Home Made Hand Sanitizer

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Now-days wold is aware of COVID-19 and keeping themselves hygienic maximum. In order to keep a hygienic huge amount of sanitizers are selling off quickly. Also charges heavy cost on it. Due to this Sanitizers are difficult in availability. In this case, I suggest you prepare a healthy and safe sanitizer at your home itself. I teach you how to prepare easily. You want some items for the preparation. These all easily available in the market. I will help you to buy it here. Home made hand sanitizer

Things you need

  1. Rubbing Alchohol (Iso Propyl Alchohol ) (Ethyl Alchohol)
  2. Aloe Vera Gel (You can take fresh from your plant, or can buy from the market)
  3. Glycerine
  4. Vitamin E capsule or any moisturizing oil (Optional)
  5. Any Essential Oil (Optional)


100 Ml.Alcohol, 
50 Ml. Aloe vera gel, 
1 teaspoon Glycerine 
1 teaspoon of Moisturising oil, 
2 to 5 drops essential oil.

Mix ingredients very well. Store in airtight bottle or sprayer. keep with you wherever you go.

 Home made hand sanitizer ready to use