Visceral Fat – Causes of Diseases.

Visceral Fat – Causes of Diseases
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Visceral FatCauses of Diseases – Friends Hearty Welcome to my blog. I am here with you with new health knowledge for you. As you read the title, yes I am going to describe Visceral Fat – Causes of Diseases.

Visceral Fat – Causes of Diseases.

Today I am going to discuss with you the reasons for our Lifestyle Health Diseases. My article is inspired by Dr. Manoj Jhonson , Medical Director
Lifestyle Physician | Medical Psychologist

Friends, we all daily have various complaints and discussions about our health issues, like “I am having knee pain”, back pain, Diabetes, or Digestion problems. We all know nowadays Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Fatty liver, and all those above-mentioned diseases are common in our day-to-day life. There are very few people, who are not having these diseases. Especially majority of people above 35-40 aged are all facing these Lifestyle Diseases.

Do you ever think of the key reasons for these health issues? Do you ever try to think about the villain of our Health disturbing? Here comes the name of that Villain. VISCERAL FAT. About Visceral Fat lot many people have not much knowledge. Let us discuss Visceral Fat, which causes Lifestyle Diseases.

What is Visceral Fat?

The fat which covered your abdominal organs deep inside of your body is called Visceral Fat. The fat just below your skin is not Visceral Fat. That doesn’t create many health issues. Visceral Fat which lives inside our body, which is not visible externally and we cannot feel it.

In external appearance, you might be having a flat tummy and a thin body structure, but the real excess weight which develops around the center of your body over time which called Visceral Fat is the main reason for all your lifestyle diseases.

Visceral fat develops in the internal layer of our body especially the inner skin of your tummy, inside your liver, accumulated in blood vessels. These are the fat real causes of your diseases.

Now let us think about how is this visceral fat developing? First of all, know the reality that Visceral Fat is the main cause of Diabetes.

From where this Visceral Fat forms. None other else, it is our food we have consumed. When we consume high-calorie foods, excess carbohydrates contained in our food convert into fat. Which means we should not over-eat. Carbohydrates in our food should be limited. Even if you are not eating much fatty food, though liver converts the excess carbohydrates itself to fat.

Think about this why this is happening. One day you had a heavy breakfast, then before digestion takes place, you take heavy lunch, then dinner. These times what happens with the stored excess carbohydrates will automatically convert to fat. Because the stored fat has not got chance to convert into energy, due to your excess intake.

You just notice the people who all are having big tummy, facing difficulty in walking, fast heartbeats, painful joints, Blood pressure and also diabetic. These diseases are mostly can be seen in them. On 90% of the people having tummy, you can experience these issues. But have you notices the people who are not so fat look fit body, they used to say , how much I eat my body wont become fat, I have no tummy, I am always fit and etc. But Point out the fact, that Visceral fat cannot be seen externally, it can become the big reason to make you disease even if your out ward look is fit.

You might be experienced people who look thin and skinny also facing the diseases such as fatty liver, high cholesterol, Blockage of Heart, Blood Pressure, etc, and even have to undergo bypass surgery and all. Thses are all caused by Visceral fat.

So now we got to the point that these visceral fat accumulated from the excess intake of food, carbohydrates from the food will accept your body, and the excess carbohydrates which you are forcefully giving to your body will be converted to fat under your skin, inside the liver, muscles and these fats gradually start creates various problems in your Health.

On diabetic patients, this belly fat creates insulin resistance. This means the production of insulin properly happens in their body, and glucose also properly created. but this glucose cannot enter into the cell due to Visceral Fat. The fat cannot be convert into energy and stay there as fat and play the role of barricade to accept the glucose. These are happens due to Visceral Fat.

Visceral Diet

If you want to decrease the Visceral Fat level in your body you should consume healthy fat, such as Fish, Avocado, Dry Roasted Peanuts, eggs, dairy products like yogurt, curd, butter, ghee, cheese, buttermilk. All these fats are healthy fat for your body, will not do any harm to you. But yes you should not go for salty butter and salty cheese, as you know salt is not good for health. Having Butter Coffee is the best option for people who wants to lose weight.

The fat you should worry about is Bakery foods, which are fried in oil like chips, mixture, etc should be avoided. Occasionally you can eat, but better not to keep munching these as a habit. These are highly oil absorbents, which is enough to increase your Visceral Fat.

You can take a test of banana chips which are deep-fried in oil start release oil from it while you burn the cooked chips, you can see lots of oil drops will be started to come from it. From this, you come to the point, like those chips you eat in huge quantity, what will happen to your body. As I mentioned above, occasionally you can eat all these, but avoid keep as a habit.

In ladies, diabetes will not be visible in the beginning. It follows from the form of fibroid. Seeing this they should be alert that the next disease will be fatty liver then to the thyroid and reaches to diabetes. Then become ovarian cysts. Glucose when started to be rejected by the visceral fat, then diabetes started to come in the form of lumps or glands that started to appear on our body. This visceral fat is the one that destroys the majority of our organs and the reason for the majority of our diseases.

People who never heard about visceral fat should know that diabetes, heart blockage, fibroid, fatty liver, thyroid issues, etc are all caused by visceral fat. In conclusion, you all know the truth that visceral fat is the slow poison that disturbs our body health step by step.

As I above mentioned you should change your food habits to keep your body away from visceral fat. Deep-fried food, excess intake of carbohydrates such as rice, root vegetables like cassava, potato, etc, sweets, artificially sweetened beverages. Non-veg is harmless if you cooked them in a normal way without deep frying. You can cook it by shallow fry method, boiled or can cook in coconut milk. These ways of cooking non-veg will not harm you. Once you know about visceral fat you can escape from diseases by controlling your food habits.


Change your life style and keep an eye on your food habits eat healthy and live healthy

What is Cassava? | What is Tapioca? | Is Tapioca Healthy? | Benefits of Cassava| Is Tapioca good for weight loss? | What is Tapioca made of? | Cassava for Weight Loss | Side effects of Cassava |

What is Cassava? | What is Tapioca? | Is Tapioca Healthy? | Benefits of Cassava| Is Tapioca good for weight loss? | What is Tapioca made of? | Cassava for Weight Loss | Side effects of Cassava |

What is Cassava?

What is Cassava?

What is Cassava?

What is Cassava?

Do you any idea What is Cassava? Cassava is a tropical root vegetable. Cassava farming you can see plenty in Kerala. It is a tuberous starchy root vegetable. Cassava is the underground root of cassava shrub. The benefits of Cassava are numerous. In this article, you will get to know the exclusive information, knowledge, and recipe of Cassava.

Cassava is eaten in many parts of India. In Malayalam, it is called “Maracheeni”, “Kolli Kizhangu”, “Kappa” In Telugu “Kavva Pendalam”, In Kannada “Mara Genasu”, In Hindi “Simla Alu”

Cassava plant leaves also can be used to prepare food. Leaves have higher protein content compared to the roos of cassava nutrients. There are two kinds of Cassava Plants, Sweet and Bitter. Bitter Cassava to be washed and crushed well before they cooked to remove harmful toxins. You can grind the roots of the cassava plants into flour and can be prepared many dishes. Sweet cassavas contain lower levels of Cyanide, you can cook and eat like normal root vegetables. It is well known for its amazing health benefits.

You can use the cassava plant’s skin as a good exfoliator for your skin. Remove the peels, make a fresh paste, and your facial scrub ready.


What is Tapioca?

Tapioca is a gluten-free starch that is extracted from the Cassava Root. It has a neutral flavor and has gelling power, beneficial to thicken your sweets and curries. Even you can use tapioca to thicken your ice-cream recipes.


Cassava benefits for Skin

Cassava benefits for Skin

Face Mask

Cassava Plant root can be used as a face mask, Make the paste cassava plant. Wash your face with lukewarm water, then apply the cassava mask, wait for the mask to be dried, then wash off, and let your face dry. It will eliminate scars and will give you glowing skin.

Hydrate the Skin.

Make paste of cassava roots and mix with some honey or olive oil, few drops of lemon. Apply on your face. It will hydrate your skin and will tone, you will get smooth soft skin.

Removes scars and spots.

You can use cassava starch water in healing wounds and scars, You just need to apply gently over the affected area twice a day. It will be completely cured. 

Benefits for you Hair

Cassava Can do magical benefits on your hair. It can increase the quality of your hair. It will nourish your hair.

Makes your hair grow faster.

I recommend cassava to increase the growth of your hair if you are worried about the slow growth of your hair. Cassava roots and plants both paste will give you the desired result. Apply the paste on your oiled hair, keep it for one hour then rinse off with fresh water. Continue this process at least twice a week, you will get visible results.

Hair Fall controls.


Most of the people are facing hair fall problem. For them, cassava is a great help. Cassava paste application on hair will solve the problem quickly and effectively.


Hair Nourishments.



Cassava plants can solve the issue. If you are facing a problem with dry and damaged hair, I recommend you to definitely try Cassava plant paste on your hair. It will repair the damage of your hair very effectively.


Health Benefits of Cassava

Cassava is an all-rounder beneficial for your health. The tubes and roots of the cassava plants are rich in calories, proteins, fat, carbohydrates, iron, vitamins B and C, and also starch. The leaves of the cassava are a great source of calcium, iron, fats, and protein. These are all enough for the good health of our body and a healthy mind too.

Helps in losing weight.

Happy news for those who are looking for weight loss solutions. You substitute cassava with consuming rice and bread. Higher fiber content keep you stay full for a longer period thus it will prevent you from overeating. Meantime it will fulfill all your nutrients which you get from other foods.


Best for your Digestive System

The fiber content which is not soluble in water helps in the absorption of toxins that enter into your intestines. Likewise, it keeps your digestive system in a smoother way.

Helps to Reduce Headaches.

Headache is a major problem of all among us. Then know the benefit of cassava to treat the headache. 60 grams of cassava roots or leaves soak in water for 2-3 hours, then make fresh juice out of it with the help of a blender. Then consume twice a day. Surprisingly you can experience that your headache vanished. Thus act as the best pain killer too…

Prevents Cancer

Life-threatening Cancer diseases can be prevented with Cassava. The content of B17 of the cassava leaves stimulates the content of red blood cells. We all know the loss of red blood leads us to cancer.


Cures Diarrhea

Cassava is the best home remedy to treat diarrhea. Put several pieces of cassava in boiling water. Consume this water once it reached room temperature. Drink twice a day, you will get the result.

Best for your Eyes

Cassava is fully loaded with Vitamin A, which is important for our eyes. Consuming cassava your eyesight will improve and even you can prevent blindness or poor eyesight in the future.

Treats Fever

Stem and leaves of the cassava can treat fever. 400 grams of cassava leaves and 80 grams of the stem and boil by uncovered in one liter of water. Once it reached the half in quantity take it off and let it cool down. Consume this drink to treat fever.

Cures Rheumatic Diseases

Cassava leaves highly contain magnesium. Rheumatic diseases like pertaining to the muscles and joints, osteoporosis, arthritis, spondylitis, and lupus can be treated. Magnesium lowers the blood pressure levels thus reduce the chance of rheumatic diseases.  To prepare rheumatic medicine. Take 150 grams of cassava leaves, some lemongrass and salt, and 15 grams of ginger root. Boil all these ingredients together in one liter of water and bring to the quantity of 400ccs. Consume this drink every morning Your rheumatic diseases will start cure.

Cures Diarrhea

Cassava is the best home remedy to treat diarrhea. Put several pieces of cassava in boiling water. Consume this water once it reached room temperature. Drink twice a day, you will get the result.

Best for your Eyes

Cassava is fully loaded with Vitamin A, which is important for our eyes. Consuming cassava your eyesight will improve and even you can prevent blindness or poor eyesight in the future.

Treats Fever

Stem and leaves of the cassava can treat fever. 400 grams of cassava leaves and 80 grams of the stem and boil by uncovered in one liter of water. Once it reached the half in quantity take it off and let it cool down. Consume this drink to treat fever.

Cures Rheumatic Diseases

Cassava leaves highly contain magnesium. Rheumatic diseases like pertaining to the muscles and joints, osteoporosis, arthritis, spondylitis, and lupus can be treated. Magnesium lowers the blood pressure levels thus reduces the chance of rheumatic diseases.  To prepare rheumatic medicine. Take 150 grams of cassava leaves, some lemongrass and salt, and 15 grams of ginger root. Boil all these ingredients together in one liter of water and bring to the quantity of 400ccs. Consume this drink every morning Your rheumatic diseases will become a start cure.

Heal Wounds

Cassava leaves have the magic healing power of injuries and wounds. Nutrients content is helping in healing wounds. Make a paste with some cassava leaves and some aloe vera gel. Apply this paste on the wound. The stem of cassava also has wound-healing power. On burn, wound use the pulp of cassava and apply daily. It will be completely cured.

eliminate worms.

Cassava leaves can eliminate worms present in your intestine. Consuming Cassava supplements or fresh cassava leaves paste can drastically eradicate the nematode infestation (worm related problems) symptoms.

Restorate Appetite


Cassava restorative good appetite. When you feel averse towards food. Cassava tea can bring your appetite back. Boil cassava leaves with ginger and makes a concoction drink every morning soon you wake up. Doing this, you can restore your appetite.


Helpful For Pregnant Women

Vitamin C and Folate which needed for Pregnant Women are rich in cassava. 15 percent of your required folate and 47 percent of the calcium you can gain from a cup of cassava. If you did not like the cassava’s bland taste, you can chop the leaves and cook along with any of your favorite dishes and can consume. likewise, you can meet the requirement.


Cures kwashiorkor


The lysine protein content of cassava leaves is perfect for fighting against Kwashiorkor, which disease is caused by protein deficiency. Attention to cook the leaver properly, otherwise, it can be harmful to you. Before cooking the tuber and leaves of cassava it must be washed thoroughly. Otherwise harmful poison cyanide present in the cassava will harm you.


Boosts your Immunity

Vitamin C and folate content of cassava leaves are enough to increase your strong immune system. We all know very well about the role of  Vitamin C in our bodies. Yes, it helps immunity power by fighting the virus and bacteria. For bone health Vitamin C much needed. Also play as an antioxidant, which eliminates free radicals present in our body. Cell production in our body done by Folate.

Energy Booster and Smooth Brain Function

Carbohydrates in the Cassava helps in boosting our energy. Add cassava in your diet, your brain will start work more efficiently. 80 % or carbohydrates you can gain from one meal. This amount is enough for the smooth function of your brain.

Improves Nerve Health

It is proven by experts that for a balanced nervous system cassava flour how much important. It can relieve your mental stress and anxiety. Try to know how much cassava helps in good mental health as well as physical health.

Provides Healthy Muscles

The protein content of Cassava flour maintains healthy muscles. It nourishes your tissues also. 2 grams of protein is enough for your healthy muscles.


Regulates Blood Pressure

Cassava flour has the magical power to lower your blood pressure. Due dietary fiber content we can regulate the Blood Pressure

Fewer chances of diseases.

Cassava flour is rich in copper and magnesium, it is essential to promote a healthy lifestyle. This lowers the chances of many diseases. One cup of cassava flour is enough for your daily requirement.

Ingredients contained in one cup of Cassava


Total Fat.
1 Gram
0 Percent
29 Grams
78 Grams
Dietary Fibre
4 Grams
4 Grams
3 Grams

What is Tapioca above I have mentioned as it is a gluten-free starch which is extracted from the Cassava Root. It has lesser nutrition value. Do not misunderstand Tapioca as Cassava Root flour. 

Side effects of Cassava

Excessive consumption of this plant will lead you to reach its side effects, beware of it. Some of the Side effects are mentioning here for you”:

A toxin called linamarin is contained in raw cassava. This toxin converts into cyanide by human digestive systems, which is proved fatal.

Cassava roots are so quickly rotting, it will lead to a reduction of nutritional contents. Fungal and bacterial infections also cause.

The toxins contained in cassava can affect the pituitary gland and can disturb the smooth function of the liver and kidneys.

But you have nothing to be scared about this plant if you are cooking the cassava by peeling and cleaning well. You should consume it and receive healthy factors from it. Toxins will be flush out easily when you clean and cook.

I will bring tasty and healthy recipes with the Cassava sooner for you.

Enjoy the taste of Cassava and gain full health benefits from it. And of course, I would like to hear opinions and suggestions from you.

What is Corn Silk? Benefits of Corn Hair (Silk).| How to use Corn Silk? Corn Silk Magical Uses.

 What is Corn Silk? Benefits of Corn Hair (Silk).| How to use Corn Silk? Corn Silk Magical Uses.


Benefits of Corn Hair (Silk)

Benefits of Corn Hair (Silk)



What is Corn Silk?

Corn Silk or Corn hair is a shiny smooth silk type thread that grows as part of the Corncobs. We normally discard this part along with its leafy skins, it has lots of medicinal benefits that we do not know exactly. In traditional Chinese and Native American Medicine, corn silk has been using since centuries back.  Corn Silk still used in many countries.

In this article, you are going to know exclusive information about Corn Silk, its uses, benefits, etc.


Corn Silk

Corn Silk


Amazing Benefits of Corn Hair (Silk)

Corn Silk contains carbohydrates, Vitamins, proteins, minerals, and fiberCorn Silk contains many health-beneficial compounds that may treat various ailments, such as prostate problems, malaria, heart diseases, and urinary tract infections, etc. Recent research proved that it may also effective to reduce Cholesterol, Blood pressure, Blood Sugar, and types of Inflammation. This stringy fiber contains magnesium, which regulates your inflammatory response.

Corn Silk can be consumed fresh or often dried by adding in tea or can be taken as a pill. Dried Corn Skin and Corn Pills are easily available in stores.


It is a good antioxidant.

Antioxidant plants can protect our body’s cells against oxidative stress. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and inflammation mainly caused by oxidative. It contains a high amount of flavonoid antioxidants.

Corn silk may be an effective treatment for high blood pressure.

This plant helps the elimination of excess fluid from our body, normally to reduce blood pressure natural alternative is prescribed, it can play the role of natural diuretics.

From the medical studies, 40 people with high blood pressure were given this supplement and they could reduce the good amount of blood pressure quickly. Researches also proved that it can reduce LDL ( bad cholesterol) and can increase HDL which is considered as good cholesterol

Although researches are indicating the health benefits of consuming Corn Silk, more studies are still needed.

Consumption Dosage to be followed:

Dosage recommendations are depending on age, health status, and structure of the individual.

AS Corn Silk is nontoxic we can consume on a daily basis as 4.5 grams per pound of body weight (10 grams per Kg)

Corn Silk Supplements recommend 400-450 mg can be consumed 2-3 times per day, preferably to start with a low dose to make sure your body is not allergic against this, then gradually you can increase the dosage.

You can consume fresh, dried, or in the form of pills. Few Fresh Corn Silk put in a pan, add two glasses of water, let it boil, and bring to the quantity of one glass. By doing this, the essence of the Corn Skin will reach the water, then consume this water hot or cold as per your wish.

Preparation of Corn Tea:


Dry or fresh corn silk
Lemon juice


* Boil the water for some time.

* Add corn silk atop in the boiling water.

* Let it boil for a few minutes and steep for a few minutes.

* This will turn into a brown liquid. Strain and serve the tea. You can have it both cold and warm.

* If you want it sweet or sour
You can add few drops of lime or honey


Side effects and Safety:

Corn Silk is generally non-toxic and safe for most people.

Excess consumption can decrease potassium level in the blood this will cause skin rashes, itching, and allergies.

Special care to be taken in pregnancy and breast-feeding- Corn Silk safe for them yet, should take care of the amount of consumption. If consume excess miscarriage can happen. Diabetic patients too should consume in recommended level, otherwise will cause lower blood sugar, which is not good all at once.

Some people found skin allergies like rashes, itching, red skin while applying creams that contain Corn Skin. Those people should avoid the usage of these creams and lotions. 



Surprising Benefits of Taro Root or Colocasia (Arbi, Chembu )

 Surprising Benefits of Taro Root or Colocasia (Arbi, Chempu )

Benefits of Taro Root or Colocasia

Benefits of Taro Root or Colocasia

There are numerous surprising benefits in Colocasia (Taro Root) In Malayalam “Chempu”, and in Hindi “Arbi”, in Telugu “Chamakoora”. 
Keralite’s favourite vegetable is Tapioca. Colocasia also in the category of Tapioca. Normally we are not taking interest in preparing dishes with colocasia, as we are unaware of the surprising benefits. Here I am going to give you briefly about the benefits of Colocasia. 

Benefits of Taro Root or Colocasia

Benefits of Taro Root or Colocasia


Do you know Colocasia is one of the highly nutritious food? The digestion of these vegetables is more than compared to other root vegetable. It is full of fibre, these fibres help in quick digestion. Colocasia can be easily grown in our garden. There is edible colocasia and also some colocasia are not edible. 
We do not know the benefits of Colocasia yet. Let me explain the benefits in detail. You know colocasia can work miracle in stop ageing. It will keep you younger. I am sure by listening to this definitely you will start to consume this miraculous vegetable, cos we all do not want to become old. Colocasia contains many elements which can control ageing, it contains lots of carbohydrate and good calories. You can use this vegetable as medicine for diarrhoea. 
It is rich in Vitamin A. Consuming Colocasia helps in controlling dandruff and hair fall. It contains Vitamin C, you know well about the importance of Vitamin C for our health. It is good for our immunity. Colocasia plays a good role in controlling our mental conditions. It will reduce your depression and any sort of worries to a great extent. It helps in the maintenance of cholesterol, controls heart attack. It contains a good amount of Sodium, Magnesium and Potassium this controls our Blood Pressure also.
We are not giving much importance to this miraculous vegetable. The magic of controlling cholesterol and fat is great about colocasia. It stops dangerous and pandemic diseases. Means to increase your immunity power, consuming colocasia is very important. It is a beneficial food for Diabetic Patients. the fibre content helps to control the glucose level in the blood. This will lessen the chance of becoming diabetic. Who all want to increase the body weight, consume colocasia on a daily basis. The high amount of starch helps in easy digestion. 
Helpful for healthy hair even you can control becoming bald. In preventing Cancer diseases Colocasia plays an important role. Great Vitamin A, C and other elements can kill cancer cells. Consuming Colocasia helping you to control your mind naturally. It relaxes your mind to a great extent. It helps in decreasing the fat and thus your heart becomes healthy.  Helps to reduce Hypertension. I pointed out one thing that it controls early ageing. The content of beta carotin, magnesium, calcium these all help in control ageing. It will keep you younger. 
The leaves of the colocasia are also nutritious. You can prepare many dishes with colocasia and the leaves of colocasia. 
Think about the natural and traditional food are always healthy and we ignore the benefits, we follow artificial and unnatural food for our convenience. As we are not ready to accept the benefits of this natural food. this is the reality and we all lazy to cook natural food as its a bit time taking and difficult in cooking. We have a tendency to cook instant food, and inviting dangerous diseases. These are what we all doing in our busy lives. But think wisely, and change your healthy habits and come back to nature so that you can keep yourself healthy, fit and disease-free. 

Top 15 Health Tips and healthy foods for Rainy (Monsoon) Season! How Can you keep yourself Healthy in Monsoon Season?

Top 15 Health Tips and healthy foods for Rainy Season.
How Can you keep yourself Healthy in Monsoon Season?

Healthy in Monsoon Season

Healthy in Monsoon Season


Healthy in Monsoon Season

Monsoon Season is one of the important seasons of our life. Monsoon brings new life. We feel relaxed in the monsoon as we got relief from the hottest summer. We all are fond of the monsoon Season. Soothing breeze water splashes wow!
Monsoon gives us pleasure and at the same time brings lots of diseases too. We have to be very careful in Rainy Season from catching an illness.
We should stay safe and also we should able to enjoy the rains in full swing. Here I suggest some tips and healthy foods for you to be followed.  We are living in Pandemic Season and we all are aware that boosting our immunity power and being highly hygienic is how important role in our life.

Do not let stagnant water accumulated in the open air.


Mosquito breeding season is Monsoon season. Clogged drains and accumulated wastewater or rainwater are the perfect places for them to breed. Prevent them from breeding by empty the stored water, remove the clogging of drainages. Ensure the water which you collected for your use is always covered. Keep everything dry.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C Intake

The best way to keep our immune is by consuming Vitamin C-rich foods daily. Try to eat daily citrus fruits like Orange, Pineapple, lemon, etc, along with that try to eat plenty of sprouts, fresh green vegetables.

Keep away from Junk Food
We all love street foods. Better this time keep away from street foods. You know the food preparing in the streets is very harmful to us. As they prepare in an unhygienic way, keep food in the open air, by welcoming harmful microorganisms.  By eating this food we are welcoming many diseases.

Use Disinfectant for your bathwater
Whenever you go out and got wet with rain, soon you reached home take a bath with water mixed with disinfectants like Dettol, Savlon, or Betadine. You can be escaped from the millions of microorganisms. If your body did not wet with rainwater, you can avoid bathing, by washing your hands, feet, and face with soap also enough.

Keep your clothes ironed


You know monsoon is the best season of molds. Your Closets, Wardrobes, and almirahs are cool places and chances to get damp in the rainy season and it will produce molds. So a better way to escape from molds Ironing is a better option. Or if good sunlight you get, try to warm your clothes in sunlight.

Keep your hands always Hygiene


During the Monsoon, we know well the population of microbes increases. Wash your hands with much care before you eat something when you are away from home after coming back home. This should be our part of life in this pandemic season. Monsoon season is a very dangerous season to invite coronavirus. 
Take care of your Fruits and Vegetables


During the Rainy season, and I suggest all the seasons, due to pesticides and chemicals, you wash your vegetables and fruits each one by scrubbing well. You can release the chemicals from it by soaking in potassium permanganate water, vinegar, baking powder, or even in saltwater also. Use any of these mix with the water, let it soak for at least 20 mins, then rinse well then start use. 

Take enough sleep


Sleep is the best tonic for our healthy body. 7-8 hours of sleep is a must for our body’s immune system. You should not stay up with late-night work or watch Tv, mobile and all. Avoid the habit of scrolling your mobile while you lay on your bed, it will disturb your sleep. Once you reach bed keeps mobile away from your reach, take the resolution of not touching electronic devices and close your eyes and try to sleep, if you are not feeling sleepy, you can play any relaxing kinds of music, for sure you will feel sleepy.

Start Exercise Regularly


Doing exercise can do wonders in your life. It will help you lose weight, keep you in perfect shape as well as boosts your immunity strength. Exercises help you to improve blood circulation, triggers serotonin (happiness hormone), and keep you immune to fight against the viruses and bacterias. Practicing Yoga is fit for your body. You can do Jumping Rope, Squats, planks, burpees, and any of your favorite exercises as per your wish.

When you are wet with Rain dont enter an Air-Conditioned Room.
Take care not to enter to your Air-conditioned Office or Houses soon you came from office or outdoor in wet conditions. Wait for a moment and wipe yourself with towels as much as u can, then enter to Air-Conditioned Rooms. Otherwise, the chances of catching a cold and flu will be easy.
Keep your house mosquito-free.
As I before explained to clear stagnant water always. In rainy season mosquito increase unlimitedly  If mosquito still present in your home. Use mosquito repellent products or use mosquito net while sleeping. You can apply mosquito repellent creams or oil for your skin to escape from mosquito bites.
Keep your nails clean.
During Rainy season you must take extra care in keeping your nails clean. Do clip your nails regularly and clean underneath each nail, so that no bacteria can accumulate inside your nails.
Away from allergic triggers
You can be allergic to any of the specific things. Monsoon season make the allergies more severe. Try to know what is allergic to you and Keep yourself away from allergic triggers. AS we all are aware of this Pandemic Season the importance of wearing Mask while going outdoor. Escape from allergies by wearing a mask. Anti-allergic medicine which your doctors prescribed for you, ensure always with you.

Follow Social Distancing

Rainy season increases the chances of making you sick.  So keeping Social distance is very important, especially in this Pandemic Season. If you are already sick or if not, in both situations you should keep a distance from people. Avoid crowded places in monsoon and till coronavirus comes under control.
Avoid using wet shoes.
To go for work or to school wearing shoes is a must for us. If your shoes are wet, please do not use it until and unless you wash them and dried. Dangerous pathogens will grow in your wet shoes, which is enough to make you sick. Better you keep an extra pair of shoes in the rainy season or go for rubber shoes.
Top Healthy Food for Rainy Season.

In Monsoon Season take care of your health by following healthy habits and eat healthy food always.
Consume probiotics like buttermilk, yogurt, and plenty of vegetables. Better avoid eating raw, eat boiled, or steamed. Vegetables are healthy, they contain a lot of fiber, protein, and all sorts of nutrients.
Consume plenty of bitter food. Bitter food such as bitter gourd, neem seeds, dandelion greens, and herbal teas. These all can boost up our immune system and detoxifies our body perfectly. These foods are enough to provide rich vitamins, minerals like calcium, and iron in good quantity. 
Rely on Homemade Fruit Juices. You can prepare juice with any of your favorite fruits. Orange and apple juices are delicious and also contains health beneficial ingredients to prevent you from being ill in monsoon. Apple juice is the best detoxifier and it will clean your liver and the PH level of your stomach will maintain thus you will be free form stomach issues. Orange juice as you all know well increases immunity boosts your metabolism and also good to clean up the toxins present in your body. These two juices are a must in this rainy season.

26 Benefits of Bitter Gourd for Health!

 Wonderful Benefits of Bitter Gourd for Health!


Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Do you hear the word “Momordica Charantia” or Karela? Don’t be confused, they are just some of the names of Bitter Melon, generally known as Bitter Gourd or Squash Gourd in English. The thing that strikes you hears the word bitterness related to. They are light or dark green in color depends on the areas they cultivated.

though this vegetable got a very bitter taste, it is enriched with a lot of essentials vitamins and useful antioxidants. The Bitter Gourd is known as KAKRAYA in Telugu, PAVAKKA in Malayalam, PAVAKKAI in Tamil, HAGALKAI in Kannada, KARLE in Marathi, KOROLA in Bengali, and KARELA in both Hindi and Gujarati. Just like the diversity in names the benefits of Bitter Gourd are diverse and various as well.

This vegetable can be consumed in many ways. You can make various recipes out of it. You can make pickles out of it, or you can even make juice out of it. I know your face gets twisted just thinking about eating or drinking Bitter Gourd. But do you know, how very helpful it can be? I will list the benefits of Bitter Gourd down.

Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd(Suash Qourd) Pavakka
Bitter Gourd(Suash Qourd) Pavakka

Respiratory Problem:- The Bitter Gourd is a great remedy if you are looking to cure respiratory disorders such as cold, cough, asthma, and many more. You can make a paste using Bitter Gourd leaves with the  Tulsi leaves paste and mix it with honey. Put habit to consume this recipe daily morning, and you can be avoided many kinds of respiratory problems.

It is good for the liver:- Liver is one of the most essential organs of our body. These days, liver disorders are on the rise. You can do a bit in keeping your liver healthy by consuming Bitter Gourd. Make a glass of Bitter Gourd Juice. Drink the juice every day to avoid liver problems in even heal liver problems. Continue to consume this juice on a regular basis, you can see the results in two weeks.
Keeps your Immune System Healthy:- The immunity System of our body must be strong. It is because the immunity system is what fights against the foreign bodies in your bloodstream and protects you from facing harm. If your Immunity System is strong, you can stay void of health disorders that foreign body carrier. Boi the Bitter gourd vegetable of leaves in water until the nutrients are extracted. Dring the water frequently and your immune system will gain the ability to fight against many infections. 

A good fighter against Acne:- Pimples or Acne is one skin problem that bothers most of us a lot. Besides the marks, they leave behind are quite embarrassing. However, by consuming Bitter Gourd, you can effectively get rid of this problem. Bitter Gourd also fights against blemishes as well as intense skin infections. 

The vegetable is also helpful in healing blood disorders such as scabies, blood boils, psoriasis, itching and ringworm, and many other fungal infections. The free radicals present in Bitter Gourd are also helpful in anti-aging. Drink the Bitter Gourd Juice blended with lemon with an empty stomach every day for around six months and you will see the result.

Pavakka pieces, Karela pieces
Pavakka pieces, Karela pieces

Good for Diabetic People:- Are you suffering from Diabetes?  Then try this. Bitter Gourd Juice helps you in overcoming Type 2 diabetes. Bitter Gourd has been included as a vital ingredient in both Indian and Chinese medicine for a long period. Now it is the recent studies that have proved Bitter Gourd for diabetes is not just folk or lore. 

You must know that Type 2 diabetes occurs partially when your cell is unable to absorb the sugar content present in the blood, which is either a result of a lack of insulin or resistance towards the insulin. Whatever the case may be, cells will not be able to absorb the sugar content since there is no effectiveness in the produced insulin. Sugar absorption happens when the AMP-activated protein kinase gets activated in your cells.  Bitter Melon can effectively activate the kinase and as a result sugar absorption in cells increases. This will in turn get diabetes under regulation. 

You can prepare green juice if you are diabetic. The recipe is quite simple. Green Apples, celery, cucumber, green capsicum, and bitter gourd must be made into the juice. Bitter Gourd has got some chemicals that are like insulin and that will help in decreasing the sugar levels in your blood.

Constipation can be cured:- Constipation is directly related to our digestive system and we know how agonizing it. Bitter Gourd aids in easy and smooth digestion since it had got fibrous properties. As a result, the food gets digested well, and the waste gets excreted from the body. This will aid in curing indigestion as well as constipation issues.

Bladder and Kidney are helped as well:- Kidney and the Bladder take care of the purification of blood. Kidney and Bladder stones can be very excruciating if occurred. Bitter Gourd aid in having a healthy Kidney and Bladder. Besides, there is a great cure for kidney stones or bladder stones.

Heart-related problems:- These days heart-related disorders are on the rise and they are one of the important causes of deaths worldwide. Maintaining the good health of the heart is the need of the hour. Bitter Gourd is extremely good for your heart health in ways unknown to you.

10 Amazing Benefits of Drinking heated water

10 Amazing Benefits of Drinking heated water 

10 Amazing Benefits of Drinking heated water
10 Amazing Benefits of Drinking heated water 

You realize how significant water is to our body, around 70 percent of the body is water. In this way, water is the most significant contributor to keeping the body totally solid. Water is very useful for health, however on the off chance that heated water is constantly expended, at that point it very well may be Best for well being. 

1. Supportive in decreasing weight: 

High temp water is generally useful in decreasing weight. Warm water decreases the fat put away in the body and the poisons put away in the stomach turn out. Devouring lemon alongside it gives incredible advantages. It helps in brisk work by softening abundance muscle versus fat. 

2. Joint Pian discomfort relieve: 

Hot water gives incredible alleviation in joint pain agony. The specialist likewise prescribes drinking boiling water to a patient of joint torment. High temp water forestalls muscle spasms, so consistently drink heated water. 

3. Beneficial for the stomach:

Hot water functions as a medication for the absorption of the stomach. This wipes out the issues of heartburn and gas and keeps the stomach in every case light. 

4. For skin and wrinkles: 

Regular heated water consumption gives help from hostile to maturing, wrinkles, free skin, and dark circles. Taking boiling water day by day toward the beginning of the day makes the skin glossy and shine and disposes of pimples. 

5. Beneficial for hair: 

Warm water helps in strengthening and thickening hair other than skin. It likewise helps in hair development. 

6. Successful in winter and cold: 

Cold and hack are basic in winter, yet it if high temp water is devoured, it is advantageous for the throat, chest and stomach digestive organs. 

7. Keep the blood dissemination fit: 

For the body to work easily, the flow of blood must be right. High temp water is extremely valuable for this. Particularly in winter, it keeps up the internal heat level alongside blood, this eases pressure and wretchedness. 

8. Detoxes the body: 

Hot water prohibits the debasements of the body. What’s more, detoxes the whole body. Alongside this, heated water likewise works for stool and fat put away in the digestive organs. 

9. Menstrual help with the discomfort: 

Menstrual agony is entirely intolerable for ladies. During this time, heated water can diminish stomach torment as it were. 

10. Keeps you loaded with vitality: 

Hot water keeps you brimming with vitality all through the day. Drinking high temp water promptly in the first part of the day helps support liver and kidney capacities.

Hot water with Lemon and Honey is highly beneficial for your overall health.

I recommend you hot water mixed with lemon juice consume preferably early morning in an empty stomach. You can add Organic honey in it as a sweetener. Mixing with honey also gives more benefits.  

It will give wonderful health benefits. The whole day you will feel charged, energetic. The best solution for weight loss. Best detoxification drink. Best Immunity drink. You can be away from cold and cough. Especially in this coronavirus period, you should follow this habit of consuming hot water on a regular basis.

Benefits are unlimited in keeping this habit. 

I used to consume this drink regularly and I could achieve my goal. So far my weight reached a proper position. And I am maintaining it.

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