Covid-19 Vaccination – All You should Know the Do’s and Don’ts!

 Covid-19 Vaccination – You should Know!  Covid vaccine update today, Free vaccinations near me | Walk-in immunization clinics near me | Covid Vaccine near me

Covid-19 Vaccination - You should Know the Do's and Don'ts!
Covid-19 Vaccination – You should Know the Do’s and Don’ts!

Covid-19 Vaccination – Covid Vaccine – Covid Vaccine near me,  Free vaccinations near me

Free Vaccination near to you depends on the state or territory where you live to know the covid-19 vaccines are to distribute. In my article, you will get to know the process of distribution of Covid-19 Vaccine. 
Below the article, you can find the websites links  To know the Covid-19 health information in United State of America .
Covid-19 Vaccination – You should Know the Do’s and Don’ts!

  • Covid-19 Vaccine will be given to only 18 and above aged people.

  • In the First phase, Health Workers will get Vaccinated.

  • In the second phase Police, Central Army, Soldiers, Municipal Workers, Revenue Staff like prior workers will get vaccinated.

  • In the third phase 50 year, aged people and below 50 aged people who have other diseases will get vaccinated.

  • In phase by phase, only ordinary people will receive vaccines.

  • People who have allergic issues, Pregnant women, and Breast Feeding mothers should never accept Vaccination.

  • People who have Covid-19 symptoms, Sars, Cove 2, monoclonal antibody or convalescent plasma receivers or any severely diseased patients, and hospitalized patients are, once they cured and discharged from the hospital can accept Covid-19 Vaccination after 4-8 weeks.

  • Those who all having issues of excess bleeding or blood clotting should take precautions before taking the covid-19 vaccine.

  • Patients who previously infected with covid-19, Patients of heart, nerve, lungs, kidney diseases, cancer patients, immunity dis balancing conditioned patients, HIV patients are allowed to accept covid-19 vaccination.

  • For those who are about to take any other vaccines, it can be taken after 14 days of Covid-19 vaccinated.

  • Never take different vaccines. This means, the covid vaccine you have taken at the first dose, the second dose also should be of that same company vaccine.

  • after taking the first dose, give a gap of 28 days then the only second dose can be taken.

  • After taking the second dose of vaccination, after14 days, your body will acquire immunity.

  • Take attention even if you have been vaccinated, you should wear the mask and keep hand hygienic and should keep social distance too.

  • The injected area can have hardness, pain, headache, fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain, or any other sort of body restlessness, temperature, shivering, nausea can be experienced after vaccination. 

These are just normal side effects, you do no need to worry about these. These reactions are the signs of your body gaining immunity power. If these symptoms going to excess level, then visit your nearest health centre or contact the Nodal Officer of the vaccination centre as early as possible.

Remember Covid-19 vaccination is a milestone for Covid-19 (Corona Virus)
Attention and take care:-

Once after we all get vaccinated we should continue to keep wear mask, wash our hands and also should keep social distancing until all the nations become immunized to fight against covid -19.

Covid-19 Vaccination – Covid Vaccine – Covid Vaccine near me, Free Vaccinations near  me

NB: Please do not skip Covid-19 Vaccination! It’s for our Future Healthy Safe World.
To know the Covid-19 health information in United State of America. Covid Vaccine near me.

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How got Covid-19 positive after taking Covid-19 Vaccination? Myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines.

 How got Covid-19 positive after taking Covid-19 Vaccination? Myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines |

Myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines.

How affected Covid-19 positive after taking Covid-19 Vaccination?

In this article, I am going to explain some myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines. There are lots of doubts going on in our minds about covid-19 vaccines and How got covid-19 positive after taking covid-19 vaccination.


Recently we all went through shocking news that Haryana Health Minister got Covid-19 positive even after taking the Covid-19 vaccination. Reason for getting Covid-19 Positive even after vaccination? Hearing this news all of us are in confusion, how come this happened? and what these vaccines are not safe for us? or should do we keep ourselves away from covid-19 vaccination? etc…


In social media, this news oh how got covid-19 positive after taking covid-19 vaccination? has been widely spread and people having perplexed minds.  To come out from these confusions I thought to share the valuable knowledge which I came to know from medical experts to share with my readers.

 Myths and Facts about the covid vaccine.

First of all, let us think about what is the reason for infection covid-19 even after vaccination? Are there chances to infect? And is it compulsory to take Covid-19 Vaccination? etc…These are the doubts you are going to be cleared from my article. 

How got Covid-19 positive after taking Covid-19 Vaccination?

How got Covid-19 positive after taking Covid-19 Vaccination?


Do you know that in India covid-19 vaccine’s Clinical Trial only going on? That means just a clinical trial, not the final step to eradicate the disease. This fact you all should know very clearly. In a more clear definition, I say these vaccines are not proven 100% effective. Almost all countries are experimenting with this clinical trial only.

Now let us know about what is the meaning of a clinical trial in detail. Clinical trials categorized into three parts. 

1. In clinical trial 1, the vaccines which are tested in labs will be sent to be tested on animals.

2. Then in the second clinical trial, these tested vaccines go to experiment on a small population, approximately 100 – 200 or below 1000 people. This is clinical trial 2

3. Now comes clinical trial 3, in this stage, tested vaccines are to be an experiment on more than 1000 people.


In this third stage of the clinical trial also there is a division of two categories. That means only 50 percent of the people are given the original vaccines and the rest of the 50 people are only getting just a normal medicine to make them relax, that they have been given the proper vaccine. These are happening in almost all types of the vaccination process.

After 2-3 months of giving the first clinical trial these two sections of people are undergone to observation whether they are getting the covid-19 or not and if anyone got covid-19 positive, then how much antibody produced in the blood of their body.


Now let us think about the covid-19 affected Haryana Health Minister, how he got affected even after getting covid-19 vaccination? He got his first vaccination doze on 20th November 2020. We all know covid-vaccination dozes are given in two doses.  After the first doze gives 28 days gap and then second dozes are to be taken.

All the countries are following this method only. Here what happened, before taking the second dose Health minister got Covid-19 positive. And secondly, even after taking the second dose also after 14 days, only the body will start to produce immunity power. 


This reality bears it in your mind. This is a fact of almost all the vaccines that after taking the vaccine, it will take two weeks to gain immunity power. Here is Minister’s case also none other than the same happened. He got positive 10 days after taking the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. In context, keep it in your mind that, we cannot say he got affected due to the failure of the Covid-19 vaccine. 


This is the first reason, now secondly almost all the pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Moderna, Covax, Sputnik V,, etc says that some vaccines are 98% effective, some are 96% effective, etc. like we are hearing in the daily news. One important thing to be noticed that this news is spread after experimenting on 100 or 200 people only. Due to this reality, now we are no one to judge 90 or 99 % of the effectiveness of these vaccines yet. 


Myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines.

We need great patience at the moment, we have to wait for the best result after trialing in 1000 or more that no peoples. We have to wait for the result of no side effects happening, how many vaccines are effective? how many doses to be taken? are there any medical issues happening to aged people? how are children reacting to these vaccines? These all facts we still have to know in detail. 


These perfect results to be gain only after experimenting on 1000 people, that’s what I repeat, we need big patience to get the final result. After this trial only we can reach a final point that how much percentage is the covid-19 vaccine is effective. Then we will know how covid-19 positive after taking covid-19 vacciantion.

In the opinion of medical experts, even if 70% effective vaccines also good for us, reason, you know every year we are taking H1, H2 vaccination and it is only 60% effective, yet you know the reality that due to taking vaccination this disease decreased in huge nos. Only very few people are got affecting this disease. Means taking the vaccination can bring a great reduction in any kind of diseases and gradually we can eradicate from the root from the world itself.

You know the rates of H1, H2 patients were big amount before three years of the arrival of these vaccines.Try to know the reality that many patients were used to dying after affecting H1,. H2 and pneumonia and now in this period, these diseases are easily cured and deaths are very less reported.  


So what we should do? just wait for the more results of covid-19 vaccines how much effective as per clinical tests on 1000 people, and we should know one more important thing that, these results will be accurate, cos these tests and experiments are done by great experts and scientists only. We will get accurate and precise results after taking experiments on more people. Before the final tests and results, spreading the wrong and fake news about covid-19 vaccines is not good. 


Let us wait patiently for more days to get more results.  And I recommend to undergo all the vaccines, no vaccines can harm you, vaccines will be produced finally after undergoing all the tests by the experts and scientists only. All the vaccine has a big role in reducing all sorts of diseases, and thus gradually we can be completely free from these sort of diseases. 

Myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines.


The countries who all started giving covid-vaccine already alerted the people that first doze is not enough for their immunity, they have to wait for the best result after 28 days of taking a second dose. This much period they have to be kept safe themselves until their body produces antibody or immunity power. In UAE, they give people allow to mingle with others only after one month of taking Covid-19 Vaccines.


Do we know the reality that the effects of any vaccine will get the result only after 14 days of taking it?  Do you know we take MMR ( Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccination after 12 or 10 months of the baby born? Have you ever think about the reason? The reason is the immunity power of the mother will be present in their baby for 12 months, after that only they have to be taken these vaccines. Measles and Rubella vaccines have 90% protection but Measles vaccines have only 65% effectiveness to prevent the disease,  yet we know this disease nowadays reduced in huge amount, in very rare Measles cases only we are facing. 

Myths and Facts about Covid-19 Vaccines.


So we should know the reality that vaccines are good to prevent the spread of any diseases, it can be reduced and gradually can be eradicated. Even 70 or 60% effective vaccines also we can depend on, but only one thing we should be aware of the side effects. For side effects also Doctors prescribe the medicine. Yet we can trust all the vaccines and we must not miss any vaccines.  That’s why we should trust an 80% accurate vaccine if tried on 70% of the population also can be reduced Covid-19 very effectively. So each of us should not miss the Covid-19 Vaccination.

In conclusion, I suggest your wearing masks, wash your hands and social distance are the only solution at present we have to follow to prevent Covid-19. If you follow these guidelines, you will not get covid-19 positive after covid-19 vaccination. Always try to use an eco-friendly or environmentally friendly mask. Disposable masks are harmful to the earth. I suggest you use a cotton mask for the being, that is eco-friendly and can wash and reuse. Best mask I suggest you buy from Amazon

I hope I could perfectly clear your doubts and myths about How covid-19 got positive after taking covid-19 vacciantion.







What is Natural Ventilator or Prone Ventilation? Do you know the benefit of a Natural Ventilator?

What is Natural Ventilator or Prone Ventilation? Do you know the benefit of a Natural Ventilator?

What is Natural Ventilator or Prone Ventilation?
Photo courtesy
Natural Ventilation is one of the best ventilators. You might not hear about it from any medical experts.  Here I will explain how can you get natural ventilation from your home without spending any penny from your pocket. Basically, it is called “PRONE VENTILATION”. Prone Ventilation means a Prone Position. Mechanical ventilation also given in prone positions.

Without Mechanical Ventilation you can take Prone position Ventilation at your home. This will increase the oxygen absorption of your lungs. One Important matter I assure you, Prone Ventilation is 70% effective than Mechanical Ventilation.
You note down this important point that free of cost Natural Ventilator is 70% effective than compared to Mechanical Ventilator which you have to pay 10,000 to 50,000 per day. 
Come on let us know What is this Prone Ventilation? Prone Ventilation is principally the name of a lying position, which recommends for the patient who has difficulty in breathing.
Let the patient lay on the bed on his tummy, keep a pillow underneath his head, two pillows underneath his tummy, and two pillows underneath his legs. Lying down in this position for 30-45 minutes, the patient’s capacity for oxygen absorption starts to increase and he can breathe easily.
If every 6 hours let them lay in Prone Position for 30-45 minutes, you can give them a 70% better result than the Mechanical Ventilators. 

Second matter if you are not affected by Coronavirus what should you do, to protect yourself. We already heard from WHO, AIMS, and other health experts that your weak immunity power is the reason for diseases, and boosting your immunity power is the best prevention method. Yes, it is absolutely right. You have to increase your immunity power. 

Citrus Fruits
Citrus Fruits

How can you increase your Immunity power? Daily you have to consume  0.2mg Vitamin C from fruits or in a natural way. You know from where you will get this 0.2mg vitamin C? It is very easy, you will get this quantity if you consume 3 nos. of Mangoes or one Guava fruit or 2 nos. of Oranges. From these fruits, any of the fruit you daily eat at preferably early morning on an empty stomach.

If you go for vegetable 4 nos. of tomatoes along with one cucumber also will provide your 0.2mg Vitamin C. It will keep your immunity system stronger. Along with this if you could practice breathing exercises it will give you good benefits. 

Third matter, if unfortunately you got affected by a coronavirus, you will start getting worried. First of all, relax stay at home, do not rush for medicines or to hospitals. If you have any symptoms of Fever, cold, and breathing issues you can practice Prone Ventilation.

And If you follow the methods which I am going to explain here, within 3 days your positive test will turn to negative. 

What you should do, read carefully. 

Depends on your body weight you have to follow the method. suppose your weight is 60KG. Divide your body weight with 10. 

Day 1

Divide your body weight with 10. Eg. 60/10=6

SixGlasses of Coconut Water.
Six Glasses of any Citrus Fruit Juice. (Orange, Mosambi, Lemon, pineapple, grapefruit, etc) For the whole day.

Do not eat anything.

Day 2

Divide your body weight with  20. Eg. 60/20=3

Three Glasses of Coconut Water
Three Glasses of any Citrus Fruit Juice. (Orange, Mosambi, Lemon, pineapple, grapefruit, etc)

One drink in the morning and one drink at lunch
At night 
Multiply your body weight 5. Eg 60×5=300gm.
Consume 300 gm tomatoes along with cucumber. This is your dinner.

Day 3

Divide your body weight by 30. Eg. 60/30=2

For Morning. 
Two Glasses of Coconut Water

Two Glasses of any Citrus Fruit Juice. (Orange, Mosambi, Lemon, pineapple, grapefruit, etc)

For lunch
Multiply your body weight 5. Eg 60×5=300gm.

Consume 300 gm tomatoes along with cucumber.

Hopefully, you will recover by evening. By following the above-mentioned diet, your body’s immunity power increased better and your body will start to expel the virus easily and you will be tested negative.

For Dinner
If you wish to eat solid food, you can take some boiled vegetables.

Finally, once again let me remind you what I explained. 

First of all, practice the Prone Ventilation System in need. Second follow the immunity assisting food method. And the third one is how to recover from COVID-19 easily by following the juice diet.

Stay Home, Stay Healthy.

7 Dangers you should know about the Hand Sanitizers!

7 Dangers you should know about the Hand Sanitizers!


7 Dangers you should know about the Hand Sanitizers!

7 Dangers you should know about the Hand Sanitizers!

7 Dangers you should know about the Hand Sanitizers!

Hand Sanitizer took part in our life in this pandemic season! We should follow the personal hygiene systems very well. 

In keeping us hygienic and keeping away from viruses, hand sanitizer plays a big role. Do you know there are dangers also hidden in hand sanitizers? Still, a few of us are unaware of the risk factors of Hand Sanitizers. In this article, I planned to share my knowledge with you, which I gathered from the experts.
You Know, when your body exposed to viruses then only your body will learn how to protect from viruses. I explain here  7 major dangers of using Hand Sanitizers on a regular basis. 

1. Immunity power decrease in the people who use hand sanitizers frequently, especially children.
2. There are two types of hand sanitizers. One category is alcohol-based and another without alcohol. Alcohol-based is more popular nowadays. In Lockdown days we might hear much news that people died by consuming hand sanitizers. Do you try to know the reason, because in sanitizer methane alcohol or isopropyl alcohol are used? When these chemicals enter our body it results in many hazards.

3. And another category of Hand Sanitizer, which we use is without alcohol. This type of Hand Sanitizer chemical called triclosan is used mainly. You know this chemical is commonly used in pesticides. These chemicals when comes to contact with skin. It will affect the muscles and will cause thyroid reactions. So you should be aware of the ingredients included in the hand sanitizers always

4. We know some people have the tendency to use hand sanitizers before eating food.  While eating food these chemicals reach inside and will affect our immune system very badly.  We know there are lots of fragrance hand sanitizers also available. For fragrance, mainly they use synthetic fragrance. You know this will cause genetic changes in children. 
5. Hand sanitizers are highly inflammable because you do not operate a gas stove soon after applying hand sanitizers.

6. you should not clean your masks with hand sanitizers. it will cause nausea and allergic to you.

7. When you Keep hand sanitizers in the car, make sure the bottle tightly closed. The reason is, the gas in the hand sanitizer with the heat of a closed car converts to poisonous gas. And will create many health issues in you.

This doesn’t mean you should completely stop using hand sanitizer.  I suggest you, Water and soap are the best and safest option to keep your hands hygienic and to wash off the virus easily.  You can depend on Hand Sanitizers, only when there is an unavailability of soap and water. For example, when you enter or coming out of a building, when you use public transports you can use it. to clean your office tables, mobile, and other accessories also you can use hand sanitizers. 

                           ❤Stay Home, Stay Healthy.

Are you Panic about COVID-19 Positive? Get rid of fear from Coronavirus?

Get rid of fear from Coronavirus?

Are you Panic about COVID-19 Positive? 

How can you get rid of fear about Coronavirus?

How can you get rid of fear from Coronavirus?

In today’s article, I decided to discuss a few soothing words in this pandemic season with my readers. This knowledge I have collected from many medical experts’ own experiences. How can you get rid of fear from Coronavirus?

First of all, let me explain 80% of  COVID-19 patients will not have visible symptoms if they are having mild effects of coronavirus.  Slight cold or cough, loss of food taste only can be seen in them, and these issues automatically recover too and also can be tested negative soon.
The rest 20% of patient’s disease goes severe and only 2% are dying. In this case, you do not need to worry about coronavirus. Your Immune system will cure the virus attack. You can get rid of fear from coronavirus.
You all be aware that in certain seasons we get cold, cough, body pain, and fever. And these all are very common and every year we get these diseases. Same as these common colds, COVID-19 too catches us and cures too, we will not even know when we got the disease and when it cured.
If you felt coronavirus affected you, from some symptoms like, loss of food taste, body pain, mild cough, and cold, you do not need to worry. Just relax, don’t be panic, take some home remedies which we do for normal cold and cough, such as homeopathy, ayurvedic, inhaling steam anything like that.
Also can take paracetamol. No need to inform everyone and rush to the hospital for testing and all. Silently you keep yourself in quarantine, wear masks all the time at home, start doing all by yourself, avoid depending on family members for any of your personal needs. 
If you go for the COVID-19 test and you will start panicking if your tests are positive. Do you know, then what all physical changes happen to your body? Your breathing will start to become slow, then your lungs will be filled with carbon dioxide, then it will cause breathlessness and short breath and thus lungs will go weak. 
Being panic will decrease the level of recovery. Then disease will reach its worst condition. So better, take it as a silly thing, simply follow home medicine, and do keep a distance from everyone. 

Attention! not to become a virus carrier for others. Even if it is Covid-19,  you can see by following simple medication, within one week your symptoms will vanish and you can be completely cured easily. 
Next thing when should you take it seriously and carefully? When you feel a high fever, which is not responding to medicine, cough highly increased, feeling breathing difficulty, then only you need to undergo doctor supervision and take the x-ray, blood tests, scanning, etc. These conditions happen for very few patients. 

Breath difficulty can be categorized into two types. In the first category breathing difficulty happens when mucus fills in the lungs. How can you identify which type of breathing difficulty you are having?
If breathing difficult due to mucus, you can feel a murmuring sound in your lungs, cough will increase, breathing difficulty, high temperature, and mucus starts to emit through coughing. These types of patients should reach the hospital sooner. 

The second category of breath difficulty is emotional short breath. This category of breath happens when we start worrying and panic, and our breathing speed decrease suddenly, and this will lead carbon-dioxide to enter the lungs easily.
Soon it will become difficult to breathe with the lack of oxygen. Then just take a deep breath and relax it can be cured. Having an emotional short-breath you don’t need to worry about and to rush to the hospital. Relax and take a deep breath, it will become normal.

Are you Panic about COVID-19 Positive?

Are you Panic about COVID-19 Positive?

Aged People

Another thing, in media we used to listen every time that infection chances in aged people are higher than adults, especially about 60 plus aged people. And in this fear, we all gave them worries and controlling more. And they themself in the stage of panic and mental pressure. 

We all know well that strengthening our immunity is the main precaution to be taken against coronavirus. Think about what is Immunity? A defense system of our body that can protect us from toxic bacterias and viruses.  

The persons who get colds and cough every month, we can say they are in the category of less immunity power. The chances of a virus attack of the people in this category are very easy. Children and adults due to following the wrong lifestyle their immunity system is very poor. We should take care of them more. 

Do you know the reality is  60 plus aged people have stronger immunity power than adults? You can be noticed them, they do not become sick as quickly as new generation adults. Aged people lived in a natural world and their food was natural, they got stronger immunity from their time. Also their lifestyle very disciplined and hygienic. They go for a walk, they don’t eat junk food, not having any stress, etc.

So obviously we can judge those old persons have the best immunity. Due to the best immunity, coronavirus will not touch them. Even if affected them, yet it will come and go like a normal cold and cough very quickly. 

So do not misjudge aged people are more prone to coronavirus. Even if they are having BP, diabetes, yet they are out of danger. Yes, there are risks for them, if they are already having major heart problems, cancer, kidney issues, like any sort of these serious health issues, and who all having too many medicines daily. For them virus infection is higher and once got attack, recovery will become tougher than normal people. These are the people who are including in a dangerous category.

Once again I give you a console, Don’t be scared, there is nothing to worry about coronavirus. Within one week to ten days, it will cure automatically, everything will be fine. You can get rid of fear from coronavirus. so take care of yourself, follow the health workers’ advice don’t be panic, don’t rush to the hospital in the beginning stage. 

Stay Home, Stay Healthy.

What should you do if you are tested positive for COVID-19? 5 Quick way to cure COVID-19.

What should you do if you are tested positive for COVID-19?

Did you think about supposing you tested positive for the coronavirus, what all steps you have to take? Keep it in your mind you can cure your COVID-19 completely in a quick way. 

Here I am going to give you 5 beneficial information for your speedy recovery

First of all, never be panic or do not fear for the illness. Relax and start doing some home remedies which I am going to explain here. 

Sleep well 7-9 hours. Sleeping is the best tonic for your speedy recovery. While we sleeping cytokine named chemical produced in our body. This chemical helps in controlling inflammation and infections. Thus sleeping plays an important role in our health. Taking rest is a very important step.

Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet

Another attention to be taken in your food. You should have a balanced diet. In measurement wise balanced food means 65% of carbohydrates, 15% protein, 20% fat should be included in your food. This balanced diet is the best immunity to your health.

The third one is you should include citric fruits like lemon, orange, amla (gooseberry), papaya, guava, etc in your food habit. These all fruits containing Vitamin C in good quantity. By eating these fruits you can prevent this disease. Eat Vitamin A food such as milk, egg, carrot, leafy vegetables. From this food you can gain immunity power.


The fourth important thing is to drink plenty of water. Water can flush out viruses easily through urine. Try to drink at least 3 liters of freshwater daily. 

The next thing is if you are willing to do exercise, try to do it at least for half an hour mild exercises. Three times a day for 10 minutes also enough. It can make your blood to reach all your organs. Blood and oxygen circulation will become free flow. If your body fit for exercise then only should do. 

Now lets us think about 5 habits to be avoided this time.

1. Avoid drinking alcohol completely. It will make your body dehydrated, will spoil your liver. 

2. Due to affecting specifically lungs by Covid-19, you should quit smoking. 

3. Stop eating junk food.

4. Avoid drinking sweet soft drinks. When you drink sweet soft drinks, it will cause blood sugar levels to increase, and thus infection chances will rise-up.  

5. Last and finally again advising, be away from depression. Depression will give chances to increase the infection. Because when we are in worry and in depression, our body will start to produce cortisol, due to which you get more chances for infection. So keep yourself calm always. Find out interesting things like reading, gardening, listen to music, drawing or involve in any kind of thing which you like. 

Keeping your mind stress free is the best medicine for your speedy recovery. And try to understand that COVID-19 is completely curable if you follow these 5 important things and avoid 5 wrong things. So try to follow these when your tests got positive.

Now let me suggest to you, when should you meet health workers and hospitals? Whenever you feel difficulty in breathing or stiffness in respiration or any color change in your skin or hands, without wasting single seconds try to contact your nearest health clinic or hospital.

If you feel fever eat paracetamol tablet 650 Mg every 6 hours. For children give 50 mg paracetamol. Taking steam in between 3-4 hours a day is very beneficial. Inhaling steam is a better way to kill coronavirus. Try to Drink only warm water. 

Do not forget to share these important messages with your dear and near ones. We Know many corona positive people are still between us, worrying about what to do and what not to do. 

Stay Home, Stay Healthy.

How to save your lungs? COVID-19-Coronavirus- Helpful Knowledge from Medical Experts

How to save your lungs? COVID-19-Coronavirus- Helpful Knowledge from Medical Experts.


In this pandemic disease period, all of us are very curious to know, how can we protect our lungs or save our lungs? And we all know coronavirus affects the respiratory system of human beings and the majority of the death causes respiratory disease due to viruses.

Let us know how can we prevent viruses from affecting our lungs, here I will give you a list of 15 important points to be noted. Will explain each point step by step. How to save your lungs?

Asthma Patient
Asthma Patient

Another common doubt that, do asthma patients have to worry about coronavirus? How it will affect them? Are there more chances for them to catch the virus? What all protection to be followed while using inhaler by asthma patients and  COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) patients and who all using oxygen at home. What all sorts of health measures to be taken by them, will be explained here.

First of all, we have to quit smoking completely.  We all know very well that smoking how much injurious for our lungs.  it is compulsory to quit smoking in this pandemic period. Do you know yearly 8 million smokers are dying all over the world? Lung cancer due to smoking is the death reason. If you are unable to practice stopping smoking, take help from counseling or de-addiction centers.

We know we have two lungs, even 70% is fine, yet we can live, that’s y smokers’ health problem quickly not visible. But this lungs issue worsen, when any of the respiratory diseases affect you, 70% of working lungs will become worst and will lead you to serious condition. 

Now let us think about asthma patients, asthma is an allergic disease. Some got allergic to pollen, some of the others allergic to dust, animal hair, moisture weather, cold-like anything can be the reason of asthma.

Asthma patients should keep away from these triggers. Triggers might be any specific medicine, food, animal hair, pollen, dust, and anything. Now the answer to the question, Do asthma patients have a high risk of coronavirus? the answer is NO. For asthma patients, the corona effect is just like any normal person. Who has a very severe attack of asthma, their recovery period will be slower than normal patients. To recover the COVID-19, they have to fight with the virus a little bit longer than others? 


Lungs we have one on the right side and one on the left side. It takes a very important role in keeping us alive. There are three lobes inside the lung’s ribs. Lungs protected with chest ribs and backside protected by the spine. Lungs help us in breathing and also helps in producing voice. We know the right lungs have three lobes, the left lungs have two lobes. Through the mouth and nose oxygen inhaled to lungs with the help of muscle contraction and release the carbon dioxide with muscle relaxation. 

Let us discuss the 15 points one by one.  These points to be noted especially to prevent lung disease or even if we got corona affected. Let us know how can we prevent this dreadful disease.

1. Trigger –  

Avoid triggers that cause asthma. Triggers can be anything like pollen, dust, animal hair, moisture, cold breeze, specific food, smell, medicine, perfumes. Asthma patients should know the triggers which cause their disease, and always let you keep away from your trigger. Follow your health practitioner’s advice to keep yourself safe. 

2.  Inhaler- 

There are two types of inhalers, one used for the protection and another for treatment basis. let us identify the differences between these two inhalers? Protective inhalers are those, doctors advise asthma patients to use regularly to prevent disease.  When the patient affected with asthma Doctor prescribes the other inhaler that is Treatment Inhaler. If you are prescribed to take a protective inhaler. You should not stop using, you should continue the use in this coronavirus season. Treatment inhaler use only when the disease affected you,

3. Smoking. 

As I said above it will decrease your immunity power and also will affect the function of the lungs very badly, it is the perfect time to quit smoking. If now you did not quit. then it never will happen, coronavirus will take you, keeping in this mind, change yourself.

Now comes some exercises I will explain. Here I am explaining 3 breathing exercises you should follow. Doing breathing Yoga is an essential part of your life in this pandemic season. Put a habit from today itself to change your lifestyle to fight with coronavirus. You are not late to start. 

4. Pursed lip breathing- 

This is a well-known exercise to get oxygen properly to reach to lungs. American Lung Association recommends this exercise to relax your lungs and to receive more oxygen for your lungs.

5. Belly breathing-

It is a type of breathing diaphragmatically. Breathing by expanding/contracting your lungs by raising/lowering your diaphragm. Instead of using your chest, here you have to use your diaphragm. 

6.Forced Cough

Take a deep breath, then hold your breath for 3 – 7 seconds, then breathe out. Repeat this process 5 times. 5th-time cough in full force. your mucus will come out from the bottom of your lungs.

 I will explain  how to do these exercises in detail
7. Steam Inhalation-

Do Steam Inhalation whenever you have mucus issues. You can add any medicine, Vicks, or even without medicines too you can take steam inhalation. I suggest you do not use an electronic plastic vaporizer. Take a pot of hot water, cover the pot with a towel or any thick cloth, keep your face towards the steam comes from the pot. Inhale this steam through your nostrils and mouth. Close you one nostril and take steam, then through another nostril. Do this way 5 times. What happens while you steam is, Your phlegm will start to melt inside your chest lungs and head, melted phlegm will start come out through your nostril, keep a cotton handkerchief to wipe off the mucus. 

Repeat this process for 5 minutes to 10 minutes max., if you have more mucus issues take this steaming inhalation in all the two hours of gap. This is the best method, safe and effective; along with other medications you can continue this too, there are no side effects, While doing Steam Inhalation you have to be careful about burning yourself, do this in safe mode. This is very easy to do at home. 

8. Cough syrup-

Cough syrup is not at all suggested for anyone, it is not safe. There are two types of cough syrups, One is an expectorant, and another one is dry cough syrup. 

Expectorant cough syrups help to melt the mucus in your lungs, first go to the blood and will reach to lungs to remove the mucus. It is mild.  In severe conditions, you can use expectorant. 

Dry cough syrups directly affect the brain. Dry cough syrup won’t treat the reason for the cough. It just suppresses the cough won’t cure the cough.

So better avoid dry cough syrups. .Dry cough syrups only suggests for those who have a hernia. Who has done surgery, who should not cough on the period of surgery?. Taking cough syrup to control your cough or to melt mucus is not a good method. Try to melt the mucus in a natural way, let your body itself to emit the mucus. Depend these cough syrups only on the severe conditions. Do natural way such as steaming and let the body to emit the mucus.

9. Air circulation. 

Steps to be taken when you sit in quarantine. Select the room which has good air circulation where the natural breeze receives. There were rumors going around in the middle east that humidifier and air filter can kill the virus in the room, but these are not proven news. Do not use a closed room, better keep windows are open, and breathe fresh air.
Inside the room, you are not compulsory to wear masks, yes if you have coughing and sneezing or if any other person gets In the room, you should wear a mask for others’ safety.

10. Cold food- 
Always avoid cold food .. Especially if you have an infection in the throat, do not eat cold food. Do you know the coronavirus first gets into the nose then throat and then to lungs,? Cold food let the virus to increase faster. Eat hot or warm food. And do not drink cold water.

11. Warm water- 

Drink plenty of warm water daily. At least 3 liters of water you should drink daily. Leave the habit of drinking cold water in this pandemic season. Keep the habit of drinking hot or warm water. Especially early morning in empty stomach drink hot or lukewarm water by adding few drops of lemon juice. It will help your body to emit mucus and it is one of the best detoxification drinks.

12. Cold food. 
Avoid cold food .. Especially if you have an infection in the throat, do not take cold food. You know well the first virus get into the nose then throat and then to lungs,. Use only hot food. And drink plenty of hot water.  Very important to drink hot water constantly
Another important thing is to avoid direct air-condition air to your face. Keep the temperature in the medium. in centralized AC set temperature in  27-30 degrees, and normal AC you can keep 24 – 26-degree temperature.  If you cannot change the direction of air direct your face, better wear a face mask. Otherwise mornings you will get heaviness in the head. sneezing, throat irritations, etc.  

13. Protein-

Daily try to consume protein-rich food. Protein is contained in food like egg white, meat, avocado, beans. Protein is a must in the body especially to keep your lungs healthy.

14. Vitamin A, C, D-

These three vitamins are essential for your immunity. Consume Vitamin A, C, D rich food. Vitamin A rich food is carrots, milk, egg, etc. Citric food like Orange, lemon, mosamabi, grapes, papaya, etc are contained Vitamin C. To get vitamin D, daily get sun rays at least for 10 minutes. At 11 am. and 3 pm. is the best time to take sun rays to your body. For these vitamins, you can consume supplements also. But before taking supplemental tablets, get your medical practitioner’s advice.

Washing hands
Washing hands

15. Hand hygiene-

As we always hear from the media, I advise you the same, to keep your hands hygiene. On each touch, repeatedly wash your hands with soap and water patiently taking 20 seconds of time. Each time you touch any suspected places, wash your hands, in water unavailability use hand sanitizers. Take care of not touching your nose, mouth eyes with unhygienic hands. 


Disinfect your room, clothes, and all your belongings, if you have an infection of the virus. When you enter the home from outdoor, directly go to the washroom and wash your used clothes in warm water. and take a shower. 


Here I am going to explain Breathing exercises in detail

Americal lungs association recommended these exercises for the patients who have respiratory issues. These exercises will help you to get plenty of oxygen to the lungs. Practicing this exercise will help you to reach oxygen to an even smaller section of the lungs. This COVID-19 disease can be easily cured by doing these exercises along with the above-mentioned habits and medications.
1. Purse lip breathing- 

Sit in a chair properly, take a deep breath fully through nostrils, breathe out slowly through your lips, your lip keeps like a purse, shape, then you have to release breath like whistling slowly. Repeat this for 5-10 times.
2. Belly breathing-

This Breathing recommended for bed patients, or you can do this in a sitting position also. Sit back, relax, and take a deep breath, keep a hand on your stomach to feel the air filling in your belly, then breathe out slowly through your mouth in whistling sound. This method recommended for those who have difficulty breathing with the nose. 

3. Forced cough-

Take a deep breath, and for 3 – 7 seconds hold the breath and breathe out. Repeats this process 5 times, on the 5th time do cough in forcefully. Your mucus from the bottom of the lungs even comes out. Keep it in mind this method is not recommended for dry cough patients, for them, there are chances of blood to come out while doing forced cough.

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COVID-19-Coronavirus- Helpful Knowledge from the Science Expert.

COVID-19-Coronavirus- Latest Knowledge from the Science Expert

Here I  am going to share some important information about Coronavirus, which we all must know. An expert scientist, Shresht Seva  Dr. Suresh who is working in Super specialty Hospital in Bangalore, and the partner in ongoing research of coronavirus vaccination. He is also head  of Kerala for national human rights commission under the united nation. From his explanation let us know the fact for coronavirus.

Do You know many pandemic diseases are derived from animals and birds? Tuberculosis, the disease first affected the world. You know this disease came through a horse? Following many diseases came from various types of mosquitos, after that from the fruit eater bats spread Nippa virus, especially in Kerala. You know AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)  HIV virus came from African Chimpancy. And now in this decade Novel Corona Virus spread, studies proved that it came from the pig’s  stomach in Wuhan, China
All of you might be in doubt about the factor of spreading diseases from the animals. Then you should know the truth and reality. There are 4 animals who cannot produce vitamin C (ascorbic acid)  by themselves. Pig, Chimpancy, Bat, and the fourth one is Human Being. Due to the non-production of vitamin C (ascorbic Acid) Viruses can easily attack these animals. Pig gets affected in the stomach, chimpanzee gets effect in the blood, lungs in human and throat in Bat.

In future we have to face one more virus, researches alert us. The assumption that future viruses will deteriorate half population of the world.  This virus will produce in chicken. To get the desired growth of chicken before the natural period highly poisonous hormones are used in these chickens. And also many chemicals. I advise you to stop eating artificially grown chicken in poultry farms(broiler chicken). You can eat naturally grown or organically grown chickens. First, you have to make sure it is not grown artificially, then you can go ahead.

In day to day life, now its time to change our lifestyle completely. To keep our immune system stronger, Stick to natural vegetables and meat products.

Immunityboosting is the only solution to escape from this pandemic disease.  

Suggesting you 5 immunity remedies to escape from coronavirus.

1.   Try to  get vitamin D from the Sun, 35-degree sunlight for 45 minutes. and consume Vitamin D food, such as dairy products, fish, eggs, etc…If you have no chance to get natural Vitamin D, then go for Vitamin D supplements after consulting your family physician.

  1. Another one is Vitamin C.  Your body needs .6 to 2 mg of Vitamin C. In orange, mosambi, lemon, tomato have plenty of vitamin c present. You can go for a Vitamin C supplement as well. Drink lukewarm water with some drops of lemon juice in the early morning in an empty stomach. This way you can produce Vitamin C quickly.
  2. Try to consume Zinc contained foods. You will get zinc from melon seeds, watermelon seeds, and papaya seeds.
  3. Include Vitamin A in your daily food. Vitamin A contains in bran oil, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, etc.
  4. Drink lots of purified water. Blood circulation is very important for your body to keep you greater immune. You might be noticed maximum heart patients are died due to coronavirus. Do you know the reason? Because in their body blood circulation will be very less. Blood clotting chances are more than other patients. In this way, coronavirus can attack their body easily. And thus recovery will be in danger zone.

Kidney patients water drinking habit, you have to consult with your Doctor. Water can flush out the toxins from our body. To run this process easier, you should drink plenty of water. Another main important factor is your mental health. Mental health plays a big role in this pandemic disease. You have to be strong. Becoming panic, is a very dangerous situation to decrease the chance of coronavirus recovery.  Coronavirus creating many Psychic problems also. You should keep your mind happy and get good counseling in this matter. 
Please take these suggestions as advice only. I am no one to tell you this is the medicine for coronavirus. For the time being of coronavirus medicine or vaccination’s invention, we can follow these natural ways to not let ourselves reach the grip of coronavirus.

Stay Home Stay Safe

The Myths about wearing Mask and the truth.

The myths about wearing Mask and the truth.


The myth about wearing Mask and the truth.

To prevent infecting Coronavirus, Mask only is the best solution. But there are many myths spreading all over the world through social media that, continuously wearing masks decreases oxygen intake and will lead to death.

There are three myths spread about wearing a mask are came to hear through social media. Those are:

Myth 1

In Wuhan city, China a 26-year-old man died due to wearing mask on his jogging. He used to do jogging 3 hours daily, the day he did jogging for 6 hours continuously wearing mask. Dr. said death caused due to a lack of oxygen intake and caused heart failure.

Myth 2

Another incident an old aged man died in America who, went for a long drive wearing mask. Believed that due to wearing mask continuously caused carbon dioxide which blocked in mask breath again and entered to lungs and happened death.

Myth 3 

Now the third incident spread the news that who infected COVID-19 wearing mask can have a double infection of the virus. As the droplets which are stuck on the mask can have chances to breathe inside again and can cause the COVID-19 patient more chances to death.

These all are utter nonsense spread by people to stop wearing masks.

If you all got messages like these advising I request you all please don’t do trust. Stop here and read my article. I am going to explain the actual truth about wearing masks. 

The Myths are started to spread from Latin America. In English, Spanish and Portuguese language myths are spreading in social media like fire.  Now this news spread to Europe and came to know in the Middle East too got this news spread.

Real Truth

First of all you all should know that mask is the only proven prevention material that can stop the coronavirus to enter inside you. And the masks will never stop your oxygen intake at any cost. They are made to intake oxygen, not to do block.

Now Let me explain the truth. The condition of a lack of oxygen in the lungs is called hypoxia. When we reach this condition, automatically body will however suddenly react to get more oxygen. Such as if we feel oxygen blocked due to any  mask or any other obstacles, automatically we will remove these away from our breathing passages, even in our unconscious stage. 

So try to understand wearing masks will not block any oxygen and will not lead anyone to death.

Wearing any type of mask won’t stop the intake of oxygen. N95 considered as the best protective mask having a filter and another one is a three-layered surgical mask, which health workers are using.  Yet these three layers masks won’t block oxygen. Studies have proven that only 5% of oxygen intake will decrease, and no other issues. Another one normal cotton mask ordinary people use.  

When we jogging we will have a tendency to intake more oxygen, then we will have a tendency to breathe fast, and in full-strength we will start breathing for more oxygen automatically, even if you wore masks, it won’t block your intake of oxygen in fast mode.

The cotton mask that we wear has plenty of gaps around the mask, everywhere passages to enter oxygen freely. 

Researches proved that there are only three causes that block oxygen intake. The persons who do excess smoking, for them lungs will have chances to block the oxygen intake due to blockage of lungs filters. 

Other causes, when other gases are mixed with the atmosphere, such as if we get into the deep well or inside any pipe like places. There will be a lack of oxygen, and carbon monoxide presence is more will be there.

Another place when we going uphill, mountain, etc there also we will not get enough oxygen. 

And the myth about in-taking carbon dioxide. The provision that provides for oxygen intake the same provision available to expel the carbon dioxide too. And don’t misunderstand the virus stuck on the mask will go inside again, this also is wrong information.

Yes, you should know very well how to wear masks properly to protect you from the contagious virus. You might be noticed people wearing a mask underneath the nose, only covering the mouth. This is just the wrong way. The nose is the main part, through where the virus can enter. You should cover your nose properly along with the mouth.

When you are having coronavirus or not having, you have to cover nose and mouth properly with the mask, then only you will get protection from the virus, and not to spread on your loved ones or whoever near you. 

I agree wearing masks will be creating lots of small issues for you like, itchy feeling, pain with the elastic on-ear surfaces, feeling more sweating, eyes itching, eyes pain, face muscle pains, or any sort of skin allergies. But I tell you these all you can consider as small issues or temporary issues. This issue you can tolerate for a while, but do you think about the danger of infecting this pandemic. Betterment is by tolerating small issues of masks, you wear mask and fight with coronavirus. 

Take precautions and be safe. I decided to write this article to prevent you all from spreading and believing the myths of wearing masks and to protect you from infecting this pandemic disease.

Covid-19 Vaccination updates, Vaccine and antibody of coronavirus

Covid-19 Vaccination updates, Hopes for the world.

Oxford University Scientists developed Vaccine for the Covid-19 Ch AdOx1 nCoV-19 did trial on animal and could prove that it can prevent damaging lungs. Human tests are to be done sooner. We can hope for the happy news from them as earliest. 

Italy claimed the first COVID-19 Vaccine.

Coronavirus spreading the globe is like fire. Deaths and positive cases increasing day by day. We are forced to find a point to eradicate this pandemic. Medical experts and scientists of the world are involved in the invention of vaccines for this contagious virus. 

Inventing the vaccine is the one and only solution to put a pause of spreading infectious diseases. Approximately 80 groups worldwide are engaged in the vaccine invention. The worst part of the invention of vaccines is, at least one year will need to make its proper use on humans. Yet 111 vaccines for the SARS-CoV-2  are on trials.


On may 7 2020 Italy claimed that they have successfully developed COVID-19 Vaccine, the trial did on mice and they giving assurance that will work on human cells too.
Israel Defence Minister Naftali Bennett declared that they did develop of vaccine for Novel coronavirus. He said it will effectively neutralize coronavirus present in the body of carriers.

Oxford University commenced a trial of the vaccine on April 23. The vaccine named ChAdOx1 cCoV-19. it is an experiment like taking the genetic content of the virus present on the virus surface and put it in the virus.

Plasma therapy already started as a great console at the moment. It is already passed the experiments. Plasma convalescent treatment is taking the plasma from the patient who recovered from the COVID-19 and injecting to the severely affected patients who are at high risk. 


Many hospitals in India already started. states such as Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh reported that six numbers of patients could come back to life with the help of convalescent plasma therapy.

Yet we cannot consider convalescent plasma therapy as an ultimate treatment of COVID-19, as these all going on an experimental stage, risks, and complications still there before finalizing the treatment.

Hydroxychloroquine drug used for malaria requested in India by Donald Trump to supply for the US was also brought light to treat for the novel coronavirus. It was a first-line treatment on COVID-19 attackers. But it contains antiviral and immune-calming properties. This also cannot be a final treatment for COVID-19
SMS Hospital of Jaipur, Rajasthan claimed they could effectively treat the COVID-19 patients with Anti-HIV drugs. But china proved that this drug not could not improve the severe COVID-19 patients.
There are 8 nos. of COVID-19 vaccines are on the queue of the trial reported by World Health Organization.


World’s largest Serum Institute of India (Pune), who produce 60 percent of the vaccines for the world, developing vaccines for the novel coronavirus. 30 vaccines are already under-diagnosis and few of them are ready to under clinical trial stage.
Across the world of scientists are day-night involved in the experiment of the vaccine against novel coronavirus which is perfectly safe for human beings. For the time being all of us can positively expect effective vaccination and medication for the disease outbreak sooner.