carbohydrates which you are forcefully giving to your body will be converted to fat under your skin, inside the liver, muscles and these fats gradually start creates various problems in your Health.

On diabetic patients, this belly fat creates insulin resistance. This means the production of insulin properly happens in their body, and glucose also properly created. but this glucose cannot enter into the cell due to Visceral Fat. The fat cannot be convert into energy and stay there as fat and play the role of barricade to accept the glucose. These are happens due to Visceral Fat.

Visceral Diet

If you want to decrease the Visceral Fat level in your body you should consume healthy fat, such as Fish, Avocado, Dry Roasted Peanuts, eggs, dairy products like yogurt, curd, butter, ghee, cheese, buttermilk. All these fats are healthy fat for your body, will not do any harm to you. But yes you should not go for salty butter and salty cheese, as you know salt is not good for health. Having Butter Coffee is the best option for people who wants to lose weight.

The fat you should worry about is Bakery foods, which are fried in oil like chips, mixture, etc should be avoided. Occasionally you can eat, but better not to keep munching these as a habit. These are highly oil absorbents, which is enough to increase your Visceral Fat.

You can take a test of banana chips which are deep-fried in oil start release oil from it while you burn the cooked chips, you can see lots of oil drops will be started to come from it. From this, you come to the point, like those chips you eat in huge quantity, what will happen to your body. As I mentioned above, occasionally you can eat all these, but avoid keep as a habit.

In ladies, diabetes will not be visible in the beginning. It follows from the form of fibroid. Seeing this they should be alert that the next disease will be fatty liver then to the thyroid and reaches to diabetes. Then become ovarian cysts. Glucose when started to be rejected by the visceral fat, then diabetes started to come in the form of lumps or glands that started to appear on our body. This visceral fat is the one that destroys the majority of our organs and the reason for the majority of our diseases.

People who never heard about visceral fat should know that diabetes, heart blockage, fibroid, fatty liver, thyroid issues, etc are all caused by visceral fat. In conclusion, you all know the truth that visceral fat is the slow poison that disturbs our body health step by step.

As I above mentioned you should change your food habits to keep your body away from visceral fat. Deep-fried food, excess intake of carbohydrates such as rice, root vegetables like cassava, potato, etc, sweets, artificially sweetened beverages. Non-veg is harmless if you cooked them in a normal way without deep frying. You can cook it by shallow fry method, boiled or can cook in coconut milk. These ways of cooking non-veg will not harm you. Once you know about visceral fat you can escape from diseases by controlling your food habits.


Change your life style and keep an eye on your food habits eat healthy and live healthy

Covid-19 Vaccination – All You should Know the Do’s and Don’ts!

 Covid-19 Vaccination – You should Know!  Covid vaccine update today, Free vaccinations near me | Walk-in immunization clinics near me | Covid Vaccine near me

Covid-19 Vaccination - You should Know the Do's and Don'ts!
Covid-19 Vaccination – You should Know the Do’s and Don’ts!

Covid-19 Vaccination – Covid Vaccine – Covid Vaccine near me,  Free vaccinations near me

Free Vaccination near to you depends on the state or territory where you live to know the covid-19 vaccines are to distribute. In my article, you will get to know the process of distribution of Covid-19 Vaccine. 
Below the article, you can find the websites links  To know the Covid-19 health information in United State of America .
Covid-19 Vaccination – You should Know the Do’s and Don’ts!

  • Covid-19 Vaccine will be given to only 18 and above aged people.

  • In the First phase, Health Workers will get Vaccinated.

  • In the second phase Police, Central Army, Soldiers, Municipal Workers, Revenue Staff like prior workers will get vaccinated.

  • In the third phase 50 year, aged people and below 50 aged people who have other diseases will get vaccinated.

  • In phase by phase, only ordinary people will receive vaccines.

  • People who have allergic issues, Pregnant women, and Breast Feeding mothers should never accept Vaccination.

  • People who have Covid-19 symptoms, Sars, Cove 2, monoclonal antibody or convalescent plasma receivers or any severely diseased patients, and hospitalized patients are, once they cured and discharged from the hospital can accept Covid-19 Vaccination after 4-8 weeks.

  • Those who all having issues of excess bleeding or blood clotting should take precautions before taking the covid-19 vaccine.

  • Patients who previously infected with covid-19, Patients of heart, nerve, lungs, kidney diseases, cancer patients, immunity dis balancing conditioned patients, HIV patients are allowed to accept covid-19 vaccination.

  • For those who are about to take any other vaccines, it can be taken after 14 days of Covid-19 vaccinated.

  • Never take different vaccines. This means, the covid vaccine you have taken at the first dose, the second dose also should be of that same company vaccine.

  • after taking the first dose, give a gap of 28 days then the only second dose can be taken.

  • After taking the second dose of vaccination, after14 days, your body will acquire immunity.

  • Take attention even if you have been vaccinated, you should wear the mask and keep hand hygienic and should keep social distance too.

  • The injected area can have hardness, pain, headache, fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain, or any other sort of body restlessness, temperature, shivering, nausea can be experienced after vaccination. 

These are just normal side effects, you do no need to worry about these. These reactions are the signs of your body gaining immunity power. If these symptoms going to excess level, then visit your nearest health centre or contact the Nodal Officer of the vaccination centre as early as possible.

Remember Covid-19 vaccination is a milestone for Covid-19 (Corona Virus)
Attention and take care:-

Once after we all get vaccinated we should continue to keep wear mask, wash our hands and also should keep social distancing until all the nations become immunized to fight against covid -19.

Covid-19 Vaccination – Covid Vaccine – Covid Vaccine near me, Free Vaccinations near  me

NB: Please do not skip Covid-19 Vaccination! It’s for our Future Healthy Safe World.
To know the Covid-19 health information in United State of America. Covid Vaccine near me.

Alabama: COVID-19 Vaccine | Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH)

Alaska: COVID-19: COVID-19 Vaccine Information for all Alaskans

Arizona: ADHS – Highlighted Infectious Diseases for Arizona – Coronavirus Disease 2019 – COVID-19 Vaccines

Arkansas: COVID-19 Vaccination Plan Arkansas Department of Health

California: COVID-19 Vaccines (

Colorado: Vaccine for Coloradans | Colorado COVID-19 Updates

Connecticut: COVID-19 Vaccine in Connecticut: Main Portal

Delaware: COVID-19 Vaccine – Delaware’s Coronavirus Official Website

District of Columbia (Washington DC): Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine | coronavirus 

Florida: COVID-19 Vaccines in Florida | Florida Department of Health COVID-19 Outbreak

Georgia: COVID Vaccine | Georgia Department of Public Health


Idaho: COVID-19 Vaccine | Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Illinois: COVID-19 Vaccine | IDPH

Indiana: ISDH – Novel Coronavirus: Vaccine Information and Planning

Iowa: Novel Coronavirus – COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Kansas: KDHE Vaccine KS | Official Website 

Kentucky: – Kentucky COVID Vaccine

Louisiana: COVID-19 Vaccination Information | Department of Health | State of Louisiana

Maine: Vaccines | Covid-19 (

Maryland: covidLINK | Maryland Department of Health

Massachusetts: COVID-19 Vaccine in Massachusetts |

Michigan: Coronavirus – COVID-19 Vaccine

Minnesota: COVID-19 Vaccine – Minnesota Dept. of Health

Mississippi: Vaccination Against COVID-19 – Mississippi State Department of Health

Missouri: COVID Vaccine (

Montana: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine Information (

Nebraska: COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Nevada: COVID-19 Vaccine | Nevada Health Response (

New Hampshire: Vaccine Information | Resources Guidelines | COVID-19 (

New Jersey: COVID-19 Vaccine (

New Mexico: COVID-19 Vaccine | NMDOH – Coronavirus Updates (

New York: What You Need to Know | COVID-19 Vaccine (

North Carolina: NC DHHS COVID-19: Vaccines

North Dakota: COVID-19 Vaccine Information | Department of Health

Ohio: COVID-19 Vaccination Program (

Oklahoma: Vaccine Information (

Oregon: COVID-19 Vaccine in Oregon

Pennsylvania: Vaccine (

Rhode Island: COVID-19 Vaccine | RI COVID-19 Information Portal

South Carolina: COVID-19 Vaccine | SCDHEC

South Dakota: Coronavirus Vaccine Information (

Tennessee: COVID-19 Vaccine Information | TN COVID-19 Hub

Texas: COVID-19 Vaccine Information (

Utah: Vaccine Distribution | coronavirus (

Vermont: Vaccine | Vermont Department of Health 

Virginia: COVID-19 Vaccine – Virginia COVID-19 Vaccine

Washington: Vaccine Information :: Washington State Department of Health

West Virginia: COVID-19 Vaccine (

Wisconsin: COVID-19: Vaccine | Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Wyoming: Wyoming COVID-19 Vaccine Information – Wyoming Department of Health

Territory Health Departments

American Samoa: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Government of Samoa (

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands: Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (

Guam: COVID-19 | DPHSS (

Puerto Rico: COVID-19 | VacunatePR

US Virgin Islands: Vaccines and the COVID-19 Vaccine | Virgin Islands Department of Health (

Best Environmentally, Nature Friendly – Eco-Friendly Products

 Environmentally, Nature Friendly – Eco-Friendly Products, Sustainable Products

Environmentally, Nature Friendly
 Environmentally, Nature Friendly

Environmentally, Nature Friendly – Eco-Friendly Products, Sustainable Products


What is mean Eco-Friendly or Environmentally?

Eco-Friendly or Environmentally actually means earth-friendly or not harming the earth or environment and also safe for human. The word literally refers to the products that do not harm the earth instead they play a positive role in contributing or conserving various resources especially water and energy. Eco-friendly products help to prevent polluting air, water, and land. 

Keeping all these in our mind we should start put practice using eco-friendly products for the safety of our future world. It will help you to enrich your health at the same time for the future world in which your small ones be lived. 


At present world is more concentrated to keep the world “Going Green”, eco-friendly.  An original eco-friendly product’s main key is to keep both environmental and human safety. We should switch to consume Organic products, grown without toxic pesticides or herbicides. 


How can you practice eco-friendly Habits?

Take a resolution in your life to “Go Green”. You gradually develop yourself to go eco-friendly by using less and make the most of what you have. 

The unnecessary lights of your house should turn off. Turn your air conditioner programmable thermostat to cooling or heating your home only when the home is occupied. Encourage recycling programs. Use telecommuting for employees to reduce fuel consumption and likewise help to decrease air polluting. Always try to think about creating products from wastages. 


Invent technology to turn waste products into new products. Always be conscious about the conservation of water also. Try to use less water. When you invent new ideas to turn the waste into usable products will make you a great person, the world will always remember you.

Anyone can be creative at anything anytime. Without wasting time start thinking about new ideas and creativities. The world is looking for creative people. First of all, do start thinking about a new idea, try to implement it as early as possible, you can discuss your idea with your friends, and thus you can create a team and can start a new business. It will give employment of many people and you also can grow and can become famous.


From Home itself, you can turn much waste to useful. Empty plastic bottle you can cut into preferred shapes and can do planting in it. You don’t need a ground to use these pots. You can just keep it on your balcony or can hang it on your ceiling and where sunlight is available. I will bring more ideas for you. 

Stitch cloth bags for your daily shopping, avoid polythene bags, which is dangerous for the earth. You can turn your unwanted fabrics into beautiful shopping bags. 


Environmentally, Nature Friendly – Eco-Friendly Products

Here I help you to find out eco-friendly or environmentally products Sustainable Products easily available for you. You can start changes in your life from right now.  You can find out unlimited Sustainable prouducts of your choice in Here some of the products I will suggest perfect for you.


Top 3 eco-friendly or environmentally products Sustainable Products 

Anjia Reusable Bamboo Towels- Coming in 2-Roll Set, containing 70 Sheets- A Wash Bag also included.


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Very Eco- Friendly Product.


How got Covid-19 positive after taking Covid-19 Vaccination? Myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines.

 How got Covid-19 positive after taking Covid-19 Vaccination? Myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines |

Myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines.

How affected Covid-19 positive after taking Covid-19 Vaccination?

In this article, I am going to explain some myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines. There are lots of doubts going on in our minds about covid-19 vaccines and How got covid-19 positive after taking covid-19 vaccination.


Recently we all went through shocking news that Haryana Health Minister got Covid-19 positive even after taking the Covid-19 vaccination. Reason for getting Covid-19 Positive even after vaccination? Hearing this news all of us are in confusion, how come this happened? and what these vaccines are not safe for us? or should do we keep ourselves away from covid-19 vaccination? etc…


In social media, this news oh how got covid-19 positive after taking covid-19 vaccination? has been widely spread and people having perplexed minds.  To come out from these confusions I thought to share the valuable knowledge which I came to know from medical experts to share with my readers.

 Myths and Facts about the covid vaccine.

First of all, let us think about what is the reason for infection covid-19 even after vaccination? Are there chances to infect? And is it compulsory to take Covid-19 Vaccination? etc…These are the doubts you are going to be cleared from my article. 

How got Covid-19 positive after taking Covid-19 Vaccination?

How got Covid-19 positive after taking Covid-19 Vaccination?


Do you know that in India covid-19 vaccine’s Clinical Trial only going on? That means just a clinical trial, not the final step to eradicate the disease. This fact you all should know very clearly. In a more clear definition, I say these vaccines are not proven 100% effective. Almost all countries are experimenting with this clinical trial only.

Now let us know about what is the meaning of a clinical trial in detail. Clinical trials categorized into three parts. 

1. In clinical trial 1, the vaccines which are tested in labs will be sent to be tested on animals.

2. Then in the second clinical trial, these tested vaccines go to experiment on a small population, approximately 100 – 200 or below 1000 people. This is clinical trial 2

3. Now comes clinical trial 3, in this stage, tested vaccines are to be an experiment on more than 1000 people.


In this third stage of the clinical trial also there is a division of two categories. That means only 50 percent of the people are given the original vaccines and the rest of the 50 people are only getting just a normal medicine to make them relax, that they have been given the proper vaccine. These are happening in almost all types of the vaccination process.

After 2-3 months of giving the first clinical trial these two sections of people are undergone to observation whether they are getting the covid-19 or not and if anyone got covid-19 positive, then how much antibody produced in the blood of their body.


Now let us think about the covid-19 affected Haryana Health Minister, how he got affected even after getting covid-19 vaccination? He got his first vaccination doze on 20th November 2020. We all know covid-vaccination dozes are given in two doses.  After the first doze gives 28 days gap and then second dozes are to be taken.

All the countries are following this method only. Here what happened, before taking the second dose Health minister got Covid-19 positive. And secondly, even after taking the second dose also after 14 days, only the body will start to produce immunity power. 


This reality bears it in your mind. This is a fact of almost all the vaccines that after taking the vaccine, it will take two weeks to gain immunity power. Here is Minister’s case also none other than the same happened. He got positive 10 days after taking the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. In context, keep it in your mind that, we cannot say he got affected due to the failure of the Covid-19 vaccine. 


This is the first reason, now secondly almost all the pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Moderna, Covax, Sputnik V,, etc says that some vaccines are 98% effective, some are 96% effective, etc. like we are hearing in the daily news. One important thing to be noticed that this news is spread after experimenting on 100 or 200 people only. Due to this reality, now we are no one to judge 90 or 99 % of the effectiveness of these vaccines yet. 


Myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines.

We need great patience at the moment, we have to wait for the best result after trialing in 1000 or more that no peoples. We have to wait for the result of no side effects happening, how many vaccines are effective? how many doses to be taken? are there any medical issues happening to aged people? how are children reacting to these vaccines? These all facts we still have to know in detail. 


These perfect results to be gain only after experimenting on 1000 people, that’s what I repeat, we need big patience to get the final result. After this trial only we can reach a final point that how much percentage is the covid-19 vaccine is effective. Then we will know how covid-19 positive after taking covid-19 vacciantion.

In the opinion of medical experts, even if 70% effective vaccines also good for us, reason, you know every year we are taking H1, H2 vaccination and it is only 60% effective, yet you know the reality that due to taking vaccination this disease decreased in huge nos. Only very few people are got affecting this disease. Means taking the vaccination can bring a great reduction in any kind of diseases and gradually we can eradicate from the root from the world itself.

You know the rates of H1, H2 patients were big amount before three years of the arrival of these vaccines.Try to know the reality that many patients were used to dying after affecting H1,. H2 and pneumonia and now in this period, these diseases are easily cured and deaths are very less reported.  


So what we should do? just wait for the more results of covid-19 vaccines how much effective as per clinical tests on 1000 people, and we should know one more important thing that, these results will be accurate, cos these tests and experiments are done by great experts and scientists only. We will get accurate and precise results after taking experiments on more people. Before the final tests and results, spreading the wrong and fake news about covid-19 vaccines is not good. 


Let us wait patiently for more days to get more results.  And I recommend to undergo all the vaccines, no vaccines can harm you, vaccines will be produced finally after undergoing all the tests by the experts and scientists only. All the vaccine has a big role in reducing all sorts of diseases, and thus gradually we can be completely free from these sort of diseases. 

Myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines.


The countries who all started giving covid-vaccine already alerted the people that first doze is not enough for their immunity, they have to wait for the best result after 28 days of taking a second dose. This much period they have to be kept safe themselves until their body produces antibody or immunity power. In UAE, they give people allow to mingle with others only after one month of taking Covid-19 Vaccines.


Do we know the reality that the effects of any vaccine will get the result only after 14 days of taking it?  Do you know we take MMR ( Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccination after 12 or 10 months of the baby born? Have you ever think about the reason? The reason is the immunity power of the mother will be present in their baby for 12 months, after that only they have to be taken these vaccines. Measles and Rubella vaccines have 90% protection but Measles vaccines have only 65% effectiveness to prevent the disease,  yet we know this disease nowadays reduced in huge amount, in very rare Measles cases only we are facing. 

Myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines.


So we should know the reality that vaccines are good to prevent the spread of any diseases, it can be reduced and gradually can be eradicated. Even 70 or 60% effective vaccines also we can depend on, but only one thing we should be aware of the side effects. For side effects also Doctors prescribe the medicine. Yet we can trust all the vaccines and we must not miss any vaccines.  That’s why we should trust an 80% accurate vaccine if tried on 70% of the population also can be reduced Covid-19 very effectively. So each of us should not miss the Covid-19 Vaccination.

In conclusion, I suggest your wearing masks, wash your hands and social distance are the only solution at present we have to follow to prevent Covid-19. If you follow these guidelines, you will not get covid-19 positive after covid-19 vaccination. Always try to use an eco-friendly or environmentally friendly mask. Disposable masks are harmful to the earth. I suggest you use a cotton mask for the being, that is eco-friendly and can wash and reuse. Best mask I suggest you buy from Amazon

I hope I could perfectly clear your doubts and myths about How covid-19 got positive after taking covid-19 vacciantion.







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Hello guys, You reached a perfect place to get your favorite organics Products online for you. Hope you already went through my blog and knowing that my article is full of information about the benefits of using Organic Products and Cuisine all prepared by using Organic ingredients.  Also about health and natural way of living. Here I will help you to reach the right place where you can search for your favorite organic products and thus you can prepare healthy and tasty dishes that you have seen in my articles.

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      Easy Beauty Tips for Face at Home

      Easy Beauty Tips for Face at Home | Home Remedies for Beautiful Face | homemade beauty tips for face whitening| Natural face beauty tips


      Easy Beauty Tips for Face at Home
      Easy Beauty Tips for Face at Home 

      In this article, you will get a glance at tips to brighten and bring a glow to your skin. Also Home Remedies for Beautiful Face I brought quick 15 easy tips for your face beauty. The ingredients used in my beauty tips are easily available for you at your home. Take a look and try any of these tips as per your skin type. I will provide you more tips in full detail sooner. These are quite easy beauty tips for the face at Home itself.
       I recommend you before trying these on your face, you should take the allergic test by applying them to another part of your body. If no irritations persist you can go ahead. I am giving you only natural remedies, yet some natural things also sometimes allergic to someone. I myself allergic to Honey. So likewise any of you might have some allergies with natural items, better you check with your skin before applying directly on your face. I suggest you use Natural and Organic products to prepare your facial masks. Do not compromise with your skin. I will provide you links to buy the best products suitable for you in my article.
      1 – To Remove the Blackness from your face. Homemade beauty tips for face whitening
      Ingredients you needed
      1. Milk Powder      –     1 Teaspoon
      2. Cucumber Juice –  2 Teaspoon ( as needed to make mixture )  
      3. Rose Water.       – Few Drops
      Mix all these ingredients together into a paste.  Apply this mixture on the face, keep until it becomes dry well. Then wash it off with lukewarm water or normal water. You can try this mixture on the whole body too. Continue this twice a week.  You will get the result. This will remove the blackness of your skin. Thus will give you glowing skin. Also best homemade beauty tips for face whitening.
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      Product Description –   
      Sow Fresh Grown By Nature Organic Rosewater is USDA certified. It is a 100% vegetarian product, a rich source of antioxidants. It helps to prevent and also treat infections, heals scars, and burns too. Soothes any types of skin irritations if you are facing. This is 100% natural and pure, it is edible, so you can use it as food flavor also.
      Can use it in your makeups, facial packs also can use as your make-up remover too. Treats puffy eyes and headaches. This bottle comes in 250Ml. 
      2- Try this 👇Natural Bleaching Mixture for face
      Ingredients you needed
      1. Tomato juice – 1 teaspoon
      2. Lemon Juice – 1 teaspoon
      3. Rosewater    – Few drops
      These three ingredients mix well and apply on your face and neck, or any of your desired parts of your body. Keep until it becomes dry. Once dry, wipe it off with a damp cotton cloth or wash it off with water. This is one of the effective and quick natural bleaching methods. When you got a sunburn, you can try this once. 
      3 – To get rid of dry skin
      Apply an egg yolk mask on your face with the help of cotton balls. Once it dried, can wash off. Apply this occasionally in the week. The dryness of your skin will vanish and will start to glow. In winter it will give you great relief from dry skin. These are all you can use as Easy Beauty Tips for Face at Home
      4 – To Remove unnecessary marks and spots from your face
      Ingredients you needed-
      1. Honey           – 1 Teaspoon
      2. Lemon Juice – Few drops.
      Mix this mixture well and apply it on your face keep until dries. Wash it off with fresh water., Try this mixture twice a week. Within one month you will get the desired result. It will help you to vanish the marks from your skin.,
      5 – To Remove Sunburn or UV Rays burn marks from face
      1 – Apply cucumber Juice on your face and neck. Wash it off once dried.
      2 – Mix Natural Turmeric powder with few drops of lemon juice and apply on your face and neck, wash it off once it dried.
      3 – You can apply pure milk on your face with the help of cotton balls. After a few minutes wash it off or wipe off. You will get glowing skin and can also remove UV rays. 
      4 – You can apply curd (yogurt) on your face to remove sunburn. It is also effective to prevent dry skin. You will get glowing skin. wash it off once it dried. 
      5. Apply Orange Juice on your face to get rid of UV rays. Or you can keep orange peel powered to apply on your skin. It is effective to remove unwanted marks from your face.
      Natural face beauty tips
      Natural face beauty tips


      6 – To get rid of wrinkled skin.
      1. Mix tomato juice with honey and apply it on the face. Will give you glowing skin and will help to get wrinkle-free skin. Try to apply this mixture twice a week to tighten your skin.
      2. 1 Teaspoon Olive oil mix one egg. Apply this mixture to the face and neck. 
      7 To cure pimples, boils and to remove their marks.


      Mint Leaves for face

      1. Apply Juice of Mint (Pudina) Leaves on your face and keep overnight. Wash off in the morning. It will help you to get rid of Pimples and left marks. 
      2. Squeeze a bunch of Tulsi (Basil) Leaves and take out the juice. Apply this juice on pimples, wash it off once it dried.
      8. To get Soft and Glowing Skin
      Soak 2-3 Almonds and grind into powder mix this powder with milk. Apply this paste on the face before going to bed. Keep overnight, wash it off in the morning. These all items you can avail as Easy Beauty Tips for Face at Home

      Beauty at Home | Natural Beauty Tips | Beauty Tips for face at Home | Home Remedies for Beauty Problems | Body Skin Care Tips |

       Beauty at Home | Natural Beauty Tips | Beauty Tips for face at Home | Home Remedies for Beauty Problems | Body Skin Care Tips |


      Beauty at Home
      Beauty at Home 

      We are in 2020, living in Pandemic Season by fighting with the Covid-19 virus. Knowing the spreading chances of disease, all of us are limited to our outings. Visiting Beauty Parlour is not applicable as we do before. By taking safety measures we can visit Parlour, yet intelligence is better to avoid going outdoor. In this situation, we are in dilemma to maintain our beauty. I always suggest you go natural to maintain your health and body. 
      You know almost all your beauty problems there are plenty of natural remedies, cost-free and chemical-free. Also will not harm your skin and health. But yes, most of us are lazy to follow home remedies and ready to spend huge money on Beauty Parlours and Spa. Stay home and do effective natural remedies Beauty at Home

      Urban Essence Onion Shampoo For Healthy Hair Growth

      But now what happened, we are forced to find out beauty remedies at home for our safety. Otherwise in the name of maintaining beauty, we will receive life-threatening Covid-19 as a gift from others. So better choose your option. 
      Keeping these situations in my mind, inspired me to write an article on Beauty at home and to share the best, effective and easy beauty tips, which you can do yourself indoors. 
      For more information visit my page Easy Beauty Tips for Face

      Beauty at Home | Natural Beauty Tips | Beauty Tips for face at Home | Home Remedies for Beauty Problems | Body Skin Care Tips |

      What is Cassava? | What is Tapioca? | Is Tapioca Healthy? | Benefits of Cassava| Is Tapioca good for weight loss? | What is Tapioca made of? | Cassava for Weight Loss | Side effects of Cassava |

      What is Cassava? | What is Tapioca? | Is Tapioca Healthy? | Benefits of Cassava| Is Tapioca good for weight loss? | What is Tapioca made of? | Cassava for Weight Loss | Side effects of Cassava |

      What is Cassava?

      What is Cassava?

      What is Cassava?

      What is Cassava?

      Do you any idea What is Cassava? Cassava is a tropical root vegetable. Cassava farming you can see plenty in Kerala. It is a tuberous starchy root vegetable. Cassava is the underground root of cassava shrub. The benefits of Cassava are numerous. In this article, you will get to know the exclusive information, knowledge, and recipe of Cassava.

      Cassava is eaten in many parts of India. In Malayalam, it is called “Maracheeni”, “Kolli Kizhangu”, “Kappa” In Telugu “Kavva Pendalam”, In Kannada “Mara Genasu”, In Hindi “Simla Alu”

      Cassava plant leaves also can be used to prepare food. Leaves have higher protein content compared to the roos of cassava nutrients. There are two kinds of Cassava Plants, Sweet and Bitter. Bitter Cassava to be washed and crushed well before they cooked to remove harmful toxins. You can grind the roots of the cassava plants into flour and can be prepared many dishes. Sweet cassavas contain lower levels of Cyanide, you can cook and eat like normal root vegetables. It is well known for its amazing health benefits.

      You can use the cassava plant’s skin as a good exfoliator for your skin. Remove the peels, make a fresh paste, and your facial scrub ready.


      What is Tapioca?

      Tapioca is a gluten-free starch that is extracted from the Cassava Root. It has a neutral flavor and has gelling power, beneficial to thicken your sweets and curries. Even you can use tapioca to thicken your ice-cream recipes.


      Cassava benefits for Skin

      Cassava benefits for Skin

      Face Mask

      Cassava Plant root can be used as a face mask, Make the paste cassava plant. Wash your face with lukewarm water, then apply the cassava mask, wait for the mask to be dried, then wash off, and let your face dry. It will eliminate scars and will give you glowing skin.

      Hydrate the Skin.

      Make paste of cassava roots and mix with some honey or olive oil, few drops of lemon. Apply on your face. It will hydrate your skin and will tone, you will get smooth soft skin.

      Removes scars and spots.

      You can use cassava starch water in healing wounds and scars, You just need to apply gently over the affected area twice a day. It will be completely cured. 

      Benefits for you Hair

      Cassava Can do magical benefits on your hair. It can increase the quality of your hair. It will nourish your hair.

      Makes your hair grow faster.

      I recommend cassava to increase the growth of your hair if you are worried about the slow growth of your hair. Cassava roots and plants both paste will give you the desired result. Apply the paste on your oiled hair, keep it for one hour then rinse off with fresh water. Continue this process at least twice a week, you will get visible results.

      Hair Fall controls.


      Most of the people are facing hair fall problem. For them, cassava is a great help. Cassava paste application on hair will solve the problem quickly and effectively.


      Hair Nourishments.



      Cassava plants can solve the issue. If you are facing a problem with dry and damaged hair, I recommend you to definitely try Cassava plant paste on your hair. It will repair the damage of your hair very effectively.


      Health Benefits of Cassava

      Cassava is an all-rounder beneficial for your health. The tubes and roots of the cassava plants are rich in calories, proteins, fat, carbohydrates, iron, vitamins B and C, and also starch. The leaves of the cassava are a great source of calcium, iron, fats, and protein. These are all enough for the good health of our body and a healthy mind too.

      Helps in losing weight.

      Happy news for those who are looking for weight loss solutions. You substitute cassava with consuming rice and bread. Higher fiber content keep you stay full for a longer period thus it will prevent you from overeating. Meantime it will fulfill all your nutrients which you get from other foods.


      Best for your Digestive System

      The fiber content which is not soluble in water helps in the absorption of toxins that enter into your intestines. Likewise, it keeps your digestive system in a smoother way.

      Helps to Reduce Headaches.

      Headache is a major problem of all among us. Then know the benefit of cassava to treat the headache. 60 grams of cassava roots or leaves soak in water for 2-3 hours, then make fresh juice out of it with the help of a blender. Then consume twice a day. Surprisingly you can experience that your headache vanished. Thus act as the best pain killer too…

      Prevents Cancer

      Life-threatening Cancer diseases can be prevented with Cassava. The content of B17 of the cassava leaves stimulates the content of red blood cells. We all know the loss of red blood leads us to cancer.


      Cures Diarrhea

      Cassava is the best home remedy to treat diarrhea. Put several pieces of cassava in boiling water. Consume this water once it reached room temperature. Drink twice a day, you will get the result.

      Best for your Eyes

      Cassava is fully loaded with Vitamin A, which is important for our eyes. Consuming cassava your eyesight will improve and even you can prevent blindness or poor eyesight in the future.

      Treats Fever

      Stem and leaves of the cassava can treat fever. 400 grams of cassava leaves and 80 grams of the stem and boil by uncovered in one liter of water. Once it reached the half in quantity take it off and let it cool down. Consume this drink to treat fever.

      Cures Rheumatic Diseases

      Cassava leaves highly contain magnesium. Rheumatic diseases like pertaining to the muscles and joints, osteoporosis, arthritis, spondylitis, and lupus can be treated. Magnesium lowers the blood pressure levels thus reduce the chance of rheumatic diseases.  To prepare rheumatic medicine. Take 150 grams of cassava leaves, some lemongrass and salt, and 15 grams of ginger root. Boil all these ingredients together in one liter of water and bring to the quantity of 400ccs. Consume this drink every morning Your rheumatic diseases will start cure.

      Cures Diarrhea

      Cassava is the best home remedy to treat diarrhea. Put several pieces of cassava in boiling water. Consume this water once it reached room temperature. Drink twice a day, you will get the result.

      Best for your Eyes

      Cassava is fully loaded with Vitamin A, which is important for our eyes. Consuming cassava your eyesight will improve and even you can prevent blindness or poor eyesight in the future.

      Treats Fever

      Stem and leaves of the cassava can treat fever. 400 grams of cassava leaves and 80 grams of the stem and boil by uncovered in one liter of water. Once it reached the half in quantity take it off and let it cool down. Consume this drink to treat fever.

      Cures Rheumatic Diseases

      Cassava leaves highly contain magnesium. Rheumatic diseases like pertaining to the muscles and joints, osteoporosis, arthritis, spondylitis, and lupus can be treated. Magnesium lowers the blood pressure levels thus reduces the chance of rheumatic diseases.  To prepare rheumatic medicine. Take 150 grams of cassava leaves, some lemongrass and salt, and 15 grams of ginger root. Boil all these ingredients together in one liter of water and bring to the quantity of 400ccs. Consume this drink every morning Your rheumatic diseases will become a start cure.

      Heal Wounds

      Cassava leaves have the magic healing power of injuries and wounds. Nutrients content is helping in healing wounds. Make a paste with some cassava leaves and some aloe vera gel. Apply this paste on the wound. The stem of cassava also has wound-healing power. On burn, wound use the pulp of cassava and apply daily. It will be completely cured.

      eliminate worms.

      Cassava leaves can eliminate worms present in your intestine. Consuming Cassava supplements or fresh cassava leaves paste can drastically eradicate the nematode infestation (worm related problems) symptoms.

      Restorate Appetite


      Cassava restorative good appetite. When you feel averse towards food. Cassava tea can bring your appetite back. Boil cassava leaves with ginger and makes a concoction drink every morning soon you wake up. Doing this, you can restore your appetite.


      Helpful For Pregnant Women

      Vitamin C and Folate which needed for Pregnant Women are rich in cassava. 15 percent of your required folate and 47 percent of the calcium you can gain from a cup of cassava. If you did not like the cassava’s bland taste, you can chop the leaves and cook along with any of your favorite dishes and can consume. likewise, you can meet the requirement.


      Cures kwashiorkor


      The lysine protein content of cassava leaves is perfect for fighting against Kwashiorkor, which disease is caused by protein deficiency. Attention to cook the leaver properly, otherwise, it can be harmful to you. Before cooking the tuber and leaves of cassava it must be washed thoroughly. Otherwise harmful poison cyanide present in the cassava will harm you.


      Boosts your Immunity

      Vitamin C and folate content of cassava leaves are enough to increase your strong immune system. We all know very well about the role of  Vitamin C in our bodies. Yes, it helps immunity power by fighting the virus and bacteria. For bone health Vitamin C much needed. Also play as an antioxidant, which eliminates free radicals present in our body. Cell production in our body done by Folate.

      Energy Booster and Smooth Brain Function

      Carbohydrates in the Cassava helps in boosting our energy. Add cassava in your diet, your brain will start work more efficiently. 80 % or carbohydrates you can gain from one meal. This amount is enough for the smooth function of your brain.

      Improves Nerve Health

      It is proven by experts that for a balanced nervous system cassava flour how much important. It can relieve your mental stress and anxiety. Try to know how much cassava helps in good mental health as well as physical health.

      Provides Healthy Muscles

      The protein content of Cassava flour maintains healthy muscles. It nourishes your tissues also. 2 grams of protein is enough for your healthy muscles.


      Regulates Blood Pressure

      Cassava flour has the magical power to lower your blood pressure. Due dietary fiber content we can regulate the Blood Pressure

      Fewer chances of diseases.

      Cassava flour is rich in copper and magnesium, it is essential to promote a healthy lifestyle. This lowers the chances of many diseases. One cup of cassava flour is enough for your daily requirement.

      Ingredients contained in one cup of Cassava


      Total Fat.
      1 Gram
      0 Percent
      29 Grams
      78 Grams
      Dietary Fibre
      4 Grams
      4 Grams
      3 Grams

      What is Tapioca above I have mentioned as it is a gluten-free starch which is extracted from the Cassava Root. It has lesser nutrition value. Do not misunderstand Tapioca as Cassava Root flour. 

      Side effects of Cassava

      Excessive consumption of this plant will lead you to reach its side effects, beware of it. Some of the Side effects are mentioning here for you”:

      A toxin called linamarin is contained in raw cassava. This toxin converts into cyanide by human digestive systems, which is proved fatal.

      Cassava roots are so quickly rotting, it will lead to a reduction of nutritional contents. Fungal and bacterial infections also cause.

      The toxins contained in cassava can affect the pituitary gland and can disturb the smooth function of the liver and kidneys.

      But you have nothing to be scared about this plant if you are cooking the cassava by peeling and cleaning well. You should consume it and receive healthy factors from it. Toxins will be flush out easily when you clean and cook.

      I will bring tasty and healthy recipes with the Cassava sooner for you.

      Enjoy the taste of Cassava and gain full health benefits from it. And of course, I would like to hear opinions and suggestions from you.

      What is Corn Silk? Benefits of Corn Hair (Silk).| How to use Corn Silk? Corn Silk Magical Uses.

       What is Corn Silk? Benefits of Corn Hair (Silk).| How to use Corn Silk? Corn Silk Magical Uses.


      Benefits of Corn Hair (Silk)

      Benefits of Corn Hair (Silk)



      What is Corn Silk?

      Corn Silk or Corn hair is a shiny smooth silk type thread that grows as part of the Corncobs. We normally discard this part along with its leafy skins, it has lots of medicinal benefits that we do not know exactly. In traditional Chinese and Native American Medicine, corn silk has been using since centuries back.  Corn Silk still used in many countries.

      In this article, you are going to know exclusive information about Corn Silk, its uses, benefits, etc.


      Corn Silk

      Corn Silk


      Amazing Benefits of Corn Hair (Silk)

      Corn Silk contains carbohydrates, Vitamins, proteins, minerals, and fiberCorn Silk contains many health-beneficial compounds that may treat various ailments, such as prostate problems, malaria, heart diseases, and urinary tract infections, etc. Recent research proved that it may also effective to reduce Cholesterol, Blood pressure, Blood Sugar, and types of Inflammation. This stringy fiber contains magnesium, which regulates your inflammatory response.

      Corn Silk can be consumed fresh or often dried by adding in tea or can be taken as a pill. Dried Corn Skin and Corn Pills are easily available in stores.


      It is a good antioxidant.

      Antioxidant plants can protect our body’s cells against oxidative stress. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and inflammation mainly caused by oxidative. It contains a high amount of flavonoid antioxidants.

      Corn silk may be an effective treatment for high blood pressure.

      This plant helps the elimination of excess fluid from our body, normally to reduce blood pressure natural alternative is prescribed, it can play the role of natural diuretics.

      From the medical studies, 40 people with high blood pressure were given this supplement and they could reduce the good amount of blood pressure quickly. Researches also proved that it can reduce LDL ( bad cholesterol) and can increase HDL which is considered as good cholesterol

      Although researches are indicating the health benefits of consuming Corn Silk, more studies are still needed.

      Consumption Dosage to be followed:

      Dosage recommendations are depending on age, health status, and structure of the individual.

      AS Corn Silk is nontoxic we can consume on a daily basis as 4.5 grams per pound of body weight (10 grams per Kg)

      Corn Silk Supplements recommend 400-450 mg can be consumed 2-3 times per day, preferably to start with a low dose to make sure your body is not allergic against this, then gradually you can increase the dosage.

      You can consume fresh, dried, or in the form of pills. Few Fresh Corn Silk put in a pan, add two glasses of water, let it boil, and bring to the quantity of one glass. By doing this, the essence of the Corn Skin will reach the water, then consume this water hot or cold as per your wish.

      Preparation of Corn Tea:


      Dry or fresh corn silk
      Lemon juice


      * Boil the water for some time.

      * Add corn silk atop in the boiling water.

      * Let it boil for a few minutes and steep for a few minutes.

      * This will turn into a brown liquid. Strain and serve the tea. You can have it both cold and warm.

      * If you want it sweet or sour
      You can add few drops of lime or honey


      Side effects and Safety:

      Corn Silk is generally non-toxic and safe for most people.

      Excess consumption can decrease potassium level in the blood this will cause skin rashes, itching, and allergies.

      Special care to be taken in pregnancy and breast-feeding- Corn Silk safe for them yet, should take care of the amount of consumption. If consume excess miscarriage can happen. Diabetic patients too should consume in recommended level, otherwise will cause lower blood sugar, which is not good all at once.

      Some people found skin allergies like rashes, itching, red skin while applying creams that contain Corn Skin. Those people should avoid the usage of these creams and lotions. 



      Surprising Benefits of Taro Root or Colocasia (Arbi, Chembu )

       Surprising Benefits of Taro Root or Colocasia (Arbi, Chempu )

      Benefits of Taro Root or Colocasia

      Benefits of Taro Root or Colocasia

      There are numerous surprising benefits in Colocasia (Taro Root) In Malayalam “Chempu”, and in Hindi “Arbi”, in Telugu “Chamakoora”. 
      Keralite’s favourite vegetable is Tapioca. Colocasia also in the category of Tapioca. Normally we are not taking interest in preparing dishes with colocasia, as we are unaware of the surprising benefits. Here I am going to give you briefly about the benefits of Colocasia. 

      Benefits of Taro Root or Colocasia

      Benefits of Taro Root or Colocasia


      Do you know Colocasia is one of the highly nutritious food? The digestion of these vegetables is more than compared to other root vegetable. It is full of fibre, these fibres help in quick digestion. Colocasia can be easily grown in our garden. There is edible colocasia and also some colocasia are not edible. 
      We do not know the benefits of Colocasia yet. Let me explain the benefits in detail. You know colocasia can work miracle in stop ageing. It will keep you younger. I am sure by listening to this definitely you will start to consume this miraculous vegetable, cos we all do not want to become old. Colocasia contains many elements which can control ageing, it contains lots of carbohydrate and good calories. You can use this vegetable as medicine for diarrhoea. 
      It is rich in Vitamin A. Consuming Colocasia helps in controlling dandruff and hair fall. It contains Vitamin C, you know well about the importance of Vitamin C for our health. It is good for our immunity. Colocasia plays a good role in controlling our mental conditions. It will reduce your depression and any sort of worries to a great extent. It helps in the maintenance of cholesterol, controls heart attack. It contains a good amount of Sodium, Magnesium and Potassium this controls our Blood Pressure also.
      We are not giving much importance to this miraculous vegetable. The magic of controlling cholesterol and fat is great about colocasia. It stops dangerous and pandemic diseases. Means to increase your immunity power, consuming colocasia is very important. It is a beneficial food for Diabetic Patients. the fibre content helps to control the glucose level in the blood. This will lessen the chance of becoming diabetic. Who all want to increase the body weight, consume colocasia on a daily basis. The high amount of starch helps in easy digestion. 
      Helpful for healthy hair even you can control becoming bald. In preventing Cancer diseases Colocasia plays an important role. Great Vitamin A, C and other elements can kill cancer cells. Consuming Colocasia helping you to control your mind naturally. It relaxes your mind to a great extent. It helps in decreasing the fat and thus your heart becomes healthy.  Helps to reduce Hypertension. I pointed out one thing that it controls early ageing. The content of beta carotin, magnesium, calcium these all help in control ageing. It will keep you younger. 
      The leaves of the colocasia are also nutritious. You can prepare many dishes with colocasia and the leaves of colocasia. 
      Think about the natural and traditional food are always healthy and we ignore the benefits, we follow artificial and unnatural food for our convenience. As we are not ready to accept the benefits of this natural food. this is the reality and we all lazy to cook natural food as its a bit time taking and difficult in cooking. We have a tendency to cook instant food, and inviting dangerous diseases. These are what we all doing in our busy lives. But think wisely, and change your healthy habits and come back to nature so that you can keep yourself healthy, fit and disease-free.