COVID-19-Immunity Knowledge – How can you plan your Immunity for Coronavirus along with weight loss?

COVID-19-Immunity Knowledge – How can you plan your Immunity for Coronavirus along with weight loss?

Immunity Plan
Immunity Plan

In this Pandemic disease period we all know very well, that there is no medicine invented yet to cure or prevent coronavirus, vaccinations are yet to launch, and this also we know well that, at present keeping our immune system stronger is the one and only best solution to prevent the coronavirus. 

Realizing the panic situations, I thought to write an article on Immunity Planning, from the knowledge which I have gone through. Yes, here I am going to give you the best Immunity Planning. Now it is the peak time for you to change your olden lifestyles, and to restart a new life with Immunity Plans. 

First of all, I have to advise you, do not be panic and anxious. Anxiety is the main villain that can increase the rate of worsening your diseases. Instead of keeping you worried and anxious, you have to be aware of the reasons and solutions to the virus. Whatever knowledge you are collecting should be right. Do not trust and follow any sort of fake knowledge regarding coronavirus. 

I suggest you some more Immunity Boosting food here.

1) Drumstick, 2) Coconut Water with Lemon, 3) Onion, 4) Garlic, 5) Turmeric, 6) Red Capsicum, 7) Pumpkin Seeds.

1) Drumstick (Moringa)

Drumstick (Moringa)
Drumstick (Moringa)

Drumstick(Moringa) is rich in vitamins and minerals. The leaves of moringa contain 7 times more vitamin c than citric fruits and15 times more potassium than a banana. It is a complete package of calcium, protein iron and also amino acids. The amino acid is essential for your body to heal and in muscle building.  Its antioxidants can give you the protection of body cells and along with that boost your immune system. It can reduce blood pressure as well as reduce fat. Moringa can give you a protecting shield from attacking any kind of virus. 

2) Coconut Water with Lemon


Coconut Water with Lemon. In fresh Coconut water add half lemon juice and consume continuously for 10 days. Lemon will increase the level of Vitamin C in coconut water 10 times extra. Coconut water contains potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorous, and calcium. This combination supports your immune system perfectly. 

3) Onion


Onion –  Onions can stimulate Vitamin C within our body. Due to Vitamin C we get immunity power which can fight numerous diseases and viruses such as coronavirus. Onions are a big collection of nutrients like sulfur compounds, selenium, zinc, and Vitamin C.

4) Garlic


Garlic-  It has numerous benefits. Garlic can kill any kind of virus in our body. Sulfur content is higher in garlic, this makes garlic as an antibiotic. It keeps your digestive system clean by flushing out any sort of toxins from your body and keep your immune system safe. 

5) Turmeric


Turmeric – Turmeric is a best anti-inflammatory. Turmeric contains 3- % curcumin, it is the best healing agent. Turmeric cleanses the respiratory system. Due to low immunity, we get cough, cold, and sinusitis type diseases. 

Consuming turmeric will keep your immune system stronger, likewise, you can fight against chronic diseases and all sorts of viruses. It will help in killing viruses and bacteria within our bodies. Thus our body can be detoxified with turmeric consumption. 

6) Pumpkin Seeds- 

Pumkin Seeds
Pumkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds-  Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, Fibre, Magnesium. These three contents are enough to give you great immunity. Consuming 3-4 teaspoons of Pumpkin seeds daily will boost your immune system.

7) Red Capsicum (Red Bell Pepper)- 

Red Capsicum

Red Capsicum (Red Bell Pepper) Red Capsicum is highly rich in Vitamin C. As you know well the role of Vitamin C in our body. In boosting your immunity Vitamin C is very essential. The amount of Vitamin C in Red Capsicum is 3 times more than in Orange and other citric fruits.

Now let us think about our lifestyles and practice. This time you have to concentrate on your holistic wellness along with consuming immunity-boosting foods. 

Here I explain 5 habits for you to keep you mentally healthy.


1. First of you all as I explained before is. Avoid any sort of stress. Our mental health is very important to boost up our immune system. Stress and fear will disturb your immune system. You can find any of your interesting habits, and work on that. When your mind busy with what you doing, your stress and fear will vanish. Bring creativity in you. Do light exercises, meditation, etc to make your mind relax.

2. Put a habit of doing Pranayama, it is a breathing exercise, which can be easily done by you anytime anywhere. Pranayama is best respiratory exercise.  This time this is a must exercise to follow each of you. Do brisk walking daily at least for half an hour. For blood and oxygen circulation walking will do wonders. Slight Yoga also starts slowly. Yoga will keep you mentally and physically fit. You can be free from stress and anxiety.

3. Proper Sleeping is another boosting tonic for your health. At least try to sleep 7 hours peacefully. Go to bed early and rise early. Perfect Sleeping will promote your immune system quickly.

4. Be thankful for others, and be kind. Try to love everyone. Spread gratitude with everybody. Don’t keep resentment in mind. It will spoil your immunity. Do good for others, it will keep your mind happy. Thus positivity will increase within you. This is the best method to activate your immune hormones.

5. Be Hygienic all the time. As we all know very well to keep our hands in highly hygienic this time to fight against coronavirus. This is one of the important practices of our day to day life. Every 3-4 hours you should wash your hands very well by spending 10-20 seconds patiently. Always beware of touching any places and keep washing hands before you touch your face and your belongings. Always wear a mask. Soon you reached the house from outdoor, remove your mask, and wash it by yourself, should not put here and there. Take a hot water shower also. Wash your outdoor used clothes as early as possible.

Right eating habit to be followed at this period-

1. Try to eat raw vegetables and fruits more. Cooked food in a day consumes only two times. One for lunch one for dinner. The rest of the time go for fresh and raw food.  Raw fruits eating is more beneficial than making it juice. 

2.  Eating fruits in the morning in an empty stomach will give you magical health benefits. Never ever eat fruits at dinner. Instead of keeping you healthy, it will give you negative effects. Eating fruits in the morning increase your body’s alkaline power, thus you can maintain good health.

3. Always try to add one bowl of carrots and cucumber salad in each meal. These are beneficial for you to keep healthy. It also can keep your body alkaline.

4.  Drink fresh water throughout the day. 3-4 Litre water should be consumed daily. water alone can flush out your internal toxins through sweating and urine. Water will keep you hydrated.

5. Try to avoid unhealthy food. Stick on homemade mild food. Better to avoid deep-fried and packaged food. Cook at your home with less oil and masala. Include green salad more in your diet. 

Care to be taken while going outdoor.

In this coronavirus period, I recommend you, maximum you try to be at home. Yet in emergency cases, we will be forced to go outdoor. Whenever you going outdoor, you have to keep some important safety measures. Nowadays everywhere safety measures are announced to us. Here I again remind you the same. Just go through it.

1. Avoid giving handshakes. Touching each other is to be stopped. Wear mask in a proper way. Recent studies are proven that COVID-19 is also an airborne disease. We can see many people wearing mask leaving the nose. This is their unawareness. If you saw anyone wearing this way, please let them know the danger in it. Covering your mouth others will be safe, but keeping your nose part open, will invite viruses for you from others. If you want to keep yourself safe wearing mask by covering the nose too. 

2. Crowded places should be avoided. By doing this, safe for yourself and also safe for others.

3. Avoid using public transports this time. Use your own vehicle. Don’t forget to disinfect your vehicle each time you go out.

4. If you are in a crowded place try to keep yourself in distance from the people.

5. Do not be in part of spreading fake news about coronavirus. Watch and spread the right information. To become popular, many people are spreading fearful content to make people panic, I advise you not to be panic, being aware of right knowledge is important. Be decent in sharing information. Advice others too not to spread wrong news. Likewise, be hygienic in both ways.

Take a quick look into Immunity food.

1. Eating cooked rice soaked in water is the best probiotic food that can give you high immunity power. If you are suffering from any gastro issues, it is very much beneficial for you. Constipation issues will vanish. Let me explain how to prepare and consume. 

In a glass of fresh water put two tablespoons of cooked rice, and keep it overnight. The next day morning consume this mixture along with the soaked water. This is a very good starting of your day with immunity power.

2. Another food is a drumstick. Just cook drumstick pieces in normal water for 10-15 minutes. Chew the cooked drumstick, until its pulp comes out. You can spit out the skin after. Consume this before lunch and dinner.

3. Consume Fruits in the right way. Morning in empty stomach fruits should be eaten. The habit of eating fruits after meals are not welcome for your good health. You will not get the benefit of fruit if you eat this way. For full consumption of fruits benefit, the best time is morning in an empty stomach. It will help in weight-reduction. Tons of Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc can be absorbed by your body when you eat fruits in an empty stomach. Constipation issues will not touch you. Your bowel movement will be perfect.

4. Jeera Water or tea. This is actually a magic drink. It is a detoxifying drink with lots of benefits for your health. It will reduce gastric issues and acid reflux. Good weight loss agent. Will maintain your Blood Pressure. Lower your bad cholesterol level. Give you smooth glowing skin. 

How to prepare Jeera Tea

1 tsp jeera for one glass water, in this ratio, boil the water and consume daily 2-3 times a day. If you want to add sweetener or any flavor like lemon, honey you can add. Whoever looking for weight loss this is one of the best drinks for them.

Yoga and Pranayama- Start Yoga and Pranayama in your life habit. It will give you wonders about your health. When you started yoga and pranayama, first of all, your nervous system will start to relax and thus your mental fears and worries will start to relieve. Your body, sold and mind will be relaxed and calm. Concentration power will increase. Hormone levels will be balanced in your body. each cell will start active and blood circulation become smooth. Thus you will feel active and energetic all the time.

Intermittent Fasting is another best way to keep Healthy- 

Intermittent Fasting is an eating method, a combination pattern of eating and fasting during specific hours. It is not alone fasting or dieting. 

Those who looking for weight loss, this method is going to give them wonders and great help. It helps to increase the level of cell repair, controls your blood sugar, by increasing insulin production. Best Detoxification method for your body. Cut off your belly fat.

From the 24 hours of the one day and night. Eat during the day time of 8 hours window, and do fasting for the remaining 16 hours. The 16 hours willl be a mix-up of your night and rest hours of the next day. These 16 hours you have to keep for fasting. Once the 16 hours fasting over, you can start eating for the next 8-hour window. 

Continue this cycle at least for a week period. Or you can try two-three times in one or two weeks. The result will be visible for you in less time. The people who wished to lose weight, intermittent fasting is beneficial for you. This is a less effort fasting method, anybody can start this any time. 

Say Final Goodbye to all your bad addictions

Take a strong resolution to quit your bad addictions day by day. This is one of the best periods for you to keep you away from bad habits. Divert your mind for other useful and interesting habits, do walking daily. Do mediation, start yoga, instead of drinking tea or coffee convert to any immunity drinks. Start loving yourself, automatically your inner mind will make you ready to accept your strong resolution. You are only responsible for your health. 

Your addiction can be drinking excess coffee, tea, smoking, and drinking alcohol. To keep yourself safe from affecting coronavirus, you have to put a stop for your bad habits. 

Benefits of Consuming Seeds-

Here I explain some important seeds and their benefits. Seeds are rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, Protein, Healthy Fats, etc. Regularly eating 2-3 spoons the mixture of seeds will be great for your health. 

Pumpkin Seeds-

Pumpkin seeds are fully packed with cell repair antioxidants, vitamin E, carotenoids, magnesium, etc. It helps to reduce heart problems, bone issues, diabetes, liver issues, etc. 

Sunflower Seeds-

Sunflower contains vitamin E, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, etc. Lower bad cholesterol, keep a healthy heart, cures bone issue, regulates blood sugar level, improves the nervous system, boosting immunity, etc

Flax Seeds-

Rich in fiber, protein, omega 3 fatty acids. Help you from cardiovascular diseases, all types of cancers, Liver issues, Diabetic issues, any sort of inflammations, etc.

Try to consume the seeds mixture as evening snacks daily. To boost up your immunity system is very essential nowadays. So start to change your habit from consuming fried snacks to eat this seeds mixture.

Good sleeping plays a good role in Immunity.

Leave the habit of going to bed late. Change your habit sooner, try to sleep early, and rise up early. Sleeping is a beneficial tonic for your health. If you did not give body perfect relaxation, your body will become week, and chances of catching all types of diseases will be very easy. Give your body perfect sleep, Maintain the timing of your sleep.

To get good sleep at a regular times, you should not go to bed with your electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, etc. The bright light of these gadgets will disturb your sleep, time will fly and you will get the disease of insomnia. Better keep away these devices when you go to bed. Just close your eyes, you will feel sleep automatically.

  • Good sleep will balance your hormones.

  • Boost your Immunity.

  • Keep you away from inflammation.

  • Good sleep can reduce your lifestyle disease risks.

Start practicing Meditation. If you are a beginner, start small time meditation, you can follow directions from many mobile apps. Meditation can do wonders in your health. You will be away from worries. You will feel refreshed.

❀Stay Home, Stay Healthy.❀

Best Immunity tonic you can easily prepare at home

Best Immunity tonic you can easily prepare at home


We all know at present we are living in a world where our life has been grasped by Novel Corona Virus.  Daily Covid-19 taking huge numbers of life from all over the world. We are all aware that, no medicines are introduced to the world, yet to cure COVID-19.  

Fortunately, we can be relaxed that, some patients are coming back to life after fighting with coronavirus, whose body has good immunity power. The significant point to be noted out that  “Immunity” which can help us to a great extent to loosen the grip of Coronavirus. 

World Health Organisation and studies have came to a final assumption that, coronavirus is not going to leave the world quickly as we think. Keeping lockdown for long terms, badly affecting the world’s financial condition. Day by day people going to the poverty line. Keeping this in mind, even in this condition, Govt is forced to restart life with precautionary steps. As we have to live with coronavirus. Try to know the truth that, only keeping us protective is the one and only solution. So think about what should we all do.

It is now time to change our life habits. Keep yourself hygienic. Take all the precautionary steps, as Govt, advises us to follow. 

We should stick to home food. Consume as many fruits especially rich in vitamin C. Follow healthy habits and a healthy diet. Also, add some homemade immunity along with your daily food consumption. Some of the best immunity drinks already I have described in my previous articles. 

Here I brought new tonic to boost your immunity.  Best Immunity tonic you can easily prepare at home. Even if you are affected by Covid-19, this tonic you can continue, it will make viruses impact lesser on your body and have chances to cure completely. Fever, cough and body pain is said to be the beginning symptoms of coronavirus. With this tonic, you can stop these symptoms of coronavirus from the beginning stage. Gradually completely can be recovered without any side effects.

Follow the recipe carefully and prepare and consume. You can prepare and store also.

Let us start to learn the process.

Ingredients you are needed are just three things. 

Pepper, Honey and Turmeric ( Try to collect organic and raw ingredients)

Turmeric is an antibiotic ingredient, it will absorb toxins from our body. Likewise Honey and Pepper also have countless benefits we all know well. 


Keep in mind that try to collect raw turmeric and raw peppercorn, , go for organic. And natural honey. 


Now, these raw turmeric and pepper wash and let it dry under sunlight. when it reached the best-dried position. Grind separately it to powder form.

Take a glass bottle or any glass container, please do not use a plastic container.  Take two teaspoon turmeric powder and two teaspoon pepper powder, mix with enough honey. 

This mixture you do not need to keep refrigerated. Just keep in normal temperature. The longer you keep this mixture, the more quality will increase.

Follow the method shown in the below video.

You and your kids can consume this daily. Once a day or twice take one teaspoon of this tonic regularly. Morning in an empty stomach will be better or take at night also. 

                        ❀Stay Home Stay Safe❀

How can you boost your Immunity strength? – Immunity booster turmeric milk

πŸ˜‡Immunity booster turmeric milkπŸ˜‡

Photo by Sarah Gualtieri on Unsplash

If we could build a strong immune system, that can fight with foreign invaders in the body like bacteria, viruses like corona, which causes Covid-19. This time we all are responsible to keep ourself strong immune. Here I introduce Immunity Booster Milk drink. Easy to prepare. Try to prepare and consume daily or alternate days. Ecoorganic4u brought a perfect Immune Booster Drink here.
Ingredients needed for turmeric milk
Milk                                      2 cup
Turmeric                              ΒΎ teaspoon
Pepper                                  half teaspoon crushed
Cinnamon                           half Inch
Ginger                                   one inch grated
Coconut oil                          one teaspoon
 Honey                –                  one teaspoon (optional)

In a saucepan pour 2 cups of milk. Add 3/4 teaspoon turmeric powder, crushed pepper half teaspoon, half-inch sized cinnamon, one-inch size ginger grated, and coconut oil one teaspoon.

Whisk and mix the milk well. Bring it to a good boiling point. Then let it cool. when slightly become golden color then add honey one teaspoon and mix well. Immunity Booster turmeric milk ready to serve. 

Be with  Ecoorganic4u for more recipes and information.

How can you boost your Immunity strength? – Immunity Boosting Drink 1

πŸ˜‡Immunity Boosting Drink-1πŸ˜‡

Immunity Boosting Drink
We all know well Prevention is Better than Cure. Then think about how can we prevent many diseases to a great extent. Undoubtedly answer is keeping yourself immune, then think about how can we keep our body immune. 

To a great extent, we can gain immunity from our food and drinks. Always stick on homemade food.  

Adequate rest, regular exercise Healthy food can keep your immunity very much, along with that you should take care of consuming healthy immunity drink too, as the season is a high risk of contagious diseases.  Medicine for  COVID-19 still under process on research. For the time being maximum try to consume immunity drinks and home remedies to escape from these viruses.

I introduce an easy Healthy Drink here to strengthen your immune system naturally. 

How to prepare Immunity Boosting Drink

Ingredients needed for kashaya Powder
(try to use Organic Items)

Coriander seeds               –      Half Cup
Cumin Seeds (Jeera)         _       ΒΌ Cup
Pepper                               _       2 Teaspoon
Fennel (Saunf)                   _       1 Teaspoon
Cardamom                         _       6 Pod
Cloves                                _       10 nos.
Turmeric                            _       Half Teaspoon
Ginger Powder                  _       Half Teaspoon

Ingredients needed for Kashaya Drink

Water                          _       2.5 cup
Kashaya Powder         _       3 Teaspoons
Jaggery                        _       2 Tablespoons
Milk                             _       ΒΌ cup

Method to prepare Kashaya Powder

Roast all the dry raw ingredients well, Once it reached room temperature,  add Half Teaspoon Turmeric powder, Half Teaspoon Ginger Powder (If Ginger powder not available, Crushed raw ginger also can use while preparing kashaya) and blend into finely.  Kashaya Powder Ready to use.

Method to prepare Kashaya

Pour 2.5 cup of water in to pan once heated add 3 teaspoons of Kashaya powder, jaggery 2 tablespoon.        

Mix well. Let it boil for 5 minutes to absorb all the flavour. Add ΒΌ Cup Milk into it, stir well. Bring it to boil. Immunity Boosting Drink ready to serve.

COVID-19-Precautions for Corona Virus(COVID19)Immunity-boosting- Dish-with-Spinach

COVID-19-Precautions for Corona Virus(COVID19)Immunity-boosting- Dish-with-Spinach


COVID-19-Precautions for Corona Virus
Photo by Elianna Friedman on Unsplash

Spinach has good infection-fighting power and best for Strong Immunity. Take care not overcooked, as it will lose its quality. Consume lightly cooked and It will provide you Vitamin A, C, and E.

A very simple Dish with Spinach

Fresh Spinach                  –       One bunch
Oil                                    –       1 Teaspoon
Mustard seeds                  –       Quarter Teaspoon
Onion                               –       One big
Green Chilly                     –      1 or 2 as per your requirement
Salt                                    –      as per taste
Shredded Coconut            –      One table Spoon

COVID-19-Precautions for Corona Virus(COVID19)Immunity-boosting- Dish-with-Spinach


Washed Spinach chop well. Heat the pan add oil splutter mustard. Add chopped onion till soft saute well following with chopped chilly.

 Afterward, put the chopped Spinach and salt. It will start to produce water, keep in mind should not add water.

In low flame saute well till it leaves water. While drying, sprinkle shredded coconut. Once the water dried up turn off the flame. It is ready to serve. It will go with Roti, Rice and your food choices.

COVID-19-How-to-gain-Immunity-to-fight-with Corona-Virus(COVID-19)?Immunity-gaining-food-knowledge

How to gain Immunity to fight with Corona-Virus(COVID-19)

Immunity Gaining Food Knowledge.

COVID-19-How-to-gain-Immunity-to-fight-with Corona
To fight with Corona Virus, first of all,  We should increase our Immunity Power. But, how? Here is my article you will get the answer to this question.

Coronavirus has begun in last December in (Wuhan)China, with three months of period affected already more than 80 countries at present.  Almost 5,383,916 people got affected and 343,097 life took away from the world. To get prevention from Corona named by the WHO (World Health Organization) as COVID-19, we have already got lots of Precautionary advice. But only with these precautions, we may not escape from this serious disease. If our body has good immunity power, we can get rid of these viruses.

To increase the Immunity Power I suggest you some food habits here.

COVID-19-How-to-gain-Immunity-to-fight-with Corona-Virus(COVID-19)?Immunity-gaining-food-knowledge

Balanced Diet:- First of all we should follow a complete Balanced Diet. It is very necessary for good health.

Carbohydrates, Fat, and Protein increase immunity in a big amounts. We will get these from Milk, Vegetables, Pulses, Fruits, Egg, fish, meat and beans. This time preferably not to follow the Ketogenic Diet. 
COVID-19-How-to-gain-Immunity-to-fight-with Corona-Virus(COVID-19)?Immunity-gaining-food-knowledge

Vitamin D has a very important role to increase your Immunity Power. You will get Vitamin D from Sun Light. Sunlight which gets from Morning 10am. and evening at 3pm. provide us plenty of Vitamin D.  Vitamin D which gets from sunlight and food such as  Liver, fish, Egg, Salmon, Milk, and Mushroom can eliminate the bacteria and virus from our body. These foods contain a big amount of Vitamin D. Try to consume this food.

Vitamin C:- Vitamin C is very important for all the growth and improvements of cells in the body.
Vitamin C in big amounts containing in food such as Broccoli, Cantaloop, Cauliflower, Kiwi, Orange Juice, Papaya, Black Pepper, Sweet Potato, Strawberry and Tomato.

Vitamin B6:- Vitamin B6 is water-soluble. This includes many foods. Vitamin B6 helps to increase Immunity Power in the Human body. Food like Banana, Cashew Nuts, various pulses, Fish, Lentil, Meat, Oats, Dates, and raisins

Vitamin A:-  Vitamin A need for all ages of human beings. Food that is containing plenty of Vitamin A is Sweet Potato, Carrot, Broccoli, Pumpkin, Guava, Water Melon, Red Spinach, Egg, Milk and Pulses.

Sleep:- Sleep has a big role in keeping you Immune. Sleep is a good tonic for our health. Sleeping will give you mental and physical health. Note down the sleep duration table depends on ages. 
COVID-19-How-to-gain-Immunity-to-fight-with Corona-Virus(COVID-19)?Immunity-gaining-food-knowledge

Sleep Duration Table for Immunity Power

Age. Sleep Duration
New Born Babies 14 hours to 17 hours
6 months to 8-month babies 12 Hours to 15 Hours
Pre-School Kids 9 Hours to 11 Hours
Teenage 8 Hours to 10 Hours
Adults 7 Hours to 9 Hours
Aged People 7 Hours to 8 Hours

COVID-19-How-to-gain-Immunity-to-fight-with Corona-Virus(COVID-19)?Immunity-gaining-food-knowledge
Water:- Water is very important to supply oxygen to the body parts. Water helps our bodies to maintain systematically. To eliminate poisons from the body we need water. Drinking lots of water keeps your toxins to flush out from your body. One day at-least we should drink 8 liters of water.

Exercise:- Exercise We should put in our habit. Walking will give you physically very strong and healthy. Daily walk 3o minutes minimum or in a week 150 mins or follow any simple exercises regularly.

Avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. And drinking other sweet soft-drinks, these all have nothing good to do for your body  It will become a reason to lose your immunity power. Try to avoid it completely. These all give you more chances to invites viruses and bacteria. 
COVID-19-How-to-gain-Immunity-to-fight-with Corona-Virus(COVID-19)?Immunity-gaining-food-knowledge

In conclusion Good Food Habit and Simple Exercises can keep you immune. Thus you can prevent corona and all sort of other bacteria and viruses.

COVID-19-Precautions for Corona Virus(COVID19)-Top-8-Immunity- Boosting foods

Precautions for Corona Virus(COVID19)

COVID-19-Precautions for Corona Virus(COVID19)-Top-8-Immunity-boosting-foods
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Top 8 Immunity-Boosting Foods. Stay Immuned Stay healthy

recommend you have healthy home food and avoid bad junk food and unhealthy eating habits, which causes losing your Immunity Power.

The more white blood cells the more immunity you acquire. 

You need Good Sleep, Daily Nourishment, Meditation to fight with any kind of viruses.

COVID-19-Precautions for Corona Virus(COVID19)-Top-8-Immunity-boosting-foods

Boost your Immunity and keep yourself fit and Strong.

I introduce 8 Food that can provide you good Immunity. Immunity Boosting foods

1) Citrus Foods

COVID-19-Precautions for Corona Virus(COVID19)-Top-8-Immunity-boosting-foods
Photo by Bruna Branco on Unsplash
Like Orange, Mausambi, Amla, and Lemons. These are fully loaded Vitamin C food. Gives you Immunity and good production of White Cells.

Better consume juices of these fruits every morning. Or you can eat it raw. 

2) Ginger and Garlic

COVID-19-Precautions for Corona Virus(COVID19)-Top-8-Immunity-boosting-foods
Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

Garlic has high power in immunity. It lowers Blood pressure. Its is best home remedy for common flu and other illness. Immunity Boosting foods

COVID-19-Precautions for Corona Virus(COVID19)-Top-8-Immunity-boosting-foods
Photo by Matthew Pilachowski on Unsplash
Ginger has good inflammation controlling power. It will help you cure a sore throat.

COVID-19-Precautions for Corona Virus(COVID19)-Top-8-Immunity-boosting-foods
Photo by Don Shin on Unsplash

How to prepare a healthy drink with Ginger and Garlic 

A small piece of Ginger and two cloves mash well and put in hot water and add some lemon juice. Consume this as a good health drink. Immunity Boosting foods

3) Spinach

Spinach has good infection-fighting power and best for Strong Immunity. Take care not overcooked, as it will lose its quality. Consume lightly cooked and It will provide you Vitamin A, C, and E.

Prepare Spinach Salad, Sandwich, Paratha and can add in Pulses any method you can prepare as your wish.


Papaya is rich in Vitamin C, B, and Potassium. Try to Consume One Papaya. Papain, digestive Enzyme present in Papaya. It is a good anti-inflammatory. 

Consume raw papaya or prepare delicious shake with Papaya.


Use it as raw or powder. It keeps the body warm, which causes you sweating. Toxins and Bacteria will be gone out with sweat. It is the best anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant. It enhances immune power.

Use in your salads, favorite dishes and also in Milk. 


Tulsi has medicinal power. It gives relief in all sort of respiratory problems.

Put drops of Tulsi in your drinking water, juice and consume.


Both have medicinal power. Will eradicate bacterial infections. Best anti-inflammatory 

Consume a glass of water added 3 tablespoons of honey and a pinch of turmeric.


Rich in Omega 3 and lignans plays a good role in our immune 

Consume water added with 2-3 tablespoon of flaxseed powder
(Roast flax seeds and grind to a powder) Recipes with flax seed will be updated later. Immunity-Boosting foods

In conclusion I again advice you to take care of yourself in extreme hygiene in this critical moment. Wash your hands frequently whenever going outdoors. Keep distance with people. Maximum avoid outing.